Young Forever: A Paranormal Tale of a Vampire, a Romance and an Undying Hunger

I will most definitely read all of her books, and will be reading the second book in the continuing series The Vengeance of the Vampire Bride. I must also pay credit to a fellow blogger for introducing me to Rhiannon's work, Giselle, of Xpresso Reads raved about Rhiannon's other books, as well as this one. Her recommendations built upon my curiosity and had me jump into this pool of awesomeness.

Highly recommend, must read See full review here, with favorite quotes: View all 7 comments. Dec 18, Floridapossum rated it it was amazing Shelves: I had the pleasure of reading this book a few weeks ago. It is truly one of the best vampire novels I have read in a very long time. This book allows us to see another dimension of the legendary vampire and slip into their skin. Reading "The Tale of the Vampire Bride", will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions and it's no kiddy ride.

Thoroughly enjoyable and in the ilk of Bram Stoker's original "Dracula", I highly recommend this read for any fan of the vampire genre. Jan 22, Kody Boye rated it it was amazing. The way Glynis pouts, stamps her feet and shows a strong relationship with her father immediately introduces us to a young woman who is, by all means, a feminist, and proud of the fact that she should be able to be an independent woman even in the face of her set-upon adversity.

To the grief of the guides, they continue on, but soon they are pursued by a pack of wolves directly to an old, seemingly-run-down castle. Here, she meets the count that has so inspired unsurety within her life: There is little I can say at this current time to describe this book without fully giving it away.

The Tale of the Vampire Bride is, by all means, gargantuan—not only in forms of size, but story. It begins with a meeting with the count and quickly turns into a terrifying visage of horror as Glynis sees everything stripped away from her, then quickly translates into a tale of survival, perseverance and fear, that of which is bestowed upon our main character not only due to her captor, but her fledging powers and just what it means to have your entire life upended. Now, to say that it took me a while to read this book would be an understatement.

I began reading it nightly and then quickly began to read it more fervently while on a plane ride. Thus makes the book a compelling read, which eventually leads to the finale—which, I should say, is perfect beyond any means. The Tale of the Vampire Bride is a novel that returns to the old formula.

No—these vampires are monsters, despicable creatures who are either forced to become what they are or fall into it by necessity, who feed on the blood of innocents in order to remain alive and sometimes end up taking life in the process. They are not, however, heartless, at least not in the case of Glynis, the female protagonist which quickly shows what it means to be a powerful young woman.

In the face of all odds, she emerges in order to become a strong, independent creature. By the end of the novel, I was so overwhelmed by just what had transpired that it instantly left me wanting more. As of the date of posting this, a sequel is in the works, one of which I know will instantly launch The Tale of the Vampire Bride and its eventual saga to new and even more exciting heights.

Epic, gargantuan, a return to the old folklore and traditions of the vampire, The Tale of the Vampire Bride is a novel that any vampire fan would love to read, one that should be read, preferably, with the lights down and in a very muted room. Sep 22, Liz rated it it was amazing Shelves: Perhaps it was the mention of Dracula. I enjoyed this story set in the s. A gothic horror story that kept me glued and my phone battery at a constant brink of death Kindle app on phone. Glynis is young lady from a respected English family. Her mother is Italian, her fa Wow Her mother is Italian, her father British.

Both of the parents characters are brilliantly described, which made the start of the book and utter joy for me to read. Glynis wants to be free of the social norms, she wants to be a woman respected as men are respected. All of the fuss around Glynis and tried to get her married off is what sets this story off to a rocking start. Guilt and inevitable sorrow of survivor s will hit you like a ton of bricks. You just want to be a man. Being able to do as I please.

I do not understand why they can do as they wish and we cannot. Once Count Dracula entered the story, things got a bit more rough and I can understand how females near and afar would cause an uproar. Yes, the story falls on touchy subject of abuse and rape a few times. Also death and torture. Then again, a lot of books do. So… be warned now… If this is something you cannot bear to read, this book is not for you. I knew this could only mean one thing. The Master had arrived. I took a deep breath as my heart began to race. Black horses waded through the gloom drawing a carriage up to the front entrance of the hotel.

And when Glynis pulls the ace out of her sleeve at the end of the book, I felt sad, as she did in her confusion and realization, as if I was in this strange position instead of her, the book character! The dead and the dying surrounded me as my new family danced to the strange music. It was then I realized the music was not music at all, but the fading heartbeats of the dying, their tortured moans, and the magnified symphony of the sounds of the night. I liked the subtle dignity, even though there are a lot of repulsive events happening.

I liked Glynis for she was one strong-headed woman. The book is lengthy enough to help bind the reader to the characters and help you truly live in the story.

