A Girl Like You

I just lost the will to read this past week, so it took me much longer than the average book, but when I finally sat down and read it properly, it was unputdownable that is a word now, ok? This GIF depicts everything I'm feeling: View all 12 comments. This was a ton of fun, with an incredibly satisfying emotional payoff. The characters are well-drawn enough to evoke Cecelia Ahern without the magical realism with maybe a touch of Bridget Jones's Diary though a very light touch.

What makes the book work, for me, is that I just liked Abigail so much. She has been in emotional stasis for a long time and seeing her emerge, and mature, was just a whole lot of fun. Frankly, it's a bit brilliant to take an ignorant observer and thrust them into th This was a ton of fun, with an incredibly satisfying emotional payoff. Frankly, it's a bit brilliant to take an ignorant observer and thrust them into the dating scene with an experienced native in this case, Robert. Abigail's exploration of dating as a former outsider is fascinating as is Robert's often insightful guidance.

And it doesn't hurt, of course, that Robert is such a fantastic guy. As an indication of exactly how much I liked him, he still came across as studly tooling Abigail around London on a moped. Hard to believe, I know The book went a little long in the middle with Abigail's hang-up on the jerkwad jackwagon, Dave.

I get a week with a popular, charismatic party guy. A month, maybe, with Abigail's inexperience. Yeah, she needed the contrast maybe to understand that she isn't as emotionally detached as she thought she was. And he serves as a wonderful contrast to the lovely Robert. Even so, I think a good deal of that length could have disappeared and maybe improved the book a bit in the process.

That said, the culmination of the book, its emotional climax, was well worth the wait. I kept waiting for the cringe as the situation buildup was rather extreme and there were a lot of moving parts involved with complex characters I cared about strewn about the scenery. But Burgess handled everything beautifully with a climax that flowed so well and naturally that tears actually flowed yeah, that isn't that great an accomplishment with me. A note about editions: It looks like Avon originally published the book but that the author is the one with the eBook rights.

As such, the two aren't actually linked so if you hit Amazon on the hard copy it doesn't link the kindle book from there and vice versa. That may be the case in other retailers as well with such a complicated rights issue. The upside of this is that the Kindle version is extremely well priced for the quality of the writing. The author messed up, some, on the formatting with what looks like one dialog word globally replaced such that if the quote starts with it you just get a comma.

It's a place-marker word, though something like "hmmm" or "m'kay" , so no real harm done. A note about Steamy: There's sex in the book, and a make out or two that get pretty hot, but Burgess cuts well before we get terribly explicit. It's just enough for me to flag as "Steamy" but on the lowest possible setting. View all 15 comments. Jul 11, Jadaloves rated it it was amazing. I was swept into London, and the quirky dating world of Abigail Wood and I enjoyed every minute of it. But the atmosphere just seems so divine and fun. This book was no different. Abigail was a great leading lady.

After moving in with her flatmate Robert, notorious ladies man, she begins to take his dating advice, which makes for some interesting adventures. I love how she embraces singledom and eventually learns to take charge and basically navigate her own dating life instead of letting things happen. The ups, the downs, they were all fascinating and satisfying. I also adored me some Robert. He appears to be very nonchalant and unaffected, but this guy has layers.

He and Abigail develop the most amazing friendship and I loved reading about it. I am a big proponent of love born out of friendship. Eventually everyone can see how this story is going to end up except for Robert and Abigail. But reading about them getting there was the best part.

Even the minor characters in this book were great. She was too funny and always inappropriate. Her sister Sophie was sweet and kind, and her friend Henry was such a loveable dork. And the many other friends and acquaintances all add something unique to the story whether I liked them or not. This book was so well written with the perfect blend of crass and sass.

Really this was just a beautiful story of true friendship and what can happen when you take a risk on something more. This was so much more than I thought it was going to be. I'm so glad I picked it up. Be cool Be silly Be detached Be direct Act brutal Be kind Stay in control Let yourself do whatever you want Bulletproof Have an open heart Always leave them before they leave you Be true to yourself and everything will work out. I could really relate to some things.

