The Sons of Zadok

David just trusted God, and that had to be very impressive to Zadok. David then sent Zadok and Abiathar on a mission with their sons, Ahimaaz and Jonathan, to spy for him. That was a big and a dangerous job for those sons—two young men who were likely teenagers, maybe 17 or 18 years old verses This made a good impression on the king. Later we see Ahimaaz, the son of Zadok, receiving quite a commendation from David. A battle ensued as Absalom and most of the Israelites fought against David and his servants.

David took special precautions to ensure Absalom would be spared: David was weak in this situation, and he really needed Joab. But Joab decided to take matters into his own hands. As it turned out, Joab found Absalom, whose long hair had become tangled in the branches of an oak tree. God takes vengeance on that kind of rebellion—and, when the time was right, Joab was going to be punished.

Joab sent Cushi instead. Finally, when Joab relented and let him run, he outran Cushi to tell David the news. He ran because he loved David, just like his father did.

The Sons of Zadok

This was a dark hour for David, at a time when he was a very weak king. But perhaps the messenger would bring good tidings. Notice what David said about Ahimaaz. David knew this son of Zadok, and he called him a good man. From having experience with Zadok close by, David knew this was a loyal young man, running with news of the battle. After the battle was won, David was most of all concerned about Absalom. Absalom was a violent man, and he died violently. But David was devastated to lose him.

Even with the victory, it was a dark time for David. At this time, David was old and getting weak. His son Adonijah seized the opportunity and crowned himself king, and he had a lot of power. David had not trained and challenged his son like he should have. That is the kind of training that Zadok gave his son.

It was in the midst of this betrayal that the character of Abiathar, the other priest who had been loyal to David for so long, was revealed. This is what happened to Abiathar. Abiathar had been with David for a long time. He stayed with David before he became king.

He stayed with him while Saul was chasing them and forcing them to hide in caves and making their lives miserable. But in the end, he lost it all and went with Adonijah. He looked at David as a man only, and decided David was too old to lead them. Abiathar must have been giving David his support on a carnal level only.

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Abiathar appears to have looked only to David the man and not to the God behind him. These men remained faithful!

Zadok’s Son: ‘A Good Man’

Zadok is listed first. This indicates that Zadok had a lot to do with spiritually instructing and directing Benaiah. David taught Zadok, and then Zadok taught Benaiah—this mighty man of David. Nathan came and announced that Adonijah had called a great celebration to confirm his kingship verses Adonijah knew who was loyal to David! He knew exactly where those men stood. David quickly planned a coronation for Solomon: Because of this history!

After David gave these instructions, Benaiah responded in a most inspiring way: This response shows a wonderful perspective: Benaiah, like Zadok, was focused not on a man, but on where God was! God really blessed those men for that spiritually oriented attitude. They had the honor of anointing Solomon king. At that point, the whole situation turned around very rapidly. Later, Benaiah was given an important job.

Adonijah was given a chance to live, but he rebelled again and deserved to die. Joab, too, needed to be executed for some of the things he had done. Once Solomon became king, he directed Benaiah to kill both of these men.

Before Zadok Became a Priest

Do you see gutsy men like this in Israel today? When David was a teenager, he slew a lion and a bear, and then Goliath. Benaiah followed that example and fought against great odds. This is the kind of warrior you would want on your side! That may seem incongruous. But the fact is that it took great faith to do such mighty deeds.

God has called us to be spiritual soldiers. We are here to take on the worst Goliath of all time: We must be fit for this spiritual battle. This history is specifically for us. When we see men like David, Zadok and Benaiah, it helps us realize how much more valiant we need to be, physically and spiritually, in this battle! We must learn to war and fight like these tough soldiers who had faith in God and who really loved each other.

God is telling us He wants us to be tougher. We need to become warriors like Zadok and Benaiah and their sons. We can have their kind of courage because, like them, we have the unlimited power of God behind us! He was looking to God! He knew this was required of him in order to further the cause of a ruler of Israel, and he simply believed God. That valiant, faith-filled attitude enabled him to accomplish some amazing things. The Laodiceans will have to spill their blood just to make it into the Kingdom of God! We must fight to do spiritual battle every day. We have to fight to remain faithful to the great God.

We have to fight to get our prayer in. Never allow that to happen.

Sons of Zadok-144k, Levites-Multitide, Priests in Millennial Temple

As Paul wrote in 1 Timothy 6: The king was old, near death. He had almost lost the kingdom twice to his own sons, Absalom and Adonijah, whom he loved in spite of their rebellion. Here, with a lot of intensity, David gave Solomon some crucial parting wisdom: Show yourself a man and keep the commandments of God! That was the reason David had been successful, and his servants were successful: This is how to show yourself a real man.

