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Preview — Fear Itself by Steven Siddall. Judiah has committed his share of crimes, but the one they tried to hang him for was selling his soul for power. The brand of a demon marks him as a heretic, and though he was certain there would be no salvation for him, God saw things differently. The Church gave him a choice: Even without the threat of getting his ne Judiah has committed his share of crimes, but the one they tried to hang him for was selling his soul for power. Even without the threat of getting his neck stretched, Judiah leapt at the chance.

Judiah's first mission comes at a bad time. Already exhausted from long hours of busy work, he's to hunt down and exorcize the ghost of a serial killer, which has continued the killer's gruesome work even after death.

Fear Itself: Book of the Skull Vol 1 1

Worse, the only help he has is Grace--a sweet, sunny blind girl who has committed a crime Judiah dreads to think about. Traveling to the serial killer's former hunting grounds, their efforts at trying to discover the ghost's whereabouts lead the pair into a confrontation with a demon, an encounter Judiah survives only because of Grace. All at once, what should have been a simple exorcism has become something much bigger.

The demon seems to be masquerading as a ghost of a dead serial killer, but nothing about that makes sense. To make matters worse, each time Judiah tries to purge the demon it gets more aggressive, slaughtering more and more people each night and spreading its killing grounds across the city. Things only become more complicated when Judiah discovers there is more than one demon--and they're multiplying.

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Everything comes down to a peace treaty between the city and the Vampire Lords. If the vampires enter the city and see it gripped in panic and fear, then they will turn away, and Judiah feels that is exactly what the demons--or the one controlling them--wants. With little support and less information, Judiah has to discover the truth about a cult's involvement with the city. And through it all, he struggles with the terrifying fear of his own powers; the very powers he must use to save the city.

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I'm not sure if this is the first in the series, because the author speaks about some of the characters as if they're already known to the reader from previous books. December 21, , Just a reminder that there's still a few days left on the Fear Itself sale! Head on over to my website at http: You may notice Bitter Ruin is available for free on my website as well. Part 1 is 17, words, around double what I had originally thought it might be, and still for free!

Part 2 will come in January, and Part 3 in February, again with all three parts being free. Part 2 of Bitter Ruin is now available! Bitter Ruin is now finished! For today May 28th , Fear Itself is available for free! Check it out at: Arthur Conan Doyle Posts: London I write Sci-Fi. Like the covers, nothing says it more than a shadow of a cowboy on a horse.

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July 5th and 6th, you can get Fear Itself totally free, right here: Took me awhile to remember to update my bookmark for this thread. In response, how about a free copy of Fear Itself?

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You can find it here: I'm also working on the second book, however two other writing projects popped up for me this last year that have been delaying it. I'm learning lots, so if you liked the first book, I hope you'll look forward to the second book being even better! The Invaders are then suddenly attacked by a demon. They defeat the demon with the Skull's unintentional help.

The Invaders then leave, thinking that they foiled the Skull's plan.

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Meanwhile, the Skull tells Strucker that they have the unidentified object in a box bound for the Fuhrer. It is a lie.

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The object they were looking for is an ancient hammer, which no one could lift. Back in the present, the cave starts to collapse. Sin and Zemo are able to escape. However, Sin then turns on Zemo, destroying his teleportation device and stealing his hovercraft to escape. Zemo comments that Sin played the game well and just made a new enemy. All the Red Skull's terrible secrets and plans are in the hands of his evil daughter, Sin, who's intent on outdoing her father