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Solar PV is no longer the domain of just a few developed countries after it saw significant progress in almost every continent on the planet in Only Europe, the original bastion of solar, has struggled to reignite its matured PV markets, but even France and Spain could be markets to watch out for next year, especially with Spain's 3GW of solar and wind auctions due. India's top solar moments in Even though monkeys were allegedly wreaking havoc on India's solar rooftop systems last year, was remarkable for the Indian PV sector. Add the completion of the world's largest solar plant to these accolades and you have a good indicator of the South Asian giant's ambitions.

Even India's biggest oil, steel and mining companies are getting on board the solar rush. Top 10 Renewable Energy Trends to Watch in A review of all the headlines published by Renewable Energy World this year revealed many interesting trends in the global renewable energy marketplace. Ten trends, however, stand out as being major stories to watch in Take a look, and add your comments below to let us know what stories you will be watching in the New Year.

A patch of land in the shadow of Mount Fuji is becoming a testing ground for energy storage, with some of Japan's leading companies trying to develop technologies such as spinning flywheels and fuel cells. Solar forecasts, which integrate weather patterns and solar production estimates to help grid managers predict how much solar energy will be produced across their system on a given day, allow utilities to better allocate resources and avoid the need to ramp up reserve power plants.

But grid managers have run into a problem that's as old as time: As part of the green corridor project, the Power Grid Corp. Historically, the purpose of both municipal and cooperative utility agencies has been to bring energy services to communities that for-profit corporations thought unprofitable to serve. This philosophy of self-reliance shifted the focus from profit margins towards social goods, and persists today. Municipal utilities are owned by and located in the cities they serve; their primary interest is not the welfare of their investors, but of their city or town.

Likewise, cooperatives are owned and run by their members, people with strong social, environmental, financial, and cultural stakes in the activities of the cooperative. Trina Solar shareholders approve deal to go private. Chinese tier 1 solar manufacturer Trina Solar looks all set to become a private company, after its shareholders approved a merger with Fortune Solar and Red Vibumum, which will see it become Fortune's subsidiary and, thus, a private company. World Energy Hits a Turning Point: Solar That's Cheaper Than Wind.

Emerging markets are leapfrogging the developed world thanks to cheap panels. Solar and Renewable Energy Trends in The solar and renewable energy industries are constantly evolving — and sometimes changing abruptly — and this will continue in the new year that is soon upon us. Here's what can we expect from Market www. SunPower to close Philippines factory, lay off a total of 2, The company has announced a major restructuring as it attempts to right-size and address the hole in its balance sheet.

This may complicate Dynapower's relationship with Tesla. But it positions Dynapower and Samsung well in the emerging commercial market. Solar can already generate more energy than oil, says major scientific review. While the world has been going crazy, solar has quietly tipped over the edge and kicked oil and gas off the cliff of history.

A new scientific review finds that scientists are dramatically underestimating the efficiency and power of solar panels, because their data is at least seven years old. Clean Energy With Every Click: Google, the largest corporate purchaser of renewable energy in the world, announced today that it will be powered percent by renewable energy by the end of , closing the book on a series of commitments first made in to transform how the company approaches sustainable business.

International solar experts give their analysis. The construction of a solar road in France is turning numerous heads due to the novelty value of the project, however, solar experts have a different view, seeing the construction as economically unviable, and actually damaging to the solar industry.

Oxford PV signs partnership with solar manufacturer. To top off a busy year for the British perovskite pioneer, Oxford PV has announced the signing of a joint development agreement JDA with a global solar cell and module manufacturer, as it aims to commercialise its perovskite technology for the solar industry.

Début de construction de la première centrale solaire flottante en France

At one point, workers were installing 40, panels per day in three shifts—up to 11 megawatts per day. World's cheapest solar power contract signed for Dubai mega-project. French nuclear power in 'worst situation ever', says former EDF director. Masdar doubles clean energy capacity in Mauritania. Abu Dhabi's leading renewable energy firm Masdar has completed eight new solar PV projects in rural communities in Mauritania, doubling the amount of clean power provided to the Islamic Republic nation and powering some 39, homes.

Six polysilicon manufacturers could be wiped out by end of A new polysilicon market outlook report from Bernreuter Research predicts a rise in competition in the market, which will drive prices down and push some manufactures out of business, in the face of falling demand from the solar industry and increasing capacities. La Suisse projette de tester le rendement PV en haute montagne.

Solar plus storage systems being installed in 25 villages in Mali. Energy transition start-up Africa Green Tec has entered into a cooperation agreement with German energy storage systems manufacturer Tesvolt to deliver its lithium batteries alongside 50 solar containers, with a total capacity of 3 MWh, to 25 Malian villages. Indian PV projects suffering from poor selection of DC cables. Many Indian solar projects are underperforming because intense pressure to reduce costs is leading to developers and contractors selecting poor quality components and sub-optimal designs, according to consultancy firm Bridge to India.

Tesla officially acquires SolarCity. The largest residential solar developer is now officially part of Elon Musk's electric vehicle and battery empire. Orange to build 34 MW of solar projects in Jordan. The solar plants from the telecommunications company are the first projects to be equity financed by the Catalyst MENA Clean Energy Fund, which is hoping to set up a selection of renewable energy projects across the Middle East and North Africa, beginning by taking advantage of Jordan's new "wheeling law.

