The Sinners- The Boxed Set

This 8-disc Blu-ray box set includes all seven movies in the series in Japanese audio with both English and Japanese subtitles. Special features include Final Chapter: The Garden of Sinners and a "Pre-show Reminder" short video for each movie. This product can be shipped worldwide. This product cannot be shipped to the following countries due to copyright and other region restrictions: Have a question, request, or need help? Unfortunately, this product is currently out of stock.

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Free Shipping for First-Time Customers. Notify Me When Restocked. The Garden of Sinners. Shipping Info Where Can it Ship? This product is eligible for Free Standard Shipping. Let me tell you I wanted to keep reading. Not sure which book I liked best but if I had to pick one it was Jackson and serenity's book. So much emotions in that book. Looking forward to reading the next generations of Sinners. Jun 27, Danielle Collins rated it it was amazing.

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What an awesome series! I loved this series and the way that the writer describes each character. I will truly be saddened if there is no other books to follow this series since there are s till other characters that I would love to read about! May 20, Chris Murray rated it it was amazing. I Love These Bikers l love the loyalty, the family, the hot Steamy sex.

And all in a box set. I already had them as separated but to get to re-read the stories and get the surprise ending it is well worth. I can't wait for the next mini series. May 26, Madison rated it it was amazing. Was a bit unsure before I got the books, but just got it anyway and I was hooked. Each book was so interesting with different story lines. Would love a bikers babies book to continue the story on! Please, can't let go of these characters yet!

Aug 22, Heather andrews rated it it was amazing. Raw, gritty and totally in love with this series! Addi's dad comes off a bit well strong, "ever disrespect me in my club again, I'll punish you. Don't effin' speak to me like that again. Cade now that boy is no boy at all but a man ladies he's just so HOT, like make you drop your panties hot, and you can instantly tell there is a connection between Addi and him, "you're safe here, you know that right?

Whatever you're running from, it can't touch you here. I've never wanted inside a girl as much as I want inside you. I protect what's mine. You know what that means; you treat her with the upmost effin' respect, and if you don't I'll eff you up. God I'm not sure what to say about that boy but he damn sure gave me whiplash and was like a PMSing woman at times I tell you what.

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Your man is lookin' for you, and he ain't happy. Don't even effin' dare to open those pretty lips and smart mouth me. We were the best of friends, and you knew I had feelings there, yet you still chose to use me to get to my sister. Don't stand there and pretend you didn't know what you were doing. You effed me, you took my virginity, all to get back at her. But these two are so damn pigheaded it's not funny. I'll leave you raw and not effin' walkin'.

Ain't none of your effin' business what I'm about to say, and considerin' you ain't my Old Lady, you don't get a right to argue it.

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I'll be up later. Jackson I loved him just as much as Cade and Spike, "it ain't every day a man gets a nice view like that to come home to. Don't you worry about it, made my effin' day. You had one crappy sexual experience, that was years ago, so basically that was like your first time.

Men are allowed to help. Stop arguing and let me. I grind my jaw. Eff, it's been a long time since I've had a woman wank me. It's usually something I don't accept, hell I can do it myself. It was so good to see the gang again and I sure missed them. Cade and Addison I loved those two, it was great that they're still going on strong: Aug 17, Kellys Reading rated it it was amazing. Absolutely loved this series! I wasn't sure when I first started this boxed set if I would like it.

How can you not live hot, badass bikers and girls with sass! Jun 08, Karen Voitik rated it really liked it. This box set includes three full length novels and a novella. Each novel has an HEA. Addison was taken from Jackson by her prostitute, druggy mother. Addison grew up sexually and physically abused. Her early memories are hard to read. Addison is hard to like at first.

Even with all the sympathy you feel towards her, she is cruel and cold towards everyone. The attraction between Cade and Addison heat up and explode as Jasper finds Addison again. As Addison turns to Cole, her relationship with Jackson is thawing. Seeing rough Jackson try and show love to Addison is so sweet. Both blame each other and themselves for the tragedy. She used to be best friends with Spike until her married her sister. All the fighting is tiresome. Spike is a nice guy. How he was tricked into loving Cheyenne and ignoring Ciara is not clear, nor do his actions really get explained.

He overhears Ciara telling Cheyenne she can have him and he never thinks to talk about that to Ciara?

Sinners MC Collection Boxed Set by Bella Jewel

They talked all the time. An unknown girl, Serenity, shows up badly beaten. Jackson takes her in and falls for her. He is 15 years older than her, but the relationship still works. How someone in love could share their significant other with another, is beyond my ken. The scene was very hot, but caused the relationship between Jackson and Serenity to feel shallow.

This was the ending to the evil that has followed Jackson and his MC throughout all three books.

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I really enjoyed the jump to the future with all the children now grown and interacting with each other. There were so many, I had to keep remembering whose kid was whose. I hope a second generation of books are in the works. I am giving the set 4 stars. May 19, Kim rated it it was ok Shelves: My review only has to do with the "bonus" part of the book as I had previously read all the books, including 3. Firstly, it's annoying that you have to purchase the whole set again to get the bonus stuff, some of us have been loyal and read each book as it's been released!!! Also Thanksgiving Dinner - they all My review only has to do with the "bonus" part of the book as I had previously read all the books, including 3.

Also Thanksgiving Dinner - they all rode over and nobody had a car - that doesn't make sense - you need to cover your tracks!! Tell me how all the kids - Skye and Ava got there?? Because I'm sure it says "Cade is nursing his daughter who is clawing at him to try and let her down, and Jackson has Ava by the hand" as they are walking into Spike and Ciara's house. Some of the stories were good, but since it was a series I felt they were all the same story with different characters.

This was the first biker series I read and I am a huge fan of Bella Jewel but these fell short for me. Way too much eroticism for me. I liked how all the stories mentioned past characters it was a family of familiar characters through out the series. Some of the sex was too over the top and it felt like she was trying to out do one book after the other. She was trying to bring Some of the stories were good, but since it was a series I felt they were all the same story with different characters.

She was trying to bring a new element of fetish to each new story but I got sick of it. At times I would laugh at its absurdity. Glad I did not purchase individually. It read better as a series. Glad I read it so I could full fill my curiosity for biker books. I will continue to read any other story by Bella Jewel except for these biker books.

May 22, Jackie rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed this series! Cade and Addison's story was good, Spike and Ciara's was my favorite of the three, and Jackson and Serenity surprised me by how much I loved their story - I expected to like theirs the least. The extra novella and the 'special' at the end was a treat. I'm so glad this set came out and was on sale for 99 cents, otherwise I might not have tried out these books. C I really enjoyed this series!

Can't wait for more from this author! May 24, Shellie rated it really liked it. A quarter into the first book I was pretty tempted to quit. Addison was an idiot and to hostile for my particular tastes. Im so glad I stuck with it, as not only did that particular story get better with every page, but each book got better as well. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Oh, those Taylor men and the families they end up with. All books were engaging. Would read more of them. I've read Ms Rose's entire Tarnished Saints series and loved them all.

Here's your chance to pick up the first four titles and experience falling in love in a small town. I love this series. I have read the books individually. I highly recommend you pick up the box set and then continue until you've read every book in the series. You won't regret it.

“The Garden of Sinners” Limited Edition DVD Box Set

Makes me crazy just 12 dallors for those same books. I have read each one of these individual and they are so good I could not put them down until the last word. They are real page turners!! See all 6 reviews.

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