Slime Time (Alien Detective Agency)

Astronauts land on a planet and find it inhabited by monsters. People from Another Star Youngsters from another planet come to Wyoming to see if Earth is really like the TV commercials they've been monitoring, and a teenager shows them around. I I Come in Peace An alien comes to take over the Earth, to use human beings as convenient drug factories for his kind, and a cop must stop him. I Married a Monster from Outer Space A young woman discovers that her new husband belongs to a race of alien beings with plans to repopulate their planet by having children with Earth women.

James Raspberry, Larry Raspberry. Satire about alien invaders seeking a top-secret cola formula who pollute the world's soft drink industry in the process. Set in outer space in the far future, when the universe has run out of water. The Incredible Melting Man During a dangerous space mission, an astronaut contracts an illness that causes his flesh to melt upon his return to Earth. An alien armada arrives on Earth and kills billions of people, but on the 4th of July, the earthlings fight back. An astronaut is transformed by radiation into a bionic superhero who protects the world from monsters sent from inner Earth.

Two sisters undergo hyponotic regression and convince a psychiatrist that they have been repeatedly abducted by aliens, since childhood. A reporter sent to cover a strange massacre of soldiers realizes that the soldiers have been taken over by aliens. In order to turn in the news story, he must fight for survival.

A pilot discovers a plan to destroy the Earth's ecology so that humanoid aliens can colonize it. He and a beautiful scientist race to convince the government of the global threat. Invaders From Mars A boy sees a flying saucer land in a nearby field, but no one will believe him. Invaders from Mars A remake of the film, where a boy battles Martians who have taken over his parents and threaten to destroy the world. Invasion of the Animal People Virgil Vogel, Jerry Warren. Extraterrestrial visitors assume the form of animals. Invasion of the Bee Girls Strange female invaders affect the male population of a small California town.

Wacky spoof -- not for kids.

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Invasion of the Body Snatchers Disturbingly frightening film about humans being taken over by cold, emotionless pods from outer space. Semi-sequel to the film. This one is set in San Francisco, where the "seeds" from outer space are duplicating and destroying the Bay Area residents at an alarming rate.

Invasion Earth-The Aliens are Here While two ten-year-old boys sit through a monster movie marathon, preparations are being made to destroy the Earth. When an alien projectionist takes over the audience, the boys must rid the town of the real monsters. Invasion of the Neptune Men A superhero streaks through outer space conquering invaders from other planets.

Invasion of the Saucermen A teenaged couple sees a flying saucer land in a nearby field, but no one believes them. Based on the short-lived television series about an alien invasion. It Came From Outer Space Ray Bradbury story about aliens crash-landing and taking over human bodies so that they can repair their ship unnoticed. It Conquered the World B-movie about aliens who follow a failed satellite back to Earth.

A scientist helps them hide in a cavern, but discovers their intentions are evil. The Terror From Beyond Space Marshall Thompson, Ann Doran. A spaceship returning from Mars in carries an alien hitchhiker that kills the crew, one by one. Supposedly the inspiration for Alien. J Journey to the Center of the Earth Based on a Jules Verne story about a team of scientists who travel to the Earth's core and discover the lost city of Atlantis.

Journey to the Far Side of the Sun Scientists in the future discover a "duplicate" Earth on the other side of the sun and set out to explore it. Aliens in a flying saucer terrorize a tribe of natives in the jungle. K Killers From Space Peter Graves, James Seay. Aliens with ping-pong balls for eyes raise a human scientist from the dead to have him spy on Earth for them. The Killings at Outpost Zeta A team of scientists investigating the disappearance of several space missions finds alien volcanic rock monsters roaming the planet called Outpost Zeta.

Jeff Morrow, Barbara Lawrence. A power-depleted alien civilization sends a robot to Earth to test the Earth's potential for supplying energy to them. As the robot absorbs energy, it grows, and scientists must find a way to stop it. The human race is threatened by alien scientists who have placed five of their test subjects on Earth.

A young man accidentally discovers an alien ray-gun left on Earth and wreaks havoc. The Last Starfighter An year-old boy with a talent for video games is recruited by an alien to do battle in space.