President Trump and solar: The Thai Energy Policy and Planning Office EPPO has announced new solar development plans for , which open up several opportunities for foreign investors to participate. First solar connects The Powerwall facelift goes more than skin-deep. The residential portions will be retained by Enphase. Pakistan passes 1 GW of RE capacity, targets 1. The South Asian country's cumulative installed renewables capacity has reached 1. Taiwan among world's top 10 solar markets in The government is targeting 1. First Solar revenues fall, but profit and technology progress remain strong.

The thin-film solar maker and developer continues to report significant increases in its module efficiency, as it moves towards more module-only sales. A report from the independent German think-tank Agora Energiewende Agora has concluded that projected increases in self-consumption through solar PV power systems in the country does not mean upsetting dynamics of the nation's renewable energy surcharges. Vietnam has 30 large-scale solar projects under development but FiT needed. Solar PV is taking off in Vietnam with many international and domestic investors showing intention to develop projects in the central and south of the country, Hoa Vu Phuong, specialist, international relations department, Institute of Energy, Vietnam, has told PV Tech.

Behind Taiwan's big solar numbers. Nuclear reactors approaching end-of-life, a sound PV manufacturing industry and a robust legal system all make a strong case for solar PV to muscle into Taiwan's energy mix. A new government set the tone for renewables integration by setting a target of 20GW solar by last year, but this is one of the most densely populated countries on earth, with two thirds of the island covered in steep mountainous forest and national parks; where the city ends the mountains begin.

Moreover, a list of unique geographical and cultural challenges to PV development is topped off by the looming threat of some of the most gruelling typhoons in all Asia. Taiwan tipped to become top 10 solar market in — TrendForce. Taiwan looks set to break into the top 10 solar markets in terms of capacity additions around the world in , according to EnergyTrend, a division of TrendForce. What will be the best performing solar modules in ?

As we finalize the agenda for PVCellTech — to be held in Penang, Malaysia, on March — one of the key goals is to understand how solar cell advances in mass production are driving module availability to the market. La route Wattway dont je lance le chantier ndrl: Santa Monica City Council votes in the world's first zero net energy building requirement.

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Implementation begins in France starts construction of first 1km of solar roadway. Which Chinese solar manufacturers will survive module price crunch? The stunning fall in solar module prices being witnessed in most global markets might be good news for project developers and end-market consumers, but it is going to pose major challenges to many of the big module manufacturers.

From Solar to Second-Life Batteries: The Navy quickly adopted clean energy as a better way to fulfill its mission—leading to massive solar procurements, used submarine battery storage projects and microgrids on bases. Notes from the Solar Underground: Philosopher, essayist, poet and novelist George Santayana said: Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. The solar industry is expert at repeating its behavior and justifying the often tragic results by referring to them as the solar roller coaster or, the solar coaster.

World's largest mining company exploring solar plus storage potential. Anglo-Australian mining company BHP Billiton has decided to review its portfolio in the face of the Paris climate accord and falling renewable technology costs, including the testing of solar and storage units at its mining site in Australia.

Amber Kinetics puts its multi-hour storage systems to test on a renewable-rich island grid. Google solar project wins UN climate solutions award. Project Sunroof, an initiative led by Google, has been announced as one of 13 winners of the United Nations 'Momentum for Change' climate change award, by enabling tens of millions of Americans to evaluate the solar potential of their home with just the click of a button, showing them both monetary savings and environmental impact.

Some of lowest ever prices for rooftop solar entered in India bid. Prices went as low as Rs. This collaboration comes at a time where PV in Northern Africa appears to be waking up and could prove highly lucrative. The new Oasis system allows for more flexible site selection and increased energy production. Waves, solar and storage world first for Australian island. An Australian island will soon host the world's first renewable energy microgrid that integrates wave energy, solar PV and energy storage technologies.

Preliminary results show that nearly five terawatt-hours, more than half of the volume, was awarded to solar projects. Greece has published its latest net metering statistics. Where does that leave the country's net metering PV market today, and what are the immediate business drivers? Enphase on the Edge: Just how much time does Enphase have to transform its business? World's largest solar PV plant completed by Adani in India. SunCulture Solar launches breakthrough fully-integrated high-efficiency solar rooftop system.

How low can module prices go? The FUD fear, uncertainty and doubt over the solar industry entering it second major overcapacity cycle is being replaced by a focus on how much overcapacity verses end market demand exists, especially in and therefore how low will PV module ASP's go? Lowest ever solar bids submitted in Abu Dhabi. Fraunhofer ISE resurrects agrophotovoltaics. Fraunhofer ISE said it was spearheading the largest research project APV-Resola in Germany to establish whether the dual use of land for the production of electricity using photovoltaic PV modules can be commercially viable with a range of crops grown on the same land.