I was stuck for years with "Dave" situation not exactly the same, long story for another time and this year I finally got him out of my life This was so much more than I thought it was going to be. I was stuck for years with "Dave" situation not exactly the same, long story for another time and this year I finally got him out of my life and my head I feel so much better. People that make you feel miserable and make you doubt yourself are like anchors.

They drag you down, drain all your energy and and you're left with self doubt, regrets and emptiness. So yeah, get rid of them, even if you love them, it's the right thing to do. No one you love should make you feel like shit. Be who you want to be and don't change for anyone. And also don't wait for them to change. Take care of yourself. View all 3 comments. Feb 26, Love Fool rated it it was amazing. This book made me laugh out loud and proud to love to read chick-lits.

A Girl Like You

Calling all single ladies, you need to read this book! I feel us single ladies take our dating status as a mark of shame or punishment when we should be laughing more than crying of lack of men or horrid dates. Gemma Burgess makes dating life fun and laughable, which it is. She makes us women feel powerful, beautiful, and sexy, "I've discovered the secret to successful singledom. She makes us women feel powerful, beautiful, and sexy, which we are. Plus, she gives some really good advice in this book.

Sit back, get a glass or glasses of wine, and enjoy this book. Aug 05, Sara rated it it was amazing Shelves: Then I was devastated the book was over… My husband hated me for a couple of days, as the book was getting all my attention… What more to say, the perfect romantic chick-lit, with the perfect never-once-boring pace from the start till the end!! Loved loooveeed looooooveeeeeed it! Well with some minor exceptions. The only minor flaw was the over-use of the f-word mostly courtesy of the ever-swearing best friend. Feb 07, Simcsa rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was left with a huge smile plastered on my face at 2 am.

Doesn't it say it all?

Maroon 5 - Girls Like You ft. Cardi B (Volume 2)

Sep 04, Leigh's Bookshelf rated it it was amazing. A Girl Like You, is set in modern day London and written in first person. The style of writing is uncomplicated and easy to read. The story focuses on Abigail, a twenty seven year old whose long term boyfriend out of the blue breaks up with her. As a complete dating newbie she feels as though she needs some guidance, so enlists her new f A Girl Like You, is set in modern day London and written in first person.

As a complete dating newbie she feels as though she needs some guidance, so enlists her new flatmate to help her navigate this new dating world. The humour is just brilliant in and the characters created are very realistic and relate-able, particularly Abigail's and Plum's career choices before the start, how they had both plodding along in a comfortable position in a job they had done for years and then wondering if it really was the right role for them.

The friendship groups in the story were great too, I really enjoyed reading about each and every one of their get to together and you could tell that a lot of love and care had been put into developing these groups as the relationships all felt very realistic, especially with how long the characters had known each other. Which is something I find a lot of "chick lit" authors struggle to capture in other books. It really helped my enjoyment of this book as Abigail wasn't just looking for a new partner, I had the feeling that she would have just been fine on her own if it came to it as she had a great group of people around her, which is how it should be and it was refreshing to see this in a story.

Abigail's friendship with Charlotte was also a nice to the story, they'd worked together for a while, but had not interacted much before the story started but found out they got on very well, once they had taken notice of one another. We also had male and female friendships, which stayed that way, which was a nice touch.

There wasn't anything I didn't like about this book, which I think was down to the writing style, how perfectly the author incorporated a large friendship group into Abigail's life and the humour throughout the book. Aug 25, Jess Mukavetz rated it really liked it. I want to experience this book all over again. Abigail acted like such a priss at the end. Just give me more best friends with lazy weekends and easy evenings, cozy breakfasts with toasty warm porridge, and Sunday afternoon strolls on blustery and grey October days.

I would read an entire book 4. I would read an entire book of that beautiful silliness. I want to thank Gemma Burgess for introducing me not only to the phrase "Pretty with a Punch," but also to my new favorite word: The French have the perfect word for it: It means to stroll around aimlessly but enjoyably, observing life and your surroundings.

Jun 30, Keertana rated it really liked it Recommended to Keertana by: A Girl Like You is classic, unapologetic chick-lit--and I love it. Newly single Abigail is entering the dating world for the first time. Now, having broken up with her boyfriend of far too many years, Abigail is determined to find the right guy. Robert, her new flat-mate and a classic player, is the perfect candidate to coach her on the Art of Dating.

