Fading in Darkness: Empire of Blood Book Two (A Dystopian Vampire Novel)

An Empire of Blood Novella. I'm still rather far off from my goal, so if it sounds at all interesting any dollar amount pledged would be a big help.

Release Day: “THE OTHERS” by Robert S. Wilson (One-Night Stands) – Perpetual Motion Machine

In case it doesn't get funded I have a contingency plan for the limited edition novella to still get produced and along with it other perks could be acquired. But it would mean that it would likely take me longer to get these things done. Along with that news, I should mention that Shining in Crimson: Empire of Blood Book One is FREE for Kindle today Sunday May 27th for those who come across the Kickstarter and do not know about the series and are interested in giving it a try and of course anyone else who would like to give it a read.

So just in case you couldn't find the link to the Kickstarter in the last post Empire of Blood Book Two and more In this second installment in the Empire of Blood series, Hank Evans is headed back to Necropolis, but this time he won't be running for his life Tensions between the American Empire and the vampires of Necropolis have risen to an all time high. With the Emperor threatening Toby's life, Hank's new position as the mediator has just been unofficially upgraded to Imperial spy.

Fading in Darkness

But his internal thirst for revenge and newfound sense of purpose can't stay hidden forever. Hank must now find a way to release the hold the Emperor has over him in order to fight back. But an unexpected struggle will put him at odds with who he really is and who he has yet to truly become. By donating to this project you get the opportunity to receive an early ebook copy of the upcoming novel, Fading in Darkness: Empire of Blood Book Two as well as the choice of some special prizes including an exclusive limited edition hardcover novella and interactive placement in the story itself.

Or you can even have an Empire of Blood story written and bound just for you.

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In the beginning he was the hunted View all 3 comments. Sep 02, Richard Flores IV rated it it was amazing. This is a page turned of a novel. Be prepared to sit down and put hours of reading in, because you won't want to stop reading this book. The great thing about this novel is that the story line keeps a strong pace, the characters are excellent, the prose is well done, and the story is outstanding.

Hank is back and he is prepared to take on the Empire, he just doesn't know where or how to start. But as he goes along the story, he quickly learns he may not be as prepared as he thought he was.

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This b This is a page turned of a novel. This being the second in a series there are obviously strong ties to the first book, but you could read this book as a stand alone in it's own right. That is what makes this book even better in my opinion. The story of this book is so complete in itself that it stands out from the series. All and all I think Wilson has a great series on his hands. The first book was excellent and this book was amazing. I am looking forward to the third.

Jun 02, Heather rated it it was amazing Shelves: I love this series. It's a very well written and thought out dystopian novel.

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The vampires in these books are not the glittering warrior pretty boys we have become used too. These character's have a story to tell. Its a great fast paced novel. A nice change from books that follow a predictable formula. This book is the second in the series. The first book starts off with a very religious America where a minor crime can send you to Las Vegas which is run by vampires yes, you are the food. Our he I love this series. Our hero is trying escape and get back to his son. There is more to the tale Hard book to put down.

Release Day: “THE OTHERS” by Robert S. Wilson (One-Night Stands)

I usually would have had a book like this finished in a few days but had been very busy and tired. My only complaint is that I have to wait for the third book to come out.

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Nov 21, Mark Lewis rated it it was amazing. You need to hurry and finish Rising in Ashes, Bob! Dec 15, Bill rated it really liked it.

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  5. This middle part of the Empire of Blood series features some new characters, lots more backstory for some of the familiar characters, new information about the Empire and Emperor Joseph Caesar, and a big surprise at the conclusion. The character of Hank Evans continues to develop and gains a lot of knowledge about the destiny he's facing.

    I like it when a book is able to surprise me, and this one did a couple times! Looking forward to the final installment! Jan 20, John R. Hello, this is quite the interesting story. Very well written and entertaining to read. You can't hardly find a good vampire story any more. What is the deal with that? This is a real vampire story. Chucky rated it it was amazing Mar 13, Brandice rated it liked it Mar 30, Marsda2 rated it it was amazing Jun 25, Angie Garcia rated it it was amazing Apr 02, Jo rated it liked it Nov 21, Kathryn Duffett rated it liked it May 01, Joshua rated it liked it Sep 19, Natalia Pawlowska rated it it was amazing Jul 09, Bonnie Oday rated it really liked it Jun 29,