Nest builds a plan to quickly replace power plants with smart thermostats. Engineers in Germany are gearing up for pilot-scale testing of a promising new design for marine energy storage. Australia's large scale solar installed capacity is set to triple in Costa Rica ran on percent renewable energy for 76 straight days between June and August this year, according to a new report, demonstrating that life without fossil fuels is possible - for small countries, at least.

Australia readies for big solar boom as PV costs continue fall. Australia is poised to experience its biggest ever boom in large-scale solar construction over the next year as a range of international market factors and local policy incentives take hold. The race is on to commercialize underwater energy storage technologies.

About 11 times more than the state is currently building—as well as a much more flexible grid. Most people know Apple as a company that develops smartphones, computers and tablets, but recently the famous fruit dipped its toes into another market: SolarWorld lodges an appeal against court judgment in Hemlock dispute. A revision request has now been received by the appropriate court in Michigan.

SolarWorld has meanwhile filled further protective letters against Hemlock to various courts in Germany, as a precaution to prevent possible enforcement of any penalty in Germany. Scatec hopeful of compromise deal to keep Egypt solar scheme. A group of developers, including Scatec Solar, are renegotiating the terms of their power purchase agreements PPA with the Egyptian government in an effort to keep them on the existing timetable. The importance of implementing net zero at the district scale Building blog.

The shares plunged the most in more than seven years. The Kenya government, with the support of a million-euro credit from the French government, plans to install 23 solar mini-grid power stations with the capacity to produce 9. Thirteen module manufacturing companies are ranked based on complete review of photovoltaic module supplier base Market press. What makes solar power contagious, and can home energy upgrades spread the same way?

Solar is spreading like a reinvented fire. See the dropping prices, technology improvements, and rapid growth curve in residential solar installations over recent years. Greece's solar PV market has been a roller coaster over the last decade. The new law, approved last week by Greece's parliament, in support of renewable energies attempts to establish the country's clean energy sector with some solid foundations.

An interview with Swanson about the early days of solar research and the future of the PV industry. Virtual' battery storage power plant to ease electricity price spikes. Net zero energy NZE buildings—those that are responsible for the production of as much or more clean energy as they use annually—have been gaining momentum around the world.

However, there still remains an industry-wide perception that net zero energy is too expensive, or comes at a much higher incremental cost over business as usual. Chernobyl could be reinvented as a solar farm, says Ukraine. Ministers create presentation to show how idle land around nuclear disaster site can be used to produce renewable energy Europe www. Will Iran turn to PV? Eye-catching news regarding solar PV in Iran is coming thick and fast, which is piquing the interest of investors in the Iranian energy market. But how realistic is Iran's anticipated solar PV renaissance?

Minnesota first state in US to adopt 'value of solar' approach for community solar.

et un résultat net part du Groupe de 1,3 milliard d’euros

Last week, Minnesota utilities regulators ruled to take a value of solar approach for determining how community solar customers will be paid — making Minnesota the first state in the country to do so. Palestine licenses its first solar power plant in West Bank. The Palestine Energy Ministry has granted licensing and permits for its first large-scale solar power plant near the city of Hebron, according to the two companies involved in the development. Top solar manufacturers disrupting the industry in Solar PV manufacturing in has seen the highest capex capital expenditure levels for years, and a return to capacity expansion plans.

Furthermore, many of the companies announcing the capacity expansions are doing so for the first time, especially at the cell and module stage. Facebook completes successful maiden flight of solar-powered drone. The Aquila aircraft is powered by solar PV and uses just 5, watts to beam internet access into some of the world's most remote regions using lasers.

Huawei leads inverter market in Market research firm IHS has reconfirmed Huawei's position as the largest inverter manufacturer globally by shipments in SMA Solar, which had a tight grip on the top spot previously, was ranked third. India's electric grid is a mess. Will solar help—or get bogged down with complexity?

Bentham Paulos went to the country to find out. SolarWorld under pressure to find resolution to Hemlock court case. IHS Senior Research Director Ash Sharma spoke to pv magazine to give his take on the SolarWorld and Hemlock Semiconductor initial ruling last week, and how the two companies are likely to proceed from here, expecting that SolarWorld is feeling the pressure to come to an agreement quickly.

Following the settlement-delivery of the offer which is expected to occur on July 21, , Total will hold 23,, Saft Groupe shares representing Enphase faces a harrowing product-development cycle, cost-reduction plan and production ramp on two new products. Amazon caused quite the stir in when it announced plans to launch a drone delivery service. People were both thrilled and horrified at the thought of flying robots delivering toilet paper to our doorsteps. Some drone enthusiasts hoped to see Amazon launch a drone-based solar installation service -- but alas, that business doesn't exist.

Drones are already disrupting the solar sector, however. Monkeys and other menaces to Indian solar. India's prowling monkeys are infamous for thieving cameras off unsuspecting tourists at the Hanuman temples of Hampi and the mountain city of Shimla, but they've now found a new target — the rooftop solar sector. A Reuters report yesterday shamed the primates for toying with residential solar systems, running away with connector cables and even "bullying dogs".

Solar bids in India's Rajasthan near record low as 16 developers go below five rupees. The latest Indian solar auction has seen wining tariffs return to extreme lows at INR 4. Looking for a Breakthrough in Cement and Concrete. The toughest climate challenges involve large global industries, with no good substitutes. One of these literally produces the material under our feet—concrete.

