Swimming With Crocodiles

Included in their packages are swimming with whale sharks, cenote diving and diving in Xcalak manatees and tarpon fish. Check out their itineraries and decide which one of their amazing trips is the one for you.

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  5. Swimming with wild Saltwater Crocodiles in Mexico. Would you?!
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You can also book your croc experience and Yucatan trip with dive companies who offer this service. We joined Dive Ninja Expedition croc trip which they run annually another company that runs these trips yearly is Big Animal Expeditions. Is it dangerous to swim with crocs in Banco Chinchorro?

Picture by Dive Ninja Expeditions. Why swim with crocodiles?

Is it dangerous to swim with crocs in Banco Chinchorro?

Click to get your own GTS rash vest. What type of crocodiles are they? How close do you get? How can I swim with crocs? You will also like. Crocodile diving is unique, and we want you to enjoy every second of your experience, with you bringing home the images and memories you have always dreamed of. We sleep in hammocks, - they also have two cots, in case hammocks are not your thing. This is a rustic camping style setting, we bring everything we need with us from Xcalak, including an amazing chef.

The evenings here are quiet, with a beautiful breeze and a great view of the sunsets and sunrises. Some days they show up early to play, other days, it takes a while before they arrive.

Swimming with the crocs

Our dive will be at, ' La Poza. Our second option for a dive will be spent seeking out the elusive mermaids. Manatees seasonally migrate through the area. They are much harder to find, but if we find one, it will be a great way to end an amazing big animal adventure.

JAWS! Swimming with Gators!

Thank you for your interest in our Crocodile Diving Expedition. We will send you more information on this trip.

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  • Swimming with wild Saltwater Crocodiles in Mexico. Would you? - Scuba Diving Website for Women.
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    Croccove | Cage of Death

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