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I noticed some movement high up in one of the evergreen trees behind my house. I squinted and peered and wondered what in the world was in that tree. It was much too big for a squirrel. It was kind of grey like a raccoon, but was much higher in the tree than I thought a raccoon would climb, probably 30 or 40 feet up.

I went out onto my back deck in the snow.

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I had to know what this was. It was quite far back, close to the trunk of the tree, and difficult to see. Then it moved some more, and I could see a large beak. I have since learned that yes, they build their nests in trees, high up. As I was standing on the deck in the wet snow coming down, I notice movement in another tree. There was a second bird. This one was on a branch that was much more exposed and I could see him clearly. But his head was pulled in and all I could see was his body, so it was hard to identify what bird it was.

I went to the handy-dandy internet to look for pictures of blue herons, and I also posted on Facebook asking if they roosted in trees. What I found confirmed that these were two blue herons in my back yard. I was amazed because I have lived in this house for eleven years, and never seen them here before. A week or so before I had found a lady bug on a cabinet door in my kitchen.

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I posted on Facebook my amazement at finding a single ladybug in January. I immediately got responses that ladybugs were symbols of good luck. So when I saw the herons I thought to look up what herons symbolized. I found a variety of definitions, but they all centered on self-determination and striking quickly when opportunity presents itself. Here is one definition that I particularly like:. According to North American Native tradition, the Blue Heron brings messages of self-determination and self-reliance.

They represent an ability to progress and evolve. Blue Herons have the innate wisdom of being able to maneuver through life and co-create their own circumstances. Blue Herons reflect a need for those with this totem to follow their own unique wisdom and path of self-determination. These individuals know what is best for themselves and need to follow their hearts rather than the promptings of others.

Those with the Medicine of the Great Blue Heron may sit until the rest of us lose patience. And, when they follow the promptings of the heart, they are one of the most magnificent when they choose to soar. The symbolism of the great blue heron really resonated for me at this time in my life. I had begun a journey of becoming more and more of myself a few months earlier. This internal shift was impacting every area of my life and I saw the appearance of the herons as a sign that I was on the right path — my own path — and to continue.

Since then the second heron has come to visit several more times. I finally started to study this bird and came to understand its significance in totem lore. As soon as I started to read the significance of the Heron my mouth fell open. There was my struggle spelled out and the things I needed to focus on in my life — grace, solitude, patience, calm and good luck among many others. It gave me a sense of peace and security I never had before.

Heron Wisdom

I am also now a student of the Law of Attraction and understanding how the universe really works and to release all my negativity which was blocking my path to accomplishment and this revelation of the Heron fit right into my calling. This all culminated when I was on a lake with friends last week on a pontoon boat. All of a sudden dozens of Herons came to us surrounding the boat flying low across the water darting about.

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I was in shock and awe because it was rare to see two Herons together let alone an entire flock. Since then things are really beginning to manifest in a positive way. Recruiters are coming to me to apply for work instead of the other way around. I am a new grandfather as well. The clouds are parting and I can see the light. I am truly blessed and wish that for all! I live on the Columbia river in Oregon.

I have this blue heron that lives in the immediate area. We are face to face, approx, feet apart. It can put that beak right through someone. I have to deal with this creature on a regular basis, sometimes, I have to take a detour. My feeling is the heron is asking you to look into yourself, to look at your fear.

What you are afraid of within yourself is what is blocking your path forwards. I grew up by the sea in Ireland. There was a large rock out in the water in front of our house. The heron would always stand on the edge of the rock. My mother would point it out to me as a child. I found it so mysterious the way it could remain perfectly still for so long and the fact that it lived so close to us and yet in whole different world out there on its rock.

Suddenly, I was caught and eaten by a heron they also live on the river. As I was eaten I felt myself become the heron and then take flight. I felt a surge of awareness and power in becoming the larger animal. After that I had a number of real life experiences with herons that struck me. For example, I was driving in a rural part of Ireland a few days later when two herons suddenly appeared low in the sky and flew right over my car. That has never happened me before. It seemed a strange coincidence at the time. I found my way to this website and feel that the description above is very apt to my personality and life.

I feel like the heron was calling me to follow my passion in life more but I have many insecurities about taking this path. Maybe with the help of the heron I will find my way one day. It felt good to share this story. Thanks and peace to all. Aloha friend, I am writing from the beautiful island of Molokai in Hawaii where I have lived for years now. Recently, I experienced a very magical encounter with 3 herons. I was with my sweetheart, sitting on our local pier, after taking a bike ride at sunset.

