Christmas With My Prince

Amber is reluctant to reveal the truth, as it would deeply hurt Richard, but decides to tell him during a walk; he kisses her instead, and she realizes she is in love with him. At the same time, a suspicious Sophia and Simon search Amber's room, discovering not only her true identity but Richard's adoption certificate.

At the Christmas Eve Ball, Richard prepares to be crowned, only for Sophia to reveal his adoption and Amber's true identity. Simon asserts himself as next in line for the throne as Richard storms off and rebuffs a repentant Amber's apologies, and she tearfully leaves the palace. The queen reveals to Richard that she adopted him after being told she could not have children, and that she regretted not telling him sooner, but that she and the king considered him their true son.

The two reconcile, and Richard promises to not let Simon win the throne so easily. Simon marries Sophia, but learns he cannot be crowned until the queen is available to preside over the ceremony. Meanwhile, Amber suspects that she can prove Richard is the rightful king based on clues from his father's poem.

She is allowed back into the palace and unearths a secret proclamation in a Christmas ornament made by the king which declares Richard as the rightful heir.

My Christmas Prince

Amber carries the document to the official chamber where Simon is being crowned, and she intervenes in time for Richard to be crowned instead, quietly slipping out of Aldovia afterwards. Back home, Amber's story on Richard is refused for being a puff piece.

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In anger, she quits the magazine, deciding to blog about the true Richard instead. Her blog becomes popular and eventually gains the attention of Richard himself.

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Amber spends New Year's Eve at her father's diner, where Richard surprises her and proposes to her, and she happily accepts. On May 18, , a sequel was announced, titled A Christmas Prince: It was released on Netflix on November 30, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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A Christmas Prince Film poster. Lifetime's My Christmas Prince: Retrieved March 8, Retrieved May 20, Films directed by Alex Zamm.

The only explanation I have is that they had some pretty intense sexts a night or two before and Samantha deleted the whole text thread out of morning embarrassment. Another common problem, but still: The main conflict in this movie is that after Samantha finds out that Alexander is a prince, she seems uncomfortable with all of the media attention they receive.

Seriously, what is the big deal?

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This reporter and photographer would have been at the local gingerbread competition anyway. Alexander fairly calmly explains that he has no idea why this random girl from Madelvia was sent to her town, and agrees that it was pretty weird. Girl, this is not hard. If anything, this moment makes it explicitly clear that she does not have what it takes to be a member of any royal family. So this one takes a bit of context, but for the love of bad Christmas movies, I cannot wrap my head around it. So the insane, controlling queen sent Felicia, her secretary, to Maple Falls either to watch over Alex or try to bring him home — her purpose is never entirely clear.

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And then the most inexplicable thing in the world happens: Getting him to see her is the whole point! How is that possibly a better plan? I literally would never have, in a million years, assumed that there were any international flights from Maple Falls, and yet this film makes the incomprehensible decision to force us to believe that not only is the Maple Falls, Wyoming airport international, but it also offers flights to tiny Luxembourg-esque countries.

Why would they ever include that line?

Was it just to infuriate me? The scene shows them dressed up in full royal regalia, waltzing around a vast empty room with no furniture, only Christmas trees.

What is going on here? First of all, why are they dancing in an empty room in the middle of the day which we know, because the establishing shot was full-on daylight? What is this room with zero furniture? There is nothing to indicate diegetic sound.