The PerduS project is investigating yield losses experienced by solar energy systems as a result of desert dust — preliminary studies indicate reductions could range from 10 percent to 20 percent. Government pushes solar power in buildings. Solar photovoltaic PV module and system degradation continues to be an important and unresolved variable in the PV industry.

One of the most common ways to input degradation in an LCOE model is via a flat rate 0. However, the available degradation data do not necessarily privilege such an approach, and this begs the question: Can we afford to teach our children? Current discussions on how to improve education have focused on better teachers, better technology, and more funding which deepens the debate on who should pay for it.

It is important for customers to evaluate a number of factors that will affect their returns on investment in energy storage systems. Energy shifting arbitrage and demand charge reduction are common savings mechanisms for behind the meter applications, but applications may include wholesale services such as demand response and even ancillary services such as frequency savings. The key is to make sure these intake strategies savings and revenue and multiple services can operate simultaneously, conflict-free, and without unnecessarily degrading the energy storage platform itself.

In Part I of this series on energy storage investment, we discussed concerns about the safety of various battery chemistries. A l'instar de Brest, Annecy lance son cadastre solaire et, en plus, son cadastre vert. In the race to bring large-scale rechargeable batteries to the masses, there's Tesla Motors Inc. Then there's tiny Electrovaya Inc. First Solar is halting production and development of its new silicon product and returning to its historic focus on cadmium telluride.

European solar industry puts forward case to end trade measures on Chinese PV. SolarPower Europe appears to be the driving force behind a letter, signed by 34 European solar and renewable energy organizations, calling on the EU to immediately remove the trade measures that exist against imports of Chinese PV modules and cells. Korea to invest 42 trillion won in renewable energy industry by New French tenders put country in contention for top European market spo.

New French tenders announced last week could see the country become the largest single source of solar end demand in Europe. When will the rapid growth in demand for three-phase string inverters finally stop? Siemens to invest EUR1 billion in new startup unit. Siemens has announced the forming of a new dedicated startup unit, next47, with a war chest of EUR1 billion to be spent on it that will, among various other important innovations, focus on decentralized electrification.

As the energy storage industry gains momentum, it will be increasingly important for consumers to evaluate a number of factors that will impact their returns on investment. It is well known that energy storage systems providing a greater mix of services typically have a more favorable rate of return than those with limited capabilities whether used for applications in front-of-the-meter or behind-the-meter.

Rather, it's about solving two of the biggest problems standing in the way of the next solar boom. And perhaps a good deal more. Molten salt technology is being developed for use in mineral processing in the mining industry to reduce energy and water costs. The University of South Australia has formed a collaborative research funding partnership with Centrex Metals Limited in a bid to use the cutting-edge technology to significantly reduce energy and water usage, and therefore the cost of mineral processing using molten salts.

When Acquisition Strategies Run Amok. When two companies with negative financials and high debt marry a good response to the nuptials is … Huh? PV-diesel hybrid project in North Africa gets underway. In North Africa, Egypt's Red Sea region is soon to be home to a hybrid design that will lead to significant savings in costs associated with the purchase and transportation of diesel oil, and significant reductions in CO2 emissions.

Last night, Elon Musk, chief of electric vehicle EV and energy storage pioneer Tesla, announced that his firm had put in a bid for the largest residential solar installer in the US, SolarCity. Musk currently acts as chairman of SolarCity and the firm is also headed by his cousins Lyndon and Peter Rive. PV Tech traced back over time at key moments that set the tone for Musk's latest grand move: Delhi can become a model for rooftop solar implementation across India.

The Delhi government approved its first solar policy on 6 June The policy understandably focuses on rooftop solar development because of a shortage of available land space in the city. It has many innovative provisions and provides for exemptions and simplification of procedures for rooftop system installation.

PV innovations helping to push the French market forward. The varying innovations take part in the whole PV value chain, from oxygen measuring in the wafering process, to developing solar plants with integrated storage for French oversea territories.

A fresh look at assembling PV modules: Belgium's imec introduces a new concept: Eszter Voroshazi reveals more. Lebanon plans to bulk up on renewable-energy assets beyond just rooftop solar in a move that could wean reliance on fossil fuels and avoid blackouts, according to a government agency. There is increasing solar PV activity in both countries, with the latest news concerning two flagship PV projects in Egypt and Jordan, each totaling MW.

Global PV inverter shipments to reach 90GW by World's largest off-grid battery system headed to Rwanda. Tony Fadell's departure signals changes for Google's smart home company. Will energy get a higher priority? The target is extremely ambitious the world's total installed solar power capacity was GW in and would make India a global leader in renewable energy. Pick a Size, Any Size. These days the size of the solar PV industry is announced earlier and earlier each year, typically with little explanation of what is being sized. In reality, the PV industry, and this is true of all industries, is made of many metrics, all of which can be counted, combined and often misunderstood.