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This was a toughie. The Tale of the Vampire Bride puts a different spin on Dracula from a view of a new "bride", Glynis, and is made up of mostly her journal entries and letters. Yes, I know this is horror but I figured it would be just blood-and-guts, not the personal kind of horrors happening one after another in such a short space of time that would be everyone's worst nightmare. Th This was a toughie. The beginning is deceptive -just a loving but argumentative family travelling Europe in order to find their daughters husbands after Glynis offends every suitor with her outspoken ways.

And they're unwittingly led to the home of Dracula. He takes Glynis to be his fourth bride but she fights him and his rules at every turn. He attempts to break her using various and sickening methods. He doesn't value life and has no concept of compassion.

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She refuses to give him the satisfaction of breaking her and suffers the consequences along with her vampire sisters the other brides. Glynis is an incredibly strong yet vulnerable character. She's a modern woman, a feminist who believes she should have the same freedoms as any man. She's intelligent, charming and witty. Her strength of will is formidable and her bravery, admirable. I was on her side from the very beginning.

I don't want to give too many details away because I appreciated this book so much more for having no idea what was around the corner as I read it.

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It's not predictable, you can never tell what will befall Glynis next. The writing is amazing. I found myself right there with Glynis, every step of the way, and despite being set in , I never tired of the language or of the politeness and propriety of the time period as I usually am. Due to my discomfort I sometimes wished the book was shorter, not because it wasn't of good quality I just wanted Glynis's suffering to end just like she did, whether that meant her escape or her death. However, she did experience some better days or should that be nights?

It does get easier to read as you go on. It must've been fate for me to read this when I did because the same day I picked this up I had read a magazine article on Natascha Kampusch 's 3, Days , the real-life story of her kidnapping and years of imprisonment by Wolfgang Priklopil and her escape in when she was I found myself comparing her views of her kidnapper and Glynis's and they were quite similar. It's surprising to me that people can survive so much without breaking. I admire anyone real or fictional who can bear such trauma and still be intact when they come out the other side.

To those of you who avoid books with rape, it does contain more than one rape scene but it's not overly described and does have a purpose and although horrific, I wasn't offended by it's use. View all 4 comments. This book has everything I want and more in vampire books. I don't mind new age vampire novels with their lovey feely vampires that sparkle and have sweet dogs.

The Tale Of The Vampire Bride by Rhiannon Frater

I don't absolutely love them either. I may like the romance of the the story but for the most part I find vampires like that kinda meh. I have never had a problem finding anything Rhiannon does as meh. I want 5 stars I want them bloody.

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I want them slightly mad with blood lust and power. I want them to sexual predators I want the to be sexy, and dark, and beautiful but most of all I want them deadly and covered in blood. Vampires shouldn't be you prom date. They should be haunting you and conspiring to slaughter your school at prom.

They should be stealing virgins and scarficing them, unleashing the swamp monster, and wolf man all whilst looking for the amulet to free the forces of hell. Frankenstein should be your friend. You get my point. Thank you Rhiannon Frater for giving me those monsters. Now to talk about this particular book LOL that's what you thought I was doing?

To me this book has two parts to it. The first part is the betrayal, the changing, and the aftermath. The second part is the discovery of self, love and power. These are my distinctions not Rhiannon's. The first part of this book is dark. The mood matches Vlad's castle, Glynis matches Vlad's castle.

It is gothic horror at it's best. Vlad is an evil dickhead. He is gross and disgusting and I hate him as much as Glynis does. The light at the end of the tunnel. Well Glynis's relationship with the sister brides. I love the relationship she has with them. They very much save her from being destroyed by Vlad. They also remind Glynis of what she doesn't want to become. Seeing their devotion to Vlad allows her to keep her soul.

It disgusts her so much that she is able to maintain her independence. The second book is much lighter. Even though Glynis clearly cannot go into the sun light I picture their time in Buda as being sunny. Glynis is much happier out the castle's gloom. The light well I won't tell you. But it is yummy. Oh wow, was everything thrown up in the air. I loved the way the pieces landed. I never grew to love Vlad and neither did Glynis thank goodness but I did enjoy his monsterhood.

Glynis spent as much time covered in blood in the book as she did in gowns. Thank you Miss Frater for the monsters! That is what reading The Tale of the Vampire Bride was about. I have to admit that about a quarter way through the book I hated it. I wanted to stop and tell everyone about the bitter taste it left in my mouth.

However, I am a sucker for abusive, sociopathic, and brutish vampires apparently, because against my better judgment I keep on reading. Was I glad I did? This book unraveled in this complicated weaving of the traditional Dracula tale, with the perspective of his unwilling Bride Glynis Wright. I have to admit that I loved her from that start and I was so angry over her treatment in the beginning half of the book. Then the plot started to evolve.

