The Patriarch (House of Shah Book 1)

Jalaluddin Muhammad Shah

Ignatius Zakka I Iwas Syriac: Also known by his traditional episcopal name, Severios , he was enthroned as patriarch on 14 September in St. George's Patriarchal Cathedral in Damascus. As is traditional for the head of the church, Mor Severios adopted the name Ignatius. Zakka was known for his involvement in ecumenical dialogue.

He was a president of the World Council of Churches [2] and also a prolific author.

Politics and Nation

He was an observer at Second Vatican Council before becoming metropolitan bishop of Mosul. At the time of his election as patriarch, Mor Severios Zakka was serving as the archbishop of Baghdad and Basra.

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He celebrated his Silver Jubilee in Iwas was admitted to a hospital in Germany for angioplasty on 20 February and died on 21 March Sanharib Iwas was born on 21 April in Mosul , Iraq. In , he began his theological studies in the city's Mor Ephrem seminary. At the seminary, his birth name was replaced by the name Zakka.

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There, in , he was ordained as a deacon with the rank of Reader. In the year , he was promoted to the rank of subdeacon. The following year saw Iwas take monastic vows. In he was promoted to the rank of full deacon.

In , he pursued further study in New York City. There, he studied oriental languages and completed a master's degree in English at the City University and a further master's in pastoral theology at the General Theological Seminary.

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  8. In and , Rabban Zakka was delegated by the patriarch as an observer at Second Vatican Council. The next year, during renovation work on the sanctuary wall of the metropolitan church in Mosul, what were reputed to be the remains of the Apostle Thomas were found. In , Mor Severios transferred to be archbishop of Baghdad and Basra. Nine years later, he was given additional responsibility for the new diocese of Australia. George's Patriarchal Cathedral in Damascus , Syria. His full titulary is:.

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    Patriarch Zakka, was involved in ecumenical dialogue and served as the president of the World Council of Churches. Due to his efforts, the Chalcedonian schism is not seen to have great relevance any more and, from dialogue with the Roman pope , a reconciling declaration emerged that stated, in part:. Zakka was a member of different Eastern and Western Academies and authored a number of books on Christian education, theology, history, and culture in Syriac and the Arabic and English languages.

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    Ephrem The Syrian, at Marrat Saidnaya. The youth follows his karma to establish the first merchant banking house in India as its Patriarch. The story is an action adventure.

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