We were enjoying the cool night air when a lone heron landed on a buoy a few hundred feet away. He would perch there for several minutes at a time, then fly up and circle around the harbor right in front of us, then swoop into the water to catch a fish, then return to his buoy. A connection between the 3 of us grew.. Eventually they disappeared, but the lone heron.. At one point I took out my harmonica and began to play sounds that the atmosphere invoked..

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THEN, a garage type door several feet behind us, to one of the businesses on the Pier.. He was oblivous to us as we were sitting in the dark. After being serenaded by his amazing solos.. As it turns out.. I also play the ukulele and sing.. With the moon and stars all out and shining.. I just wanted to share this story with you to let you know that we are all on this journey of discovery, and learning daily..

Thank you for sharing your story with the world.

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I really loved your story. I had a pair of herons appear rising up from the trees around the river Bedalder in Cornwall where I live. My two friends who I was with missed the sighting so I really felt it was for my eyes and awareness. They flew over my house and towards Poets hill…. I have never seen a pair before and was moved to research the meaning…I relate strongly to the qualities of the heron…determination, patience, solitude, wisdom and feel drawn towards increasing these in my life.

Nobody will probably believe me because Im so confused what this blue crane is doing. We love on the intercoastal of Nc about 5p ft from the water. She sat there for over 30 min.. IF im in my room door open she will sqwalk.. I come out and talk to it. Thank God its late at night my neiborhood will think Im a nut. How is this hapoeninf, what does it mean? I do alot of fishing, and I see what looks to be the same Heron at the same spot all the time. I was just curious…do they have certain spots they fish. I snapped three IPhone pics then the heron flew off in a SE direction.

The perch was less than 16 ft above the ground. I always saw herons , and now i keep seeing the same egert, do they carry the same energy or are they different? I dont see a separate section for the egert. I keep seeing the same egert at a park i go to , to take pixture , to mediate and to hike. Just saw the egert again alone , flew in as i was hiking and it was perched on a rock or something in the water , lookng for clues or messages or signfigance with the egert. Thank you any feedback will be welcomed. I was going through a tough time when i saw a great blue heron for the first time.

I was having an emotional breakdown and sat at the park alone at night. It was cold and i was fighting more tears when i saw a great blue heron to my left. Its long slow strides caught my attention. The way it walked was so graceful and dignified that it seemed unreal. I watched it walk into the lake with slow and patient steps. I thought that if this graceful bird can walk with all the patience in the world and with dignity, then so can I. I felt blessed to have seen it. She flew away so we continued playing. She came back and sat on a pile of tree branches the neighbour has just on our fence line.

We watched about 4 feet away while she regurgitated a whole baby salmon. We looked at each other for about 10 minutes and my daughter made some noise and she flew away. I caught the departure on camera and the sound of her grand wings flapping was beautifully powerful. I feel so blessed that she came to visit us.

Tonight when i was headed into work i saw a dead blue heron lying under a tree. I just got out of work and the heron is still there. Honestly the body is lying in a beautiful place — across the street from the beach on top of a bed of flowers underneath a eucalyptus tree. Is there anything im supposed to do , or do i just leave the bird in peace? Yesterday, upon awaking I went into the kitchen to start my day and as I looked out my kitchen window.

I saw a Blue Heron in the service road across from my car. I live across from a field with a fenced in pond so it attracks lots of wild life. But, there it was standing there for a few minutes and then after flew away…. I quickly looked up the totem and what I read was just what I needed to read.

About Blue Heron Wisdom

This morning a Great Blue Heron flew over my condo here in Sacramento. This is the first time I have ever seen one in the middle of city. Cleansing and clearing, realizing, respecting and honoring the Sacred, getting in touch with Nature, journeying and communicating with animals and their Sacred Spirits. Almost daily a Great Blue Heron visited our large pond. Around that time, fires had been burning in the Lake Tahoe region, some 70 miles from my home and animals were migrating.

Living on acreage we had a mini farm… ducks, turkeys, chickens, a horse and donkey, dogs, a cat, an iguana, even fish , all footed pets who were free to roam during daylight. The rooster we had, Hornet, was very ornery, territorial and protective of all the animals. A Lynx-Bobcat came through, killed him and was making off with him. But he had Hornet in his jaws. I scrambled up the hill and confronted the Lynx. I was yelling and screaming at him, even going so far as urinating to mark my territory. He calmly walked away and left. While this was happening, all of my animals had gone into hiding.