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Ancient vampires from outer space return to Earth via Halley's Comet and prey on the citizens of London. After a computer takes over a spaceship, the passengers seek refuge in a lifepod a space-age life boat as they plot to regain control of the ship. After disaster strikes on a luxury space-liner on its way home to Earth, hundreds of its passengers board lifepods. Unfortunately, a murderer is among them. Lost in Space TV Series Television series about a family exloring space. Lost in Space Director: The United Global Space Force sends Professor John Robinson and family on a promotional space jaunt to herald the "offshore" future for the human race now saddled with eco problems on Earth.

The Lost Planet Judd Heldren, Vivian Mason. Human reporters battle an evil scientist and his allies from the planet Ergro. M Mac and Me An alien creature accidentally spotted by an American space probe and brought back to Earth is befriended by a handicapped boy, who eventually helps him return to his own planet. The Man Who Fell to Earth An alien comes to Earth in search of water for his planet and becomes a successful businessman.

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Tale of three astronauts stranded in space and the attempts to return them safely to Earth. Martians come to Earth and gleefully terrorize its inhabitants. Mars Needs Women A Martian mission is sent to Earth to capture women for breeding, and if the Earth resists it will be destroyed. Mankind colonizes Mars, in an adaptation of Ray Bradbury's bestseller. Masters of Venus Spacemen land on Venus and discover it is already populated by the survivors of Atlantis. Menace from Outer Space Richard Crane, Sally Mansfield. Space rangers rally their forces against a runaway comet. Men in Black Director: Secret government 'employees' monitor the immigration and lives of all aliens that visit Earth.

Men into Space Director: Franklin Adreon and Richard Carlson Cast: A television series based on the explorations of Colonel Ed McCauley. The show attempted to show the real qualities of space, instead of the typical characteristics of a science fiction film. Sharon Baker, Chris Avran. A rebel civilization from a far-off galaxy organizes a mission to capture and exploit the planet Earth. Metamorphosis -- the Alien Factor After a laboratory accident involving genetic research on organic samples from outer space, one of the scientists begins mutating.

A comet strikes an asteroid and sends a five-mile wide meteor on a collision course with Earth. Midnight Movie Massacre Robert Clarke, Ann Robinson.

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  5. A flying saucer lands behind a movie theater and the multi-tentacled monster it was carrying begins eating members of the audience one by one. Missile to the Moon Richard Travis, Cathy Downes, K. An expedition to the moon arrives and finds a sinister woman presiding over a race of moon-women.

    The Cyclon Attack Lorne Greene, Dirk Benedict. The commander of the Battlestar Galactica must take action when the Galactica is stranded without fuel and open to enemy attack. Darren McGavin, Nick Adams. A trio of astronauts on their way to Mars battle mysterious forces, both seen and unseen. Imaginative European adventure involving a man who travels to the moon and encounters a race of aliens led by a beautiful blonde who needs human blood. In the year , the Earth has run out of natural resources and has begun mining on other planets.

    A renegade company is attacking the interplanetary shuttles and must be stopped. Walter Koenig, Bruce Campbell. Two astronauts find a fourteen-thousand-year-old race of aliens on the moon. Aliens change ordinary mosquitos into bloodthirsty mutants. Muppets From Space Jeffery Tambor, Andie MacDowell. Gonzo stars in a hilarious adventure to find what his true origin is. Supported by a wonderful cast of old muppet friends and some new faces, this whimsical comedy has appeal enough for both the young and the old at heart.

    Murder By Moonlight Detective thriller set on the moon in the year A.

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    Murder in Space Murder mystery about nine crew members of an international space mission being killed one by one. Aliens try to take over the Earth after their own planet is destroyed. N Night of the Comet A comet kills most of the people of Earth instantly. The few survivors are turned into flesh-eating zombies, which two unaffected Valley-girl sisters must combat. When the suns of a land that has never known nightfall set, a cult prophesizes that the phenomenon signals the end of the world.

    I Tried Escaping A Bounty Hunter

    Based on a story by Isaac Asimov. A crew of space explorers are confronted by an evil presence aboard an ancient space freighter, and a series of "accidents" befall the members of the crew. Not of this Earth A woman discovers that her boss is a blood-sucking alien, and she must save the world from destruction. A benevolent alien arrives in an African country to search for his brother who has been captured by the U. Two African boys help the alien travel across Africa as American agents try to stop him. O Official Denial Aliens abduct and release a human being, who later becomes their only hope of escaping the military after their spaceship crashes.