From the beginning itself, Abigail's narration is honest, unassuming, and drop-dead hilarious. It's impossible not to become entirely embroiled in A Girl Like You is classic, unapologetic chick-lit--and I love it. It's impossible not to become entirely embroiled in this romance, particularly as we witness Abigail stumble through bad dates, make the walk of shame, and finally become a Dating Guru.

Within months, she has all the single guys of London eating out of her hand If you've seen or read even a half-dozen chick flicks, you already know by now who the love interest is but the journey from friendship to romance is long, charming, and oh-so-endearing. Seriously, this book will have you in peals of laughter one moment only to have you clutching your abdomen in tension the next but I can guarantee you this: Oct 14, Jenny - TotallybookedBlog rated it really liked it.

What a delightful read! Loved every minute Abigail is a riot of a character and I found myself giggling out loud at some of her musings. Who can forget her little mountain goat dance - oh I did enjoy her character so much. Robert was amazing and I just adored the interaction between the two as I did the interactions with her friends. Just a wonderful book throughout and I really did enjoy every minute of it. This is my first book by this author and it won't be my last. Jul 29, Ria Lize rated it really liked it Shelves: No, that can't be it! It was all going sooo well, I even cried, and then I just feel like I feel like I should've been there to witness everything as it went.

How things come together, how they resolve it is important to me. But there was no confrontation thing during the end. For instance quote towards That's it? For instance quote towards end, important scene, kind of: If I were you, I would probably have done the same". How about the first time? That's the only complaint I probably have, and it's a bummer, because I would've loved to give this 5 stars.

I love the roller-coaster of emotions this book made me feel. The relationship between Robert and Abigail felt realistic, and I liked that. These are two people who enjoy each other's company, and yet, don't see it instantly like most people do in other romance stories. I don't blame Abigail for her choices, in fact, I totally understand why she made them. Robert was a man who could potentially hurt her, and has never promised her hearts and flowers. I love how when those two come together in a scene, you can feel their compatibility, how at ease they are in each other's company.

How they make each other happy. It's a pleasure to read how Abigail comes to a realisation about her own feelings. It just kind of disappointed me that that was it for the resolution after all the cold treatment. Anyway, right now I'm still on a chick-lit phase, and I'm kind of enjoying it. Jul 16, Emma rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was so sad the book was over!!

And this says it all Jul 09, Carrie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I enjoyed it so much and finished it in just over a day. The ship in this is pretty much my favorite type of ship. Nov 09, Elena rated it it was amazing Shelves: I don't even have a word to describe how I'm feeling right now. I'm in this sort of happy bubble with lots of cute and adorable hearts all over it and deep down a feeling that I just learned something important. I read about this book yesterday and in that exact moment I felt a compelling need to read it. Like, I had to read the damn book right that second in order to survive.

It was necessary for my existence, according to my reader senses. So that's what I did. I downloaded it and did Oh my gosh. I downloaded it and didn't stop reading until now. Ah, my awesome readder instinct! What good surprises it reserves for me sometimes. I can't help thinking that if some other writer had written this book, she would've probably called it "The Five Basic Rules to Singledom" or something. But, although I can't deny that those titles usually attract me, I like this one so much more.

A Girl Like You is not telling you about a story. It's not suggesting that the book is going to be about something see. Abigal scratched all the rules off in the end. A girl Like You is called that because it tells a common story. One which all of us go through and all of us can understand. This book is chick-lit in the imperative sense of the word. It's like the epiteth of chick-lit. Which is something I usually try to avoid, but damn.

This was really good stuff. I found myself giggling, laughing out loud, sighing, wishing I was there so that I could slap a character in the face, and so on.

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I was so caught up in the book I actually even skipped a meal because I forgot about it. All the characters were so cute and so true and realistic. Even Dave, whom I'm sure everyone hates by now, wasn't bad. At the beginning I really coudn't stand him, that's true, but when the truth came out I couldn't help feeling bad for him. And honestly, I could just picture another chick-lit book with him as main character. And I'm not going to pretend that I wouldn't have cheered for him. You see, it's all about perspective. You must be able to take all walls down and see things as really they are, instead of stopping at your own point of view.