Then things started to click in my brain. I had to walk away and take a deep breath because I was getting far too involved in the characters. I was starting to somewhat fall for the abuser! I felt dirty, I felt wrong, but in all fairness, it makes since. Vlad is the ultimate bad boy. He suddenly sees, and by then it is too late, his brutality is his ultimate downfall. There are some grammar errors throughout the book, which I know that ultimately the stuck up reader will judge the whole book on. Trust me, I have seen a very and truly amazing story be taken down brutally by the stuck up reader just because of grammar issues.

I am not said stuck up reader and I saw the book for what it was, one hell of a damned good vampire book! Jul 21, Alyssa rated it really liked it Shelves: The story is loosely based on Bram Stoker's take on Dracula and the writing is similar in style. The book is written in a diary style predominantly from the heroine's point of view and some of her thought process was inconsistent with her actions.

For instance, she wrote that she swore to seek revenge on Dracula for the death of her family by acting crafty, but instead, she threw major hissy fits, sulked and carried on like a spoilt brat and got backhanded a few times for her antics.

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Overall this is a good, dark, gothic tale about Dracula and the bride that got away, so to speak. I'm now looking forward to reading the second book. Don't let the pretty lady on the cover fool you. This is NOT a heart-wrenching cheesy romance! If you are looking for light 'sparkly vampire' fluffy romance type of reading, look elsewhere. Its full of dark deeds that will make your blood freeze. It made my cry, terrified me, enraged me, horrified me, outraged me and god knows what else But not for one moment was i bored or indifferent about it!

I recommend it for real horror lovers. Feb 07, Deb rated it really liked it. This was the Dracula I remember reading about in my teens. The story was dark and brutal, with a leading lady who was strong and defiant. Just couldn't put the book down. I would have liked more info at the end but maybe there will be book 2?

A delicious and eerie horror novel: Oct 30, Heidi rated it really liked it. A terrifying tale that takes us back to the most famous vampire of all time! Glynis resents the fact that she is being carted all over Europe to prospective male suitors. Why does she have to marry? Why can't she be free to choose her own mate and live a life free of societal constraints?

As the coach lumbers up the treacherous mountain road, she feels an overwhelming sense of foreboding. When their journey is suddenly halted by boulders in the road, her anxiety grows. The giant rocks Four stars: The giant rocks look like they were deliberately placed in the way.

The group has no choice but to continue up the mountain. The lantern lights barely pierce the gloom, and Glynis feels like the night is alive around her. At last, the coach stops in front of a decrepit castle. Glynis and her family are surprised to find that the very man they came to Romania seeking, Lord Vlad, occupies the castle. Thankful, the weary family takes refuge in the Count's castle. Glynis soon finds that her troubles are just beginning and she has no idea of the horrors that await her I was pleased to find that Ms.

Frater borrows heavily from this old tale and brings us her version of Count Dracula in The Tale of the Vampire Bride. Dracula is terrifying and creepy, just as he is in the original. I am not a big fan of the sparkly, romantic depictions of vampires so I was thrilled to return to the kind of vampire I like best: She is a young lady trapped in the rigid expectations for young ladies of class and privilege in the nineteenth century. She might be locked into the demands of the society, but she doesn't let it control her fiery, stubborn and outspoken personality.

Not for one minute does she conform. She is constantly fighting and raging against her captors, whether it be the pressure to marry, Count Dracula, or her vampire life style.

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  5. She rages against all the things that try to contain her. I especially admired how she remained steadfast to win her freedom despite the horrific conditions and terrible odds that were stacked against her. I loved her spirit and fire! I felt anxiety as the coach crept up the dark mountain, pursued by wolves and dense fog, I knew danger awaited. Frater does a superb job creating atmospheric tension in this one, and it was eerily similar to the terrifying scenes in Dracula.

    I was surprised that I ended up feeling such strong feelings for the brides. At first, they frightened me, but by the end I felt very sympathetic toward them, especially Cneajna. Make no mistake this is not a sweet, fun vampire romance. This is a horrifying tale of lust, murder, betrayal and revenge. Vlad is an absolute monster, and Glynis' situation is tragic and terrible.

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    Over the next few hundred years, the two of them, along with Gerta's cousin, Aloiki, see the world, adapting and living according to the times. However, like Gerta before her, Isotta eventually finds herself wanting more than her vampire life has to offer. But when they eventually end up in the present day and as blood supplies begin to dwindle, she finds hope as she falls in love with a human. Can she resist the urge to bite him or will she forever make him hers? Young Forever is the story of a girl who became a vampire but now wants to live a normal life. As normal as a vampire can, at least.

    You can download Apple Books from the App Store. However, like Gerta before her, Isotta eventually finds herself wanting more than her vampire life has to offer. But when they eventually end up in the present day and as blood supplies begin to dwindle, she finds hope as she falls in love with a human. Can she resist the urge to bite him or will she forever make him hers? Young Forever is the story of a girl who became a vampire but now wants to live a normal life. As normal as a vampire can, at least.

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