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I hope this helps, and I have prayed for you. Similar questions In becoming a Christian how do I deal with remorse and guilt from past actions? What does the bible teach about self harm? How do you fight temptation? How can Jesus help me with my anger management issues?

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How do I overcome my temptation to look at pornography? How do I stop sinning sexually? How should I struggle against sin? How do I struggle against lust? What does Christianity say about terrorism done in the name of God? How do I stop being tempted to go back to my non christian life? The punishment for an eternal sin is the same as for a mortal sin; the difference is that there's no opportunity to be forgiven and get out of it. It's sort of like being on death row in a state where the governor doesn't have a telephone.


When you eliminate activities that injure others or are otherwise wrong, there are still actions considered sinful, basically a long list of victimless crimes. Take social relationships, including plural marriages, same sex marriages, and anyone living together outside of wedlock. It doesn't hurt anyone and it's mutually fulfilling for all participants. But those activities are all pretty high on the sin list.

Does God continue to forgive you if you keep sinning in the same way? | Questions & Answers

But remove a particular religious context, and suddenly there's nothing wrong with it. Polyamory is also a victimless crime that is considered sinful: When it's consensual, and hopefully done safely, it's hard to argue that there's any harm.

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The list of sins is not static: Using a computer in some way to enhance sexual stimulation is sinful, according to Catholic doctrine and others. This includes a video chat session with your spouse when one of you is traveling. How does that make any sense in the 21st century? Drunkenness and tobacco are big on the sin list. This one's just plain counterproductive. Who among us doesn't appreciate an evening at the club in an overstuffed leather chair, with a martini and a fine cigar, talking politics and blasphemy. Throw in some profanity which, fortunately, is very rarely considered sinful , and you've got the perfect evening.

Drunkenness and tobacco are fundamental to the lives of some people I know, and many of them are not even in jail for anything. Idolatry is another sin that's hard for some to live without. Idolatry doesn't necessarily relate to graven images or statues of other gods; idolatry is the practice of loving anything or anyone more than you love God.

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For me, the brand names Porsche and Jeep are hard to get past. I do attend church every Sunday morning: My temple of worship is a rectangle at the beach measuring 8 meters by 16 meters and involves the hitting of a synthetic leather ball at other worshippers. And since I cannot honestly say that there are any supernatural deities whom I love more than my own family, idolatry is definitely a sin that I need to commit every minute of every day, as much as I need to draw breath.

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  • Hate and anger are sins in many religions. I don't really hate anyone and I don't get angry very often. About the only thing that gets me angry is when I hear the worst of the bad news from the world: Apparently, the world's major religions think that I should go to hell because those things make me angry. That loses me right me there. I respect the way some of the faithful such as the Amish can overlook thesecrimes and offer loving forgiveness to even the worst criminals, but I prefer to take the label of sinner and be outraged.

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    I don't know how anyone can claim that they don't practice this sin every day, no matter how religious they are. Have you ever told anyone that you can't go somewhere, or can't do something, when the truth is you simply didn't want to? You ever stop talking about someone when they entered the room, to deceive them into thinking you weren't talking about them?

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    This is by God's design, because only when we understand our weakness will we consider relying on the atoning sacrifice of Jesus. Often it seems as if sin is simply the violation of any of God's laws, including the Ten Commandments. Paul, however, puts this in perspective in Romans 3: Even those who have not murdered or committed adultery will find themselves convicted of lying, or of worshipping false idols like wealth or power ahead of God.

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    Tragically, sin in any amount will distance us from God. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. If we claim we have not sinned, we make him out to be a liar and his word has no place in our lives" 1 John 1: What Is Sin - A Call to Repentance The good news in all of this is that, once we recognize ourselves as sinners, we need only to repent and embrace Jesus to be forgiven.