    The Omega Imperative While solving crossword puzzles, a man stumbles upon a plot between the government and aliens. In this biological thriller, a virulent African disease is accidentally brought to the United States. It is up to Colonel Sam Daniels and his crack team of Army medical researchers to find the source and contain it before it kills everyone in the country.

    Sean Connery stars as the marshall on an outer-space mining colony who discovers a secret that threatens the sanity of the miners working there. P Pajama Party Director: An alien martian studies how humans get it on. An interplanetary serial killer is hunted down on Earth by a policeman from his planet, but no one can tell them apart. Story about a group of psychically talented aliens who must survive on Earth after their home world is destroyed.

    The Phantom Empire Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette. The first sci-fi serial of the sound era. Features the singing cowboy battling robots, mad scientists, and "unearthly terrors. Richard Kiel, Coleen Gray.

    Slime Time (Paperback)

    An astronaut lands on an asteroid populated by 6-inch tall humanoids and helps them battle their monster attackers. Phantom from Space A group of people in an observatory are terrorized by an invisible alien. A man-made killing machine on a deep-space outpost begins to think for itself, and its creators must destroy it. Plan 9 From Outer Space Considered to be the worst film ever made. Hilariously bad, it attempts to deliver an antiwar message as well as thrills and chills, but does not succeed.

    I watched the whole thing, and I'm still not sure what the plot is. Planet of Blood An expedition to Mars investigating a spaceship crash rescues a strange mute alien, not realizing that she's the vampire who wiped out the previous ship. Planet of the Apes The first in the series. Astronauts land on a far-off planet and find it is ruled by apes who treat humans like animals. Planet of the Dinosaurs A spaceship crashes on a planet inhabited by dinosaurs and its crew must fight for their lives.

    Planet on the Prowl Planets Against Us Aliens invade Earth, murder humans, and assume their forms as they plot to sabotage the planet. The invisible creature from another world is back, this time in Los Angeles. Prince of Space When evil aliens from outer space try to take over the world, the Prince of Space must stop them. Prisoners of the Lost Universe Three people are transported to a parallel universe, and they must use modern technology and archaic weaponry as they fight to return to their world.

    Rumors of UFOs, mutilations, and mysterious disappearances are investigated by reporters and high-level officials, but time is running out. David Ferry, Olga Prokhorova. A human man and an alien woman must overcome their differences and learn to love in order to save their warring species. Project Moon Base America's first woman astronaut, her male co-pilot, and an evil infiltrator are all en route to disaster on the moon's surface.

    Peter Mark Richman, Gretchen Corbett. A civilian researcher working at the NASA space track station observes and records signals from a distant planet, which then attempts to make contact with him. This results in a government cover-up and a visit from the aliens.

    The Puppet Masters Government officials are sent to Iowa to investigate an alien landing, in which alien beings are taking over the brains of their human hosts. The officials must stop the invaders without killing the innocent humans. The Purple Monster Strikes Spencer Gordon Bennet, Fred C. A martian schemes to conquer the Earth and save his dying planet. Q The Quatermass Experiment An astronaut returns to Britain with a deadly infection from outer space that causes him to turn into a monster. When aliens invade the bodies of government officials, Professor Quatermass must save the day.

    Queen of Outer Space The Quiet Earth An error committed by workers on a secret government project cause nearly the entire population of Earth to be transferred to another dimension. R Radar Men from the Moon Rocketmen journey to the moon to battle aliens plotting to conquer the Earth. Five journeys into interplanetary adventure, thrills, and mystery on Mars.

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    Ray Gun Justice A band of aliens on a desert-like planet struggle against a corrupt law enforcement officer. Red Planet Mars A scientist contacts Mars using Nazi radio equipment, and is unsure whether the answer he receives comes from Martians or God, so he goes to Mars to find out. Return of the Aliens: The Deadly Spawn Aliens return to Earth and spread terror. Return of the Jedi Third film in the Star Wars series.

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    Robinson Crusoe on Mars Paul Mantee, Adam West. Tale of an astronaut and his monkey. The very first Flash Gordon adventure. Catastrophe occurs during a flight to the moon, causing the ship to veer off course and land on Mars, which is inhabited by mutated creatures. Spiders from the Stars. The Dark Side of the Moon. James and the Jealous, Naughty Seagull. Renegade Robots Alien Detective Agency. Comet Riders Alien Detective Agency.

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