If you men want to be masculine, this is how to do it—for real, not a phony Hollywood-type manliness. This is where our young men will get their masculinity. If you follow it, you will prosper and achieve astounding exploits! He is the one doing all of this, not any man. And the times are so urgent. We need to be loyal, tough, faithful, mighty servants of God who can rule with Him and show this world how to solve its problems. If God had left David, they would have too, it seems. In 1 Kings 2: That was a wonderful job, giving him the opportunity to serve right there beside David.

Before, Abiathar had that job, but he had to be kicked out. Zadok was loyal throughout, though, and he was given the chief seat and the authority to direct all the ministers. God is grooming royal priests today for His Kingdom tomorrow. His people have a tremendous and exciting calling! Zadok also had other relatives who were dedicated and accomplished great things. You do have to do a lot of praying to really be strengthened by God.

And he did that which was right in the sight of the Lord: Here was a mother who, just as the Proverbs instruct, taught her son how to be king. And God bestowed additional honor on that faithful priest by attaching his name to an inspiring prophecy.

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  4. But look at verses They shall enter into my sanctuary, and they shall come near to my table, to minister unto me, and they shall keep my charge. What a wonderful honor it is to be called a loyal son of Zadok in this end time! Ezekiel 40 talks about a chamber in that temple whose prospect is toward the north. That chamber is for the priests, whom God calls the sons of Zadok among the sons of Levi. God says, Only the sons of Zadok are going to come near to me. This is the honor that awaits the sons of Zadok today! You can read more about this in our free booklets The Key of David and Ezekiel: Jeremiah was the ultimate son of Zadok.

    Such, there is Rabbinic documentary that describe the future high priest from the sons of Zadok as having certain priorities, or at least being equal to the future Jewish Messiah King. Torah study to Samuel 1 2: From the detail listed in Ezekiel regarding the future inauguration by the sons of Zadok of the altar of burnt offering in the Third Temple, the type of animal listed is a bull Ezekiel The sons of Zadok are noted by Ezekiel as acting on the primary services in the Third Temple, mainly the handling and sacrificing of fat and blood of sacrifices and organizing the showbread.

    And the priests the Levites, sons of Zadok.. And they will stand before me to bring to me fat and blood so speaks the word of God, They will come to my Temple and they will come close to my table to serve me and they will guard my watch interests. Jonathan Eybeschutz explains the prophetic choosing of the words "fat and blood" to describe the sons of Zadok's actions as symbolizing the union of spirituality and physicality, as opposed to using the word mincha offering which usually connotes a vegetable offering. Additionally, the choice of the words "they will come close to my table to serve me", noting that the table is placed to the North side of the Temple, symbolizes monetary control as per common Kaballah teaching that north is synonymous with monetary issue without concern of the sons of Zadok falling to temptation of Bribery and similar monetary injustices Ahavath Yonathan to Haftarah Emor reading in Leviticus.

    The sons of Zadok are instructed to don priestly clothing exclusively made of linen when performing Temple service, and to refrain entirely from using wool , commonly used in the standard priestly sash. With their coming to the entryways of the inner court, clothes of linen they should wear and they should not don themselves wool in their service within the entryways of the inner court.

    Displays Hats of Linen will be on their heads and pants of linen will be on their loins -they should not girdle where they sweat. And when they exit to the outer court to the nation they should remove their clothes with which they serve and leave them in the holy chambers and don other clothes Some Mekubalim teachers of Kabbala reason that the spiritual source of the Sons of Zadok is that of the sitra of Cain In the Kabbalah Cain's soul belongs to the Sitra Ahara , the demonic side , [18] where Cain's spiritual source will be elevated to goodness in the messianic era , and therefore are instructed to don linen for the temple service -as it was the fruit of the linen crop that Cain chose to sacrifice to God.

    Ezekiel 44 prohibits "priests, Levites, sons of Zadok" from certain marriages;. They must not marry widows or divorced women; they may marry only virgins of Israelite descent or widows of priests. The stipulation that a priest is forbidden from marrying a divorcee is already known from Leviticus However, the inclusion of forbidding a widow, which was usually permitted to a priest if not the high priest, is a subject of Rabbinic debate.

    The Talmud Bavli reads that the earlier part of Ezekiel 44 relates to the sons of Zadok, whereas This explanation is echoed by the Malbim , Jonathan Eibshitz, and other commentators who see the future status of the sons of Zadok in a Third Temple as quasi-high priests. Jonathan Eybeschutz explains that the widow of a priest is instructed by Ezekiel to marry another priest so as not be demoted from eating terumah , but she is nonetheless forbidden from marrying the sons of Zadok.

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    Along with his view, others explain that since the sons of Zadok are ordered by Ezekiel to be active in the Torah instruction of the Kohanim , the need to have a positive public image is crucial and marrying a widow may cause gossip and rumor that the Zadokite priest had transgressed forbidden relationships in Judaism [20] Similarly, there is the concern that the widow of a non-priest was initially a divorcee, and over time this fact was forgotten, whereas the widow of a priest is likely not a divorcee since all priests are forbidden from marrying divorcees.

