Niall Horan: 125 Facts You Need To Know!

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Top 10 Facts about One Direction’s Niall Horan

Return to Book Page. Preview — Niall Horan by Jessica Stewart. Discover Amazing facts and secrets about Superstar Niall Horan! Do you know everything there is to know about Niall Horan?

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In Facts You Need to Know about Niall, author and Directioner Jessica Stewart brings you fantastic facts about your favorite hearthrob, including: What he looks for in a girl What his life was like before the fame His weird hobbies and ha Discover Amazing facts and secrets about Superstar Niall Horan! Find out if you're a true Directioner! Kindle Edition , 23 pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Niall Horan , please sign up.

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Interview: Eye to eye with Niall Horan.

Love it I love to always know more facts about niall but most of these things because he is so awesome like his favorite color green saga same as mine. These performances have given fans the chance to witness the album in a live setting, where it truly comes to life, complete with custom lighting spelling out his initials, and vintage rugs that give his performance a cozy, living-room ambience. This will have felt not unlike to a hometown show, as Horan lives just a twenty-minute drive from the venue. His Californian musical influence felt fitting for the outdoor theatre, surrounded by the tall native trees inside Griffith Park - and the show itself was just as captivating as his performance in Auckland two months prior.

At the Auckland fan event, he again noted the similarities between New Zealand and Ireland, and took immense joy when a fan asked him about the next Rugby World Cup, a passion very close to his heart in an interview with us in , Horan incorrectly predicted that year's final would be New Zealand vs. Horan darts excitedly over to his dressing room's bathroom, where he picks up bottles that are immaculately laid out by the sink, and recites the product brands and titles aloud to me.

The ordinariness of this moment recalled a conversation I had earlier with Morris about the humanity of celebrity. With a whole year of touring and new experiences under his belt, as well as a desire to write about experiences outside of his own life, Horan has every opportunity to create another musical hole-in-one to rival his first.

At any given moment, there are tens of millions of fans across the world wondering what Horan is doing, with their social media profiles and mobiles set to alert them of any real-time updates when they happen, as they happen - their imaginations running wild, and to faraway places. The reality is that Horan might be noodling on a guitar, lighting a candle in his dressing room, listening to a Spotify playlist, picking up a dropped water bottle, or chatting with friends at a pub.

Your soundcheck with fans earlier was great! You mentioned that although you've been to New Zealand before, you have never had a chance to properly explore Auckland. Is that one of the challenges of touring at this level of commercial success?

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Yeah, that was the case for all of the One Direction years. Rather than just a hotel room? As fun as it was going to all these places, to go and do shows, it was kind of sad we never got to see any of it. He basically lives in New Zealand. Your album's title track 'Flicker' is really sad, but there's optimism in the line, "Still a flicker of hope that you first gave to me. Definitely full, I think.

You have to be. It has such a beautiful sentiment to it, especially the lines: That was probably a third of the reason why I wrote a line like that. Yeah I've had it in relationships where they're fine with me and then they go and are around other people and were a completely different person, which I found very strange. But yeah, there are people doing that under the veil of social media, as you say, and feel like they have to make friends by being someone else, which should definitely not be the thing. Did it add a layer of difficulty though, recording that way?

Obviously normally people record every instrument alone to make it sound perfect. It definitely takes longer, there's no doubt about that, but I prefer it that way. I'd rather it sound as live as you can get it without it sounding like it's a gig. It was very important to me to do that, and the band who played on it were phenomenal and it was just really cool. It was like playing at a gig but just recording it into the computer or whatever and onto an unbelievable desk. It was just a really interesting experience and something that I'd never done before and something that probably doesn't happen a lot in music anymore, but, it should happen.

It's great and it's a really cool thing to be able to do. What was running through your mind while writing that? I was 17 to years-old, travelling the world What draws you to these kinds of ideas for songwriting? A lot of it was personal experience, especially in 'Fire Away'. And in 'Mirrors' it was kind of like what we were talking about, having to try and make friends and not being happy within yourself.

It wasn't a personal experience of mine, it was something that I'd made up, but I know it resonates with a lot of young girls out there and just people in general that are struggling with that kind of thing - you go back to your room, and you're hiding yourself from the world because you don't want them to see the real you, which again, shouldn't be the case. It was just a line that came to me, and in my head it's a very picture-driven song.

You can literally picture everything that's being said and you can visualise exactly what's going on. Like in the opening verse there's a girl going up the stairs and into her room and hiding in her room - it's kind of a little bit dark, but that's the way I visualise it. It's interesting that when you're writing these lyrics, you can visualise the world in which they live.

You kind of take yourself to But just someone going into their room, slamming their door, and being unhappy about something, that's the kind of visual aspect I went to. I think my next album will be more of that actually. Because a lot of this album was driven from personal experiences and heartache and stuff like that. But I don't have that at the moment, so I think a lot more will just be going out and writing songs, and trying to write good songs, instead of being stuck on one particular concept. The album kind of turned out to be a concept album because it was about one particular thing, so I do think that the next time will be a little bit different.

And what gave me that idea was, I heard Sam Smith, who's a good friend of mine, I heard him saying in an interview he did recently that he feels weird singing these songs now that are on this album because he's not heartbroken anymore. He's singing about stuff that makes him sad, but he's not sad anymore, so he does find it funny.