Three developers compete for Moroccan solar PV developments. In Saudi Arabia, three project developers are competing to win the bid for development of three solar photovoltaic PV projects with a cumulative capacity of MW in Morocco, North Africa. Japan clears up uncertainty over its renewable energy FIT. Japan's parliament passed a key piece of legislation for solar, which revises the country's feed-in tariff policy for renewable energies, creating a new certification system and a new tendering program for PV projects, after April Consumer investments in distributed energy resources can save all ratepayers money by avoiding expensive grid infrastructure upgrades.

The technology enables for semi-transparent PV-windows which are a key towards Zero-Energy Buildings. Moreover, combining these semitransparent perovskite modules with Si solar cells, an unprecedented Germany considers new taxes for renewable energy consumers. German government considers revising the energy tax system. Solar advocates warn of heavy consequences for the industry.

Gamesa sees growth potential in hybrid systems for off-grid applications around the world. With the recent expansion of Project Sunroof, tens of millions of potential solar customers from across the U. India's installed solar capacity was The company is getting crushed under the weight of its own bad decisions.

Middle East's first transfer ownership net metering system. Not surprisingly, this development is taking place in Jordan. Tesla Confirms Details of Powerwall Improvements. The company is simplifying procedures for installers. It also confirms 2, units sold. Morgan Solar, a concentrating photovoltaic manufacturer based in Toronto, has partnered with pipeline giant Enbridge to build the largest solar project in Alberta, the fossil-fuel heartland of Canada. The concentrated solar park, situated in the Northern Cape Province, km South-West of the national capital Pretoria, is expected to be operational in the second half of Caterpillar is latest big name to eye potential of solar-plus-storage in microgrids.

Global maker of construction and mining equipment Caterpillar has launched an integrated micro-grid solution which combines solar PV and energy storage with the company's power generation equipment. Bankruptcy talk stalks Yingli as annual financial report delayed. Study finds positive link between UK solar farms and biodiversity. An extensive study of solar farms in the UK has found that the existence of the solar panels can improve biodiversity and wildlife abundance, especially when combined with measured land management.

SunEdison stays the course in India, offloads residential business in UK. The renewable energy giant managed to exclude its Indian operations from bankruptcy proceedings while selling its operations in the U. Red flags flying over Yingli Green. As the dust settles on SunEdison's Chapter 11 bankruptcy, it's time to get back to focusing on another technically bankrupt former solar market leader, Yingli Green Energy.

SunEdison officially files for chapter 11 bankruptcy. Struggling renewable energy firm SunEdison has filed voluntary petitions for reorganization under chapter 11 of the U. Adani gets Gujarat govt nod to build solar power equipment unit. Adani Enterprises Ltd has secured approval from the Gujarat government to begin work on building a solar power equipment plant on its own after earlier unsuccessful attempts to build the plant in partnership with technology providers such as clean-power developer SunEdison.

A model to recycle smartphone lithium ion batteries into solar power systems. Despite their hefty price tag, smartphones have an average consumer lifetime of about three years. The lithium ion batteries that power them, however, can last for about five years? To cut down on the environmental waste and provide storage for rural communities, researchers at Kyung Hee University in Seoul have proposed a model for recycling unspent lithium ion batteries into energy storage units for solar-powered LED lamps.

PV module manufacturing costs in China remain considerably lower than other parts of the world. Efficiencies of production, product and material innovations and economies of scale continue to reduce costs, but what's behind China's lower costs? In a new report, IHS examines the reasons behind price disparities and the factors that continue to bring costs down. PV cell manufacturers on the annual top ten list have shifted places, dropped on and off the list, withdraw from production, re-entered production and declared bankruptcy.

Currently, crystalline manufacturers are adding more module assembly capacity than cell processing capacity while thin film manufacturers are expanding into crystalline production. SMA is also obtaining exclusive rights for worldwide sales of the smart module technology TS4 Retrofit. The new TS4 product platform has various options that allow an increase in energy yield, the simplification of system planning and installation, fire safety, and cloud-based monitoring of system availability.

The function options can be integrated easily into a solar module. Customer can thus adapt each individual solar module to their individual requirements. In addition, SMA will deploy the new solution for expanding its data-based business models Companies www. Pour tenter de rebondir, le groupe amorce un virage radical qui suscite de nombreuses interrogations.

Ikea unveils ambition to be number-one global residential solar retailer. The Swedish homefurnishing giant is rolling out its residential solar program in three European countries in the coming months before expanding its solar sales points in stores globally. It aims to be the largest residential solar retailer globally. The top vendors are consolidating their grip on the solar inverter market. In much of the world, gas is expensive. The solar PV industry is sized in different ways, using different metrics by different people and organizations. Most of the time the goal is to come up with a number that reflects positive growth and the bigger the number, the stronger the growth, the better.

What do mines, industrial facilities, and the military all have in common? They all have a need for reliable electricity in remote locations. It turns out these places and others can learn a lot from islands.

Energie solaire à la maison : est-ce que ça marche enfin ?

Profiles from Islands and Remote Communities Across the Globe, explores 10 examples of islands and remote communities from around the world that have transitioned from percent oil-based electricity systems to high-penetration renewable microgrids Market blog. GaN and SiC semiconductors and novel designs pack a game-changing power density. Can they compete on cost and at scale? Kokam, a Korean company, claims the battery arrays are the two largest lithium nickel manganese cobalt NMC oxide battery systems are the world's largest to provide frequency regulation services to the grid.

