The spread of hours is the times of the day ordinary hours can be worked eg. Show information tailored for me. You do not have javascript enabled. Please select your preferred industry from the links below, to view your tailored content for this section. An employer can request that an employee works reasonable overtime.

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Overtime can be reasonable so long as the following things are taken into account:. It is important that health and safety issues are considered and managed if an employee has to work overtime. A guide to help you consider the health and safety implications of an employee working long hours is available on the Safework Australia website.

Fair Work Act s. Check out our Help resolving workplace issues section for practical advice on:.

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Visitors are warned that this site may inadvertently contain names or pictures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have recently died. Please enable JavaScript on your browser. Translate this page into: You can send out a time stamped email from the office to your boss or leave a note on their desk only if you have a genuine reason to do so, to of course. Or you can suggest your boss starts using time tracking software. It will note the time you arrive and when you leave, so when it comes to your bosses reviewing a week or month of clocked time, they can see the extra hours you have put in.

Only stay late when you have something to be getting on with.

Should I stay or should I go? – Tips on working overtime

At their productivity peak, they naturally feel happier, more creative and excited to complete the tasks. It is even easier to do if you work remotely: As long as you meet your timelines and work quality, your boss should be fine with this. Showing your boss how committed to the company you are is one thing, and may pay back for you. But if you do it too often, in the long term it may hinder your productivity. Studies show that well-rested and happy workers are generally more productive than the overworked ones, working overtime every day.

Productivity is negatively affected by late work hours. Research from IGDA found that: Productivity drops immediately upon starting overtime and continues to drop until, at approximately eight hour weeks. The total work done is the same as what would have been done in eight hour weeks.

Reasonable overtime

This is one reason some companies have set rules about working overtime. If you can get your work done in time, leave work as soon as the clock strikes six. This is a guest post from Rebecca Fox, a business graduate who enjoys writing about office life and productivity for Foxhall Business Centres. This is a brilliant article on such a relevant topic. Some really good points are made! There is no reason to work 12 hours straight for any job.

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  7. Most companies rely on these scare tactics to squeeze the most out of their employees. It becomes counter-productive and shows little value for their employees lives outside the office. When it comes down to it though, the regulations need change in this country.

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    If you are hired to work for 45K a year, those should be your hours and rate of pay. Otherwise overtime pay should kick in. Not to mention the lack of personal and vacation time in this country. I remember my father getting up at 5 AM and not getting home until 7 PM.