EDGE: Seven Out Of Hell (Edge series Book 8)

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Montana Melodrama by George G.

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Hell's 7 (Edge , book 8) by George G Gilman

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I bought it for the narrator. Bray is very good, but narration and good production can't save writing this bad. Would you listen to Galaxy's Edge again?

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The time flew by listening to this. What did you like best about this story? The writing was top-notch, and Bray's portrayal of Keel in part two was wonderful. Which scene was your favorite? Ravi and Keel's first appearance. If you were to make a film of this book, what would the tag line be? The galaxy is a dumpster fire. After debating with myself about this book I decided to try it.

Sorry, I gave up comic books long ago! Even RCB could not save this rather childish effort. As always his narration is spot on but the material is weak. The mindless introspections went on for pages and pages I had to fast forward through a lot of it. I almost put it aside but managed to power through to the end. Some introspection is needed to develop a character but this went way beyond what was necessary This is a hard one for me to review.

At the time I did not realise it was two books, so I was really enjoying the book then it jumped to seven years later and I did not recognise the characters and I just felt lost. I kept waiting to hear from Legionnaire Sergeant Cohen Chhun. I enjoyed it once I did a quick search on the book and found out it was more than one book. There is a series and this is the first two. So the first book is set on one world with one group of legionnaires.

The second book or 7 years later. They are on a collision course with each other. This book we see a lot more of the universe or at lease a few different planets. Bray I always enjoy his voice! I enjoyed the story very much, once I understood it was a second book. Very well narrated story which is similar to Star Wars. I'll look for the next episode. RC Bray a friend pointed out to me that you could make microwave instructions enigmatic, awesome job as always.

The story is ok, a good pulp fiction story. The occasional interesting twist. Please don't do an Arisen and over play this. A proper space opera! Very good aspects of a thriller, military sci-fi and science fiction a-la Lee Child, Michael Stephen Fuchs and Alastair Reynolds respectively.

Bray does a wonderful job too. An interesting story, some interesting characters with potential for further development. I enjoyed the gritty darkness of this universe. Both are complete in themselves, the second set decades after the first, but there are links between them.

Seven Out of Hell

From the very first moment of the first book, the reader is thrown into the middle of the action and it just keeps on going to the end. But emerging from the fast, furious and deadly are the personalities of one closely knit unit of leggionaires from Victory company, so alive, so three dimensional, they quickly become people to care about, just as they care for, and protect, each other as they try to defend the interests of the Republic who's bad judgement sent them there in the first place. Book two has moved forward in time and the new leggionaires are not what they used to be.

Instead we follow the activities of bounty hunters, one very old loner with a terrifying reputation, the second a charasmatic space pirate, his hologram navigator and several unsavoury, if amusing friends. And one little girl who wants vengeance on the man who murdered her daddy. More stunning and original action as different strands come together to culminate in a climactic ending. And lots of humour woven into the mahem from these technicolour characters. The whole double helping of S. Bray, whose reading first person in book one, varying in the second is consistently clear, with perfectly balanced intonation and involvement without ever distracting from the story with over indulgent excitement.

Instead, he allows the story to tell itself, the individual characters always clearly distinguishable, one from another, with voices which perfectly matched their personalities.

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Voice acting at it's best and which makes an already superb story even better. If you enjoy science fiction, you've got to get this. This gripped me immediately. It's the beginning of an epic military Sci Fi saga. I wish I had listened to it sooner. RC Bray nails it as usual. Already downloaded the next installment. Really impressed by the storyline and subplots. Great story delivered by amazing R. One of the best books i have listened in while.

Honestly, I wasn't expecting much from this book as the premise sounds like so many other generic sci-fi stories that are written mainly as an indulgence to the author rather than for the enjoyment of the reader. BUT it became clear within the first few chapters that this was not the case for this story. The author has a masterful way of gripping the reader in the very grit and detail of each situation, to the point where I swear I could feel the grit on my face in the Kublar desert or hear the deep cracks of the combat sled guns firing, even the claustrophobia inside the legionnaires helmets.

The story lines were fairly standard but they are so well portrayed that I couldn't stop reading at all, like my own survival depended on the next movement of whichever character we were following. I love this author's style and can't wait to read more of it, of course with RC Bray's legendary performance skills. I just hope the author has enough tricks up his sleeve to not let the storyline get too complicated in future as the scenario unfolding at the end of this book is on mind-boggling scale, readers could easily lose track of what's going on I think.

Well written, good value and RC Bray is awesome as ever.

However wont win any awards for originality. Character's and story are heavily recycled from other mainstream sci fi.