Trina Solar warns of overcapacity in Should the industry panic? The chairman and CEO of Trina Solar, Jifan Gao said in prepared remarks during the company's fourth quarter earnings call yesterday that the PV industry faced a number of challenges in Speaking also as the recently appointed co-chairman of the newly formed Global Solar Council, the headline-making issue raised by Gao was that of overcapacity. A research team lead by the U. National Renewable Energy Laboratory has developed a technique by which cadmium telluride CdTe PV cells can be produced with an open-circuit voltage exceeding 1 volt.

The team claims the development will allow for further increase CdTe conversion efficiencies and represents a "crucial milestone" in the technology's evolution. The Chinese solar company has purchased all machinery, stock, inventory and real estate from Solland Solar; fab is located in Heerlen, the Netherlands. While utilities continue to imply that large-scale solar projects are more economical than small ones, the data is telling another story.

In fact, costs for transmission and distribution of utility-scale solar energy may largely undermine the modestly better economics at the point of generation. Government-backed loan of 10 billion yen will support the development of a 20 MW solar plant with 30 MW storage facility close to Egyptian city of Hurghada. Jordan turns to solar to relieve stress of refugee crisis. With Syrian refugees now comprising one in seven people living in neighboring Jordan, the kingdom will ramp up its solar development plans to help meet surging demand for energy, the government confirms.

Brazil's renewable energy landscape has changed significantly over the last decade. Although Brazil is mostly known for biofuels production and conventional hydroelectric power? Visualizing the Power of Today's Solar Panels: What could you do with the amount of energy produced by one solar panel in a year?

How about the amount of energy produced by solar panels in a year or even 6, solar panels? That's what Dallas-based SaveOnEnergy. Des valises solaires pour rendre l'eau potable. Thomas Kacou a fait ses calculs. Yingli Said to Get 3. Commission imposes duties to prevent imports of dumped and subsidised Chinese solar panel components via Taiwan and Malaysia. The Commission today extended the existing anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures on imports of Chinese solar modules and cells to Taiwan and Malaysia. The decision follows an investigation that confirmed that the circumvention of the EU trade defence measures was taking place through these countries.

The new duties will not apply to genuine producers in Taiwan and Malaysia. Enel Green Power is investing approximately 3. It will be the first utility-scale PV plant in the world to combine the use of innovative bifacial and smart modules with conventional modules. How many gigawatts will actually get built in the region? How solar inverter smarts can add up to grid smarts? Working with partners around the world, researchers at the U.

Economic growth and adoption of carbon emission reduction policies are major factors that lead to increasing PV demand in Sunbelt countries. The technology faces major logistical and cost challenges. Too big to fail? Yingli confirms debt restructuring. The China Banking Regulatory Commission and the National Energy Administration have signaled their support for a restructuring of Yingli's massive debt, noting the company's importance to the Chinese PV industry and the role of its core technology.

According to preliminary numbers from GTM Research, 59 gigawatts of solar PV were installed globally in , a 34 percent increase over 's total.


Generally, when something is too good to be true, it isn't. The solar industry has had its fair share of false dawns. It could be technology breakthroughs that yield little but headlines, giant, unfundable project pipelines or start-ups touting the next big idea that will ultimately make little impact. The industry is also not short of big announcements that carry varying degrees of weight.

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  2. ValEnergies embarque Tesla dans l'autoconsommation énergétique.
  3. EDF Renouvelables - Développement d'énergie renouvelable.

Memorandums of understanding generate a collective groan in the PV Tech newsroom; there is no historical milestone, in the solar industry or outside it, linked to a memorandum of understanding. Voice control was a dominant feature in new products. The Overlooked Solar Opportunity in India. Can solar-plus-storage fill a wide gap in India's electricity sector?

Solar Energy Aims for the Sky. Capturing solar energy with balloons floating above the clouds for uninterrupted energy production. Google's Project Sunroof is growing, as it has just reached 20 US metro markets, which will allow more homeowners to easily see if rooftop solar is right for them. Fifteen Things to Watch Out for in One expectation that is certain to come true in is for continued accelerated deployment.

The trend to renewables is clear, and solar is a player. Turkey's energy regulator granted its first ever solar license in late It is a year generation license granted to Turkish developer Solentegre Enerji Yatirimlari, for an 8 MW facility to be installed in the eastern province of Elazig. More needed from Indian government to fulfill 40 GW rooftop solar ambitions. While the Indian Government's recent announcement of a significant funding boost for rooftop solar PV projects has been welcomed, experts say a lot more needs to be done, financially and in terms of policy and regulations, to drive installed capacity up from just MW today, to 40 GW by Harvesting More Energy from Photons.

Quantum process increases the number of electrons produced when light strikes a metal-dielectric interface. Now, as its minerals ebb, Australia's longest-lived mining city is looking to tap a more abundant resource. On the sun-baked edge of the Outback city, miles west of Sydney, a solar farm the size of London's Hyde Park shimmers like an oasis? EnergyNest launches revolutionary energy storage concept. EnergyNest officially inaugurated its pilot project implemented in cooperation with the Masdar Institute in Abu Dhabi. Dow, DuPont to combine, will become 'technology leader' in solar PV materials.