    As well, the wording of Ezekiel directs the Zadokite priest to marry a virgin , as he is to maintain a disposition of peace. Others understand the ending part of the verse to concern the Sons of Zadok as well i. The Chasam Sofer reasons that only the widow of the priest is permitted to the ons of Zadok since the purity marital integrity level of the former wife of a priest is of greater quality than that of the standard daughter of Israel. And the priests, the Levites, the sons of Zadok..

    And on quarrels they should stand to judge using my justice and judge him. And my Law and my statutes in all my feasts they should guard and my sabbaths they should sanctify.

    Sons of Zadok

    The appointment of the sons of Zadok to teach the law appears to be redundant to the standard portrayal of the priest as instructor;. And God spoke to Aaron saying.. Other Hebrew Bible verses direct the priest to be judges at Torah law, to be involved with curing skin disease , the law of the anonymous murder victim see Shoftim parsha , and Sotah justice. Although these items are expounded on by Chazal , [26] there is not an absolute Chazalic directive that requires the Kohanim to busy themselves with monetary justice.

    Chaim Yosef David Azulai , based on the writings of Samson ben Pesah Ostropoli , explains that the sons of Zadok are required to commit to judging monetary disputes, and are divinely blessed with an inherent ability to conquer the negative attribute of forgetfulness and to judge truthfully. Commentators explain that the Zadokite priests are told to guard the Sabbath since they are permitted to do certain activities prohibited on Shabbat due to sacrificial activity that override Shabbat in the Temple, there is concern that they may come to do so outside the Temple Meir Leibush ben Yehiel Michal on Ezekiel An additional concern is due to their requirement to engage in judicial activity they may transgress Shabbat by writing down item that pertain to law and order.

    The Mekubalim , Kabbalah mystics, note that in the Messianic era the concept of nightfall and darkness will cease, thus no visual indication of the start of Shabbat will be present as Shabbat typically begins at sunset , thus the sons of Zadok will be responsible for indicating to the nation of Israel the precise start time of sanctifying Shabbat. Due to the sons of Zadok performing the altar of burnt offering services of the Third Temple, a specified chamber is apportioned to them as per the architectural detail laid out by Ezekiel.

    The verse describes one unique aspect of this chamber compared to the other chambers in the aspect that its entry-point faces North as opposed to the other chambers opening towards South. Torah commantators describe that since the Zadokite priests are given the duties of the altar of burnt offering, therefore their chamber is situated at the South of the ramp leading up to the Mizbeach, with the entry and exit to their chamber facing North, thereby allowing them easy and direct access to this ramp Meir Leibush ben Yehiel Michal on Ezekiel The text in Ezekiel does not however, detail the size of this chamber nor describe if it is apportioned to multiple rooms in itself or if it is one large room.

    As per the prophetic vision of Ezekiel regarding the divisions of the Land of Israel to the Twelve tribes of Israel and to the Messiah , the apportioning of a swath of land to the Sons of Zadok around the Temple Mount is mentioned. The measurement of this area is specified as 4, kanns The kann measurement of Ezekiel is described as six amahs , with each amah consisting of six tefachs beginning from the southern end of the Temple Mount heading South and from the opposite edge of the Temple Mount leading North, 12, kanns leading West and likewise to the East.

    This portion of the sons of Zadok is included in the 25, by 25, kanns that are to be given the greater Tribe of Levi with the greater tribe of Levi including Kohanim as well Ezezkiel chapters 45 and Rav Hai Gaon , in a letter-document sent to the Priests of Djerba see also Beit Knesset Kohanim HaDintreisa , describes multiple personality aspects to be used in identifying genuine Kohanim. Hai Gaon, in his letter, describes the character traits of the Kohanim sons of Zadok as such;. Any Kohen complete in his ways, exceptional is his path, and straight in his actions, who rises and lingers in the Beit Knessets and Beit medrashs and guards himself from every evil thing and every impure thing -this is from the sons of Zadok the Kohen..

    Commonly known Rabbinic kohanim of Zadokite lineage include the Tanna Eleazar ben Azariah , noted as being of tenth generation lineage to Ezra. Rabbinic literature indicates that there were numerous priestly families of Zadokite lineage - amongst them David HaKohain Bar Isha, who upon the Spanish expulsion in , emigrated to the town of Debdou in Morocco - a town purported to have consisted of a large population of Jewish priests. The idea of a literal fulfillment of Ezekiel's Third Temple in Jerusalem is an idea shared between some schools of Judaism and some millennial or adventist Protestants.

    The sons of Zadok are privileged to come near to the Lord to minister to Him. In the kingdom age, the descendants of Zadok become the personal ministers to Jesus the Messiah and His prince,". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The ten gifts given in the Temple 1.

    Communal peace offering 4. Leftovers from the suspensive guilt offering 6. Oil from the offering for the leper 7. Leftovers of the meal offering