Dancing on the Frontier: Travels by Land through China and Tibet

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Some randy passages hit you like a bus, especially since they come from nowhere. Fresh from describing a Buddhist monastery in Tibet, Chapter 11 takes a sudden and inexplicably lewd turn: The female seemed less eager and pulled away. The male trotted after her, his member still primed to go…The poor jenny was having a rough day. More than once the reader is thrown off the scent of what he thinks is an emerging theme by a slightly wacky observation.

How to Plan a Journey to Mount Kailash in Your Tibet Tour 2019

The paragraphs are short and fairly punchy; it is an easy read mostly: However the overall effect is diminished by numerous typos and an episodic structure that leaves the passages disjointed. And once in a while the language is a bit clumsy: The typical passage — which provides an original story followed by a fascinating insight — works well.

There is a well-scripted section about his experience of the visceral antipathy felt by otherwise sophisticated Chinese urbanites against the Japanese. I felt ashamed that I had not known about the incident before I had come to China.

Chengdu, Gateway to China's Western Frontier - one of Sam's Exotic Travels

The scale and horror of the massacre were comparable to the Holocaust and yet I had never really cared back home in England. Occasionally though the formula breaks down; the weakest parts of the book generally crop up when it does. Anecdotal, albeit unusual, tit bits are used to draw predictable and not especially profound conclusions: However, in this book I do not simply offer a cliched account of how China s authoritarian government is oppressing its people.

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    How to Plan a Journey to Mount Kailash in Your Tibet Tour

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