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Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama City

KYOTO — An experiment was recently conducted in Arashiyama, a famous tourist area in Kyoto, that gauged how crowded it was in various spots and published that information on a website. Visitors to Kanagawa will discover a wonderfully diverse range of scenic, historical and modern points of interest. Kanagawa ranks among the most popular destinations in Japan for natural attractions such as hot springs Hakone, Yugawara , mountains spectacular views of Mt.

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Its close proximity to Tokyo has resulted in a sophisticated transportation infrastructure that seamlessly links the two for commuters and tourists alike; whether you are based in Yokohama or Tokyo, you are assured of convenient access to both. To take a look at Kanagawa and Yokohama from the perspective of rugby, it is essential to return to the history of the area as Japan opened to Western nations in the midth century.

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At the time, Yokohama became the key port facility closest to the capital of Edo the former name for Tokyo for the American, British, French, Dutch and Russian legations that were allowed to settle by treaty. A vital part of this initial influx of foreigners were the military garrisons that were stationed to protect the residents and maintain order in the foreign enclave. The rise in foreign residents saw growth in facilities, services and activities that catered especially for the newcomers, who looked to build a town that would meet European standards of society, culture and daily life.

As the first port with a large international population, Yokohama helped introduce many ideas never seen before in Japan. The first beer brewed in the country, the first daily newspaper, the first railway, even the first ice cream all originated in Yokohama.

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In the ancient era , its plains were very sparsely inhabited. In medieval Japan, Kanagawa was part of the provinces of Sagami and Musashi. Yokohama , the largest deep-water port in Tokyo Bay , was opened to foreign traders in after several more years of foreign pressure, and eventually developed into the largest trading port in Japan. Nearby Yokosuka , closer to the mouth of Tokyo Bay, developed as a naval port and now serves as headquarters for the U.

After the Meiji period , many foreigners lived in Yokohama City, and visited Hakone. The Meiji government developed the first railways in Japan, from Shinbashi in Tokyo to Yokohama in Yokohama, Kawasaki and other major cities were heavily damaged by the U. Casualties amounted to more than several thousand.

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In , Kanagawa was the 15th most populous prefecture in Japan, with the population of about 1. In the years after the war, the prefecture underwent rapid urbanization as a part of the Greater Tokyo Area.

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  • The population as of September 1, , is estimated to be 9. The eastern side of the prefecture is relatively flat and heavily urbanized, including the large port cities of Yokohama and Kawasaki. The southeastern area nearby the Miura Peninsula is less urbanized, with the ancient city of Kamakura drawing tourists to temples and shrines.

    The western part, bordered by Yamanashi Prefecture and Shizuoka Prefecture on the west, [10] is more mountainous and includes resort areas like Odawara and Hakone. Topographically, the prefecture consists of three distinct areas. The hilly eastern region is characterized by the Tama Hills and Miura Peninsula. The Tama River forms much of the boundary between Kanagawa and Tokyo.

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    The Sagami River flows through the middle of the prefecture. Other mountains measure similar mid-range heights: At the eastern foothills of the mountain range lies the Isehara Plateau and across the Sagami River the Sagamino plateau.