Combining their expertise, say the two, will create a 'technology leader across four high growth segments,' including solar PV materials. Japan is considering an auction process to allow solar power competitors to outbid each other for approvals to build large projects in an effort to drive down costs. With the coal-fired Intermountain Power Plant in Utah to be shut next decade for climate change purposes, one of the replacement options being looked at is a 1, MW compressed air energy storage CAES project at the site. Solar Frontier's record efficiency Solar Frontier has broken a conversion efficiency record for CIS thin-film solar cells that has stood for over a year, achieving Two Australian Communities go Solar.

In the far reaches of Western Australia, more than 17, people live in indigenous communities spread through townships. Basic services are hard to come by, such as adequate water, wastewater services, and electricity. The Australian Government was faced with how to provide basic electricity to these communities, and in , the Western Australian State Government established Horizon Power, a commercial utility that provides energy services to these remote locations far beyond the reach of Southwest Australia's grid.

As Abengoa teeters on the brink of bankruptcy, its portfolio could be up for grabs. The market needs solutions that can enable capital to be deployed at scale Building blog. France's MW Cestas solar plant inaugurated. Europe's largest solar PV installation has been officially inaugurated this week. Located across hectares near Bordeaux, Cestas will produce solar energy cheaper than new nuclear plants.

Here's to the solar companies that have fought the good fight. Following its comment in September that the International Energy Agency IEA is "holding back" global renewable expansion by consistently underestimating its supply potential, the Energy Watch Group EWG has now released graphics highlighting the shortfalls in the agency's solar PV projections.

TSMC announces complete solar exit. Chinese semiconductor giant TSMC has announced its intention to withdraw completely from the solar sector. Dubai Ruler wants solar panels on every roof by Dubai will invest billions of dollars in clean energy as part of a strategy that could see solar panels on the roofs of all buildings in the city by Indian Railways brings out policy on solar capacity panels at stations.

In line with the budget commitment made by Indian Railways towards installation of solar plants as part of its 'Solar Mission' to reduce dependency on fossil fuels, the transporter has come out with a policy on solar capacity panels on rooftops of railway stations.

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Spain's Abengoa starts insolvency proceedings, shares dive. Spain's Abengoa started insolvency proceedings on Wednesday after a potential investor said it would not inject fresh capital into the energy firm, sending its share price tumbling by 54 percent. Morocco is set to inaugurate next month the first component of a MW complex of mainly concentrated solar thermal CSP plants, which upon completion will be one of the world's biggest CSP facilities. The PV sector has also lately boasted some success although on a much smaller scale.

What can the solar sector anticipate from Morocco in the coming years?

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Higher efficiency thanks to perovskite magic crystal. Stacking two solar cells one over the other has advantages: Because the energy is? Empa researchers have come up with a procedure that makes it possible to produce thin film tandem solar cells in which a thin perovskite layer is used. The processing of perovskite takes place at just 50 degrees Celsius and such a process is potentially applicable for low cost roll-to-roll production in future. Flying Robots Are the Future of Solar. A new report finds enormous value to drones over truck rolls for utility-scale PV maintenance and data collection.

Turkey announces new renewable energy subsidies as targets raised. Turkey has announced a series of new subsidies to support renewable energy equipment production, as it raises its renewable energy targets. Dans le solaire, au moins 1. Islands are vulnerable places, battered by climate change, pollution and migration. But a mounting sense of urgency is counterbalanced by the realization that islands offer an important opportunity to find innovative,? Solar activity heats up in Africa. India's Modi puts solar firmly on G20 agenda. La principale annonce concerne les appels d'offres.

Yahoo's Pursuit of Green Power: Amidst the wheat farms of central Kansas, construction has begun on one of the Midwest's latest wind farms. And nearly half of the project? IHS estimates that Shipments to the first buyer are expected to grow by at least 25 percent in to At the end of , module assembly capacity is expected to be GWp.

But what exactly is a zero-energy building? A number of different definitions for zero-energy buildings ZEBs have been used across the industry, including buildings that use zero electricity, site energy, or source energy, or that produce zero greenhouse gas emissions. Some definitions include additional caveats such as prohibiting direct combustion of fuels in the building and exclusion of off-site renewables where additionality cannot be demonstrated.

If a solar plant uses natural gas, is it still green? The giant Ivanpah solar power plant in the California Mojave Desert recently detailed how much natural gas it burned to generate power when the sun wasn't sufficient? Along with its impacts on wildlife and its receipt of federal incentives, news of the CO2 emissions has renewed criticism of the megawatt facility, which supplies , California homes during peak hours of the day.

Why is a solar power plant using natural gas, and does the associated CO2 disqualify it as? Jordan to upgrade its network; accommodate more renewables. The European Investment Bank and France's government have recently approved loans to Jordan for the construction of two new electricity transmission lines and the upgrade of older ones.