I walked back down the hill with him in my arms and stood under one of our oak trees crying for the loss of Hornet. It was VERY intense!!! All my animals came to me and their father-brother-soul kin Hornet, surrounding us as I cradled him. I thanked Hornet for coming into our Lives, for his dedicated protection and how he had given his very valuable Life to his family. Looking up, Great Blue Heron was circling directly above us, part of our Family, too. For at least 10 minutes. Circling above us a little higher than the tree top. It was very beautiful, very intense, loving, respectful, honorable and something I will never ever forget.

I live in a basement apartment in long island, ny Today a heron perched just outside my door As my cat lazed upon the wall Im not sure what it was that made me go to the door But there he was, his mate alught upon the fence across the drive I immediately greeted him with good day brother and offered them a drink as it is very hot Just another in a long chain of lifetime spiritual experiences I am truly blessed.

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Has anyone here encountered a yellow crowned heron? They have gotten so close to me, they stand like 3 feet away from me and we just stared at each other.

Symbolic Meaning of the Heron

But I dont know what it is trying to tell me. Im going to keep doing some research though. I recently had an experience that will forever change my perspective: I was attending a week long workshop on Waldorf early childhood education exploring pedagogy alongside spiritual and inner development of humans. We were out hiking when I spotted a Red Tailed Hawk and pointed it out to the teacher whom I was walking alongside.

She told me that hawks always remind her of the Heron; they represent polarities in the bird world. I told my teacher about the Great Blue Heron that came to visit me at this time and lived in the pond right outside my house in front of the bus stop for several weeks. Every morning, he would be there, in exactly the same spot. I would hang out with him before the bus came and just observe his stillness and serenity.

I wonder what he was telling you. I later researched the Heron animal spirit and came to realize he was bringing me strength and wisdom to survive in the cold, harsh world that is public education, while reminding me to stay grounded and balanced in my daily and spiritual life through the life transitions I was encountering.

Still, today, I survive and thrive in a variety of environments, and have to remind myself to take time to ground and balance myself through yoga, meditation, and time spent outdoors in the garden and forest. The Great Blue Heron spirit gives me strength and wisdom to do just that. It is so interesting that I just read your post because Monday morning when I went out to the mailbox to get the newspaper, I looked up and a Great Blue Heron was drifting by.

It is rare to spot them in my area, so today I finally had the chance to look up this significance. Monday morning, the morning I spotted the bird, I started my K Principal Certification after 27 years as a high school English teacher, and although I love the program and am gaining invaluable insights with this first class this summer, I am also overwhelmed and wondering how I will be able to survive this program in the fall when I go back into the classroom.

It was so nice to read a connection to the public school system as the very first comment posted. I have seen three blue herons in the past two weeks. The first one rose up from a stream that I was walking by, then followed me down the road and swooped right in front of me and a special needs client I was working with. Big Blue Heron flew up from the south fork of the Sacramento River near Mount Shasta and landed on a branch over the river … Clearly to be seen by us laying in our tent with the door open … West to East, North to South, the Great Spirit gifts us all with this sacred task to serve and protect Her!!

I was sitting at the table on my computer and I spotted him out the window, in among the trees, on the forest floor. He landed there with intention and stayed looking at me. A few minutes later he flew to a near by gum tree and perched, just silently watching. Such a magical moment and so out of the ordinary! I never really paid a lot of attention to herons in the past….. I live in a high desert, not a lot of water. Today I had a great blue heron swoop 5 feet in front of me at a stop sign and sat beside my car on the side of Car.

I live in florida but several blocks from the water, we have many trees around our house , because its a dry lot we never see white herons aroung the house. I dreamt of yearning to see one in our yard, and said to my son as we stood on our deck in my dream maybe if I put a fish on the rail one will come ,he laughed at me and I woke up, anyway the next day as we were coming home from running errand we puled up to our gate and my husband said look a white heron, how unusual.

Thanks for sharing this information and insight to assist others. A friend of mines passed away 5 years ago at the funeral there was a gray heron every time I see one now I say hello and I see my friend. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Additional Associations for Heron aggressiveness balance boundaries delicacy determination dignity diversity exploration life path power quiet renewal self esteem self-reliance tact transformation underworld vigilance wisdom.

This statement from this page pretty much sums up who I am: Thanks for the totem info, it makes a lot of sense when I read it. I am from Fiji.

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I moved into my new place a year ago… I have a high window in my room and out the window is the rooftop there are always black herons sitting and resting there.. I always like them visiting.. Cant wait for the morning to see them.. Maybe to have a chat!