Deits for Healthy Healing

During this time, I learned how to heal myself of chronic disease. I was able to rebalance my thyroid and hormonal imbalances, gently cleanse my liver and miraculously heal my asthma. Another unexpected side-benefit of going on my healing journey was that I also lost over 60 pounds naturally!

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During this time, I used specific foods to heal my body from within. I felt blessed to also rekindle my love-affair with food. I was delighted to discover that food can taste great, as well as heal. Here are 9 foods that I introduced to my kitchen. They radically transformed my body and healed me of chronic disease, allowing me to experience vibrant health:.

Focus your diet around plant foods , especially fresh green vegetables, which are high in micronutrients. Choose bitter greens, such as mustard greens, collard greens, broccoli, arugula, spinach and kale. And opt for organic wherever possible.

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Make healing broths and soups that are easy to digest, steam them served with a dash of seasalt and fresh lemon juice, or eat them fresh in summer salads. Make a healing tonic by juicing half a cucumber with some pineapple, pears or apples and half lemon — yum! As you begin to heal and build your strength, you need to turn your attention to stabilizing your blood sugars and energy levels. Protein-rich foods can help! Try organic meat, organic chicken, wild salmon, fresh local fish, organic greek yogurt, and organic eggs.

Top 10 Toxic Foods and Top 10 Healing Foods

For vegetarian options, try quinoa, peas, beans, lentils, almonds, almond butter, seaweed, micro-algae, E3 Live, Warrior protein powder, hemp products, low-processed organic soy and chia seeds. Fresh, organic oils are very tasty, beautifully rich in aroma and fragrance.

It's important to know that all oils should have a "best-before" date, so always use fresh oils well before this date.

Nutrition Tips to Improve Wound Healing | Cleveland Clinic

Oils can be used to make a wide array of healthy salad dressings, drizzled over steamed vegetables or used for dipping. You can use organic, extra-virgin coconut oil for making sweet treats. Unlike other oils, when placed in the fridge or freezer, coconut oil will go hard and set.

There are such a wide variety of delicious seeds available. Each kind of seed has its own distinct flavor and can be used to add variety to your cooking. When you are healing, grind them up to make them easier on your digestion. I grind linseed, sunflower and almond seeds to make LSA, which I use on everything!

Sprinkle them on salads or add to breakfast smoothies and cereal. Sweets are an important part of the 4 tastes of the palate: Always look for unrefined sugar. Other vegetarian alternatives are stevia, coconut sugar, maple syrup or coconut nectar. Best to opt for organic brands to minimize the processing. Avoid highly refined processed sugar and zero-calorie sugar substitutes like aspartame, equal and nutra-sweet as these are toxic for your body.

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These little gems made this list because fresh lemons are so versatile. I like to start my day by drinking a detoxifying lemon water drink by squeezing a quarter of a lemon into a big glass of filtered water. Try lemons cut into wedges and squeezed over salads and soups for extra flavor and yummy zing! Real sea salt is unrefined salt which has been taken directly from the sea and dehydrated by the sun, forming a beautiful crystalline structure. It's ultra rich in micronutrients and totally delicious. You can substitute sea-salt for table salt in both your savory and sweet cooking.

Your health, your body and your taste buds truly will thank you for it! Using either fresh or dried herbs can transform your cooking as they add new taste sensations to your food. They can take your cooking from every day food to something quite gourmet.

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Buy your herbs straight from a greengrocers or local food market. Axe on Facebook 6 Dr.

Foods That Help Your Body Heal

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