The project aims to reinforce the grid in order to accommodate a larger number of renewable energy projects. Despite the softening in the performance of the global economy, China's solar photovoltaic PV sector achieved rapid growth during the first three quarters that ended Sept. European researchers develop perovskite-HJT solar cell. Self-consumption and net metering are increasingly significant PV market drivers. The latest report by the IEA-PVPS finds that feed-in tariffs still drive most of global demand, but that more PV system owners are consuming the electricity they generate directly.

UC Riverside-led study shows utility-scale solar energy development has detrimental environmental impact USA ucrtoday. Grid Edge Intelligence for the Solar Market. Using flexible, distributed computing to link PV-equipped buildings to the internet of things Technology www. Next-generation perovskite solar cells made stable by metal oxide? This advancement by UCLA researchers will help in development of these solar cells for commercial use Technology newsroom. Long-term utility PPAs for bundling energy-storing rooftop air conditioners with solar PV systems Technology www.

World-record claims of this nature, absent actual distribution, yield and volume data, are mostly bluster and stunt specmanship. Bosch exits PV with thin film closure. An exact date for the closure has not been given. Chief Executive Officer Ahmad Chatila created two companies over the past 15 months to buy his solar and wind farms. Now he's cutting them off, and investors like it. Company claims new solar module prototype sets new world record for module-level efficiency based on mass-production technology.

Unique research project to investigate underground storage of wind and solar energy. Sahara Solar Breeder project, an end to oil energy dependency? Algeria which is badly hit by the collapse of oil prices on the international market is trying to end its heavy dependency on oil and to diversify its energy production. One of the alternatives raising Algerian authorities' optimism is the Sahara Solar Breeder project SSB being developed in cooperation with Japanese researchers.

With its stock price taking a hit, SunEdison is planning a deep cut to its workforce, according to a memo obtained by GTM. Solar installations globally could grow by between 25 percent and 30 percent in compared to last year, according to Mercom Capital Group. SolarCity has gone from its June acquisition of solar module startup Silevo to today's announcement of what the company claims is production of "the world's most efficient rooftop solar panel, with a module efficiency exceeding 22 percent.

The loan is specifically expected boost residential solar PV installations for poor households. T Middle East North Africa www. Hanergy deputy chairman resigns, founder blames short sellers for stock collapse. The founder of Hanergy Thin Film Li Hejun has blamed short sellers for the dramatic decline of his company's share price. Li made the remarks at an event marking the anniversary of Hanergy's founding. The company has also announced today that company deputy chairman Liu Min has resigned. Stationary battery storage has evolved rapidly, and in short order, has become a crowded and highly competitive clean energy market and industry sector, not only in the U.

But There's Still Work to Do. How a few simple market changes could place Brazil in the top five global PV regions Americas www. Enel builds Italy's first large-scale storage facility. The Byron Rogers building, located in downtown Denver and owned by the U. General Services Administration, is a model of how deep energy retrofits can create more efficient, financially valuable, and more productive workspaces. The Hague-based high-tech company Eternal Sun, a specialist in solar testing equipment, designed and upgraded the Energy Research Centre's new testing lab.

Stanford engineers invent transparent coating that cools solar cells to boost efficiency. The hotter solar cells become, the less efficient they are at converting sunlight to electricity, a problem that has long vexed the solar industry. Now, Stanford engineers have developed a transparent overlay that increases efficiency by cooling the cells even in full sunlight. Solar Weaklings Shudder on Tianwei Collapse.

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  • The bankruptcy of Tianwei signals Beijing will allow a new round of failures for weaker solar panel makers, with YIngli and ReneSola the most likely to come under pressure. ENGIE investit dans une startup californienne. In the quest for competitive CSP, storage is a must. Reporting from SPI in Anaheim: For the first time, an efficiency of Having a simple rear side contact without any patterning, this type of solar cell converts one quarter of the incident sunlight into electricity. The new concept for the solar cell rear side holds great potential for further increases in efficiency.

    Lithium-Ion Is the New Silicon. Andrew Beebe of Obvious Ventures focuses on the energy storage business model, not chemical engineering. Supporters are happy, but the entire package of energy bills receives mixed reviews. Tier-1 Chinese solar firm says that the subsidy delays of more than one year are storing up trouble for the country's solar industry, reports Bloomberg. Take My Solar Panel, Please! San Antonio just announced a brilliant new business model for renewable energy. Four medium-sized cities with an industrial past will explain their project and journey towards rethinking their territory and becoming resilient.

    I09 Gouvernance en transition: Analysis - Decentralising energy policy: Green hydrogen, the key to the renewable energy mix and the energy revolution in local areas. The major challenge for the French energy mix is to manage to decarbonise it. In this mix, gas and its flexible, already paid-off infrastructure play a prominent role.

    SD23 Indicateurs locaux de consommation: Sobriety means reducing energy use by changing behaviours, lifestyles and our collective organisation reduced car use, local and higher quality food supply, etc. Visite du laboratoire central de la plateforme IRenE: Analysis - Collective self-consumption: How can public policies support the diversity of renewable energy?

    Inspiration - You, a European, what makes you change how you use energy? What strategy for the energy transition in the territories? I22 Migrations et climat: