The Wolfs Bitch

Bullied daily by the incredibly massive, but lean Johnny Claw, Arthur vows to reinvent himself when he goes to University. Only a year later Arthur has become a muscle bound hard-body that can't help but draw the attention of all the cute college guys who "accidently" brush against his backside during class. But Whi Arthur White was never the most popular kid in high school.

But White can't seem to shake his unpopular past, still feeling inadequate despite his flawless Adonis body and baby face.

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That is until he is invited to the Tooth and Claw Society, a fraternity for the rich and powerful future leaders of the world, second only to the Skull and Bones Society in assurance for a life of influence and luxury. But when Arthur is led into an empty forest clearing for his Induction Ritual, he knows something sinister is afoot.

To his surprise, the hunky members who had invited him to join Tooth and Claw are werewolves who want nothing more than his ass on a silver platter- in more ways than one! Can Arthur White escape the forest, or will he come to enjoy his darkest fantasy.

This 5, word short story contains steamy gay shower sex, werewolf gangbangs, naked wrestling, and capture fantasies abound! To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Wolf's Bitch , please sign up. Lists with This Book. So this paranormal erotic short story isn't the best I've read. It features a bullying victim who gets his 'just desserts' at his tormentor years later after he's all buff and grew a few inches. And the author threw in a werewolf twist. My only issue is not having the men use any sort of lubricant before any action goes down But I got this for free, so beggars can't be choosers.

There really isn't a gangbang Jan 23, Megan rated it did not like it Recommends it for: This was one of the two short stories I read. So Arthur White is a nerd who in the span of two years goes from scrawny to buff. Now in college, he is approached by his former bully who he doesn't recognize WTF in the gym shower room where they have unprotected sex.

The bully, Johnny Claw invites Arthur to join an exclusive society that rivals Skull and Bones that Claw is in charge of. The catch is that Arthur must go through a midnight ritual in the woods. The ritual is basically getting fucked by a couple werewolves Claw and his friends and then becoming one himself.

I am trying not to laugh. There are a lot of problems with this short story. Here's only a couple: Oh God, the writing. It was too funny. In later US release, the film was marketed with the tagline "The rocking, shocking new wave of horror! The original theatrical release version of Howling II: Stirba - Werewolf Bitch ran 87 minutes. The re-edited TV version ran 91 minutes, and included a new scene before the end credits, plus a brand new end credits sequence in order to replace the topless shots of Sybil Danning in the original's R rated end sequence.

The TV end credits also include music, whereas the theatrical version is silent. The film failed to garner as much attention or commercial success as the original film. Roger Ebert spoke toward Sybil Danning's work in the film and wrote that although it was close, it was "not the worst movie Danning has made. Variety offered that while Christopher Lee brought experience to his role as vampire hunter Stefan Crosscoe, the film lacks suspense and the plot is generic and predictable.

They noted that despite the film being shot primarily in Czechoslovakia, production did not take full advantage of the setting. Dillard of Allrovi called it a "laughable exercise in horror-sequel tomfoolery", which "strays into so-bad-it's-good camp appeal. He concluded by writing "later Howling sequels would drift into a more polished form of banality, but for utter what-were-they-thinking ineptitude, it's hard to beat this wretched howler.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the second novel, see The Howling II novel. Robert Sarno Gary Brandner. Hemdale Film Corporation [1] Granite Productions [1]. Your Sister Is a Werewolf ". Retrieved October 23, Film Releases by Company". Retrieved July 14, Then she found some out-of-towners who told her about a freaky clearing that made them nervous. Maybe this lead would pan out? Casper Marino heard a woman crying and saw an SUV with slashed tires and a broken window.

So Casper offered an in-law cottage behind his own house. Then he drove back to town to meet with his brothers. The brothers were not happy to tell Casper about the woman who was in town asking questions. They had to leave their homes in Wyoming because of reporters, and this woman made them nervous.

But Casper is drawn to her. Or will he try to find a future with the woman who is likely his mate? I love shifter books, and this was a good one that held my interest. I loved the easy banter between the characters. Casper was definitely my favorite. The pacing of the story was good, and the reader got to know the characters well.

So lots of things going on! Grab a copy and find the answers, and enjoy a good story! Jun 20, Keisha rated it really liked it.

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It was such a relief to find that Casper, the main character, has 3 brothers all betas who are married, each to their own alpha wife. The pack dynamic is unique to any shifter tale that I've read. This situation reminded me of what it was like to grow up with twin siblings, I was always out voted! Trina has an opportunity to create a show surrounding the paranormal.