The only one character I didn't really like was Plum, because I found her irritating and silly, but oh well. You can't have everything. The ending was predictable, but how could it not? It's chick-lit, for crap's sake. I still liked the little twists throughout the story. They kept me up and interested. One thing that obsessed me for about three quarters of the book is who the fuck was the man in the hotel.

Girls Like You - Maroon 5 Feat. Cardi B Lyric

I had my ideas but I didn't want to be disappointed so I didn't dare have hopes. So that was a major kept-me-glued-to-the-pages factor. Clever writer, you Gemma Burgess. All in all this is a pretty awesome book. It's not for everyone, though.

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You gotta be into chick-lit at least a bit, because it's gonna be really cheesy at some point. Honestly, I'm not a cheesy person myself not that I care to admit , but I loved this one. Even the whole Hong Kong vibe.. Okay, I've run out of things to say. The narration was so funny and light and it really felt like there was a real woman on the other side who told me everything that was passing on her mind. She told us that. She felt three ways at once? She described each one of them. She needed to pee? That's what she said. But don't get me wrong: It felt just right that she told us all of those things.

It really took you into the story. Aaaaaaaan now I've definitely run out of things to say. Mar 12, Rachna R rated it it was amazing Shelves: I read like three okay-to-bad romances in the last couple of days so I don't know how that affected how I felt about this, but I loved this.

I super enjoyed it. The romance was my favourite kind of romance - friends! There was a refreshi 4. There was a refreshing amount of maturity even through their messiness - no blaming or weird fights that didn't make sense, just a figuring-things-out, a brief self-assessment, dealing with it, and moving on.

Also, the lead's voice was super charming which isn't always the case for books with characters that do the things or go through the things she does! I think this book maybe ran a little long, but it didn't feel repetitive or too frustrating, and I enjoyed it so much anyway!! Jun 28, Beth rated it liked it Shelves: This is a great example of what Jess called my candy genre, I think.

It's fun, but ultimately very predictable, and that makes it - well, less fun than it could have been. All of the roadblocks are obviously roadblocks, every conflict is neatly resolved by book's end This is more of a good timewaster than a good book. But I'm not the best judge of books like this. Apr 30, Lili rated it did not like it.

‘Girls Like You’: An Oral History of Maroon 5’s Hit – Variety

Everybody acted so silly, very childish and immature, God! Jan 21, Laurence R. This is definitely my favourite contemporary novel of the year! I stumbled upon it and it interested me so much that I started reading it right away. Mar 10, Lark rated it liked it. Abigail is a girl coming out of a nasty breakup of a 7 year relationship. But luckily her flatmate Robert is there to help guide her along the way to enjoying her life as a single lady.

She goes through life and figures out relationships with men, how to date and be bulletproof, and of course finds love somehow, somewhere. I actually really loved this book, despite my usual tendencies of rolling my eyes at sugar-laden, fluffy romance books. But something about this book is just fun. The first pe Abigail is a girl coming out of a nasty breakup of a 7 year relationship. The first person point of view makes the book. The reason why it all works is because Abigail's voice is so convincing. You take a walk through her shoes, peer through her eyes, and maybe even feel what she does.

But even the twists and turns of her emotions feel genuine. Her flights of fancy and randomness and just light-hearted cheer doesn't feel like the author is forcing it into the character. It's all so natural. The romance is obvious, but it's subtle and the anticipation is sweet. It's not burdensome or a drag like most books where you're just about to quit the book unless they finally get together. And I believe it's not burdensome because of the way the story progresses. Burgess is not afraid of putting secondary characters forth into importance. But hey, I can roll with it for the sake of this book.

I also appreciated how she cut out the sex scenes, but definitely had a ton of sexy scenes. It made the book just that much more classy, rather than some other romance novels that are flimsy excuses for erotica you know what books I'm talking about. You see, her book is a little raunchy and a ton of fun, but never slutty. And that is why this book is worth reading.

The end -spoiler alert- is a little stereotypical with the happily ever after for all couples, but that's fine.


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