Her focus is on ghosts and UFOs It was such a relief to find that Casper, the main character, has 3 brothers all betas who are married, each to their own alpha wife. Her focus is on ghosts and UFOs, this is due to her past. She wants to explore an old TB hospital located in Ripple, but gets the cold shoulder from the residents, and doesn't understand why. By a serious of unfortunate events, she meets Casper who seems to be the only one willing to help her. Things go from bad to worse for Trina, but she doesn't give up and she can't figure out why she can't get enough of Casper.

I found this book interesting because paranormals were learning about paranormals. Casper's brothers were easily the comic relief due to their daftness. I was curious how Casper would handle the danger that was potentially brought to his pack. I liked the flow and pacing of the book. It was an easy read.

I liked the voice given to Casper and the tendency for him to run words together. There were several places where the author's research on film and paranormal shined. The other characters added to the story. I really did not like Scarlett and felt as though the wives were up to no good. Unfortunately, the ending was abrupt. It didn't feel like a cliffhanger, though.

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While some things were answered, I did not feel as though everything was settled. Only after reading did I realize that this is the first book in a trilogy, so I'm sure the author will deliver! I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Jun 22, Tara Dorough rated it really liked it. This series is set in familiar Ripple, Oregon. It has some of the great characters from her other series plus wonderful new ones.

While this can be read as a standalone series I believe it would help you understand the characters and feel more involved if you read her series The Apex Shifter trilogy first. It's available on Amazon at a discount price or free with Amazon Unlimited. The Wolf's Mate has something for everyone, laughs, fears, humanity, shifters, paranormal families, hot alpha males, sexy women, betrayal, family, loyalty, trust and unique intrigue.

The Wolf's Mate (Alpha Bitch Trilogy Book 1)

I'm so excited to see what happens throughout the series with each of the characters. I can't wait to find out what Trinia's future holds for her. The only reason I didn't give this book a 5 star review was to the way it seemed to abruptly end. I felt like there was something missing at the end almost like some paragraphs were left out. I understand it's part of an ongoing series but it just didn't feel like a cliffhanger or a lead into the next book. I'm so excited to get the 2nd book so I can see what was next had the 1st book continued on.

Jun 27, Annie rated it it was amazing. Trina Adams is a paranormal investigator.

She comes to the small town of Ripple to investigate an old tuberculosis sanatorium, as the pilot for a new show, but finds the residents stand offish as soon as she mentions the paranormal. A she gets a lead from some out of town bike riders, only to find her SUVs tires slashed, her window broken and her purse gone.

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Casper Marino is Alpha of his small pack, since he is unmated he has little say. His 3 alpha sister-in-laws, who are mated to his beta bro Trina Adams is a paranormal investigator. His 3 alpha sister-in-laws, who are mated to his beta brothers, run everything.

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He and his brothers have a successful construction and remodeling company and they have a good life. Then he meets Trina, crying in her broken down SUV, and offers her a place to stay. He shouldn't help her, she is a threat to the shifters that make up most of the population of his small town, but their is something about the pretty red head that calls to him. Fast paced and a little steamy. This series ties to the Apex Shifter's series You don't need to read the Apex Shifter Series to read this one, but it would enhance the story. Can't wait for the next book. I love Emilia's books, they are an automatic buy for me.

Jun 25, Caroline Doig rated it it was amazing. This is such a fantastic read by Emilia Hartley and this is the story of Trina and Casper. When she goes back to her car she finds that someone has slashed her 4 tyres and br This is such a fantastic read by Emilia Hartley and this is the story of Trina and Casper. When she goes back to her car she finds that someone has slashed her 4 tyres and broken a window and stolen her bag which had money and her phone in it, little does she know that the town is full of shifters and they have to keep it a secret from visitors and Trina.

Jun 20, Carol 27 rated it it was amazing. This is a well written, very enjoyable paranormal romance. Trina is a paranormal investigator — a TV celebrity of sorts with a sixth sense for rooting out weird and bizarre occurrences. That privilege falls to his three alpha sisters-in-law and makes for an uneasy pack dynamic. The interactions between Cas This is a well written, very enjoyable paranormal romance. The interactions between Casper and Trina are very entertaining and their attraction is hot. Casper soon finds himself with a tough dilemma. Jun 22, Tracey rated it it was amazing.

A really good shifter romance. Casper, the alpha, has just been going along with what the women are saying, for the most part, because he feels guilty about how they came to be in Oregon. Trina is a paranormal investigator having a string of bad breaks These two should never have been more than passing acquaintances because of who they are but fate steps in and changes that. The story is well written and the characters are well developed.

Jun 30, Karen rated it it was amazing. And Wow what a great start to a new series. This book had an original storyline and believable characters that drew me into the story and kept me turning the pages to find out what happened next. It's one of those books that I could write so much about but I hate when reviewers give away the story spoiling it for other readers.