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Thicker Than Blood 8. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Credited cast: Party Goer Quincey Alston Party Guest Jazmyn Barrino Party Goer Andy Bethea Deacon Carter Kevin Glen Boles Jordan as Kevin Boles Jr. Party Goer Guimy Castor Party Goer Kathleen Craig Party Goer Finis Crosby Party Goer Paul Dargan Party Goer Debbie Florence Party Goer Amira Gamble Party Guest Ariana Garrett Party Goer Christian Glemaud Edit Storyline Thicker Than Blood tells the story of Jordan, the youngest of two sons, who returns home for the first time in three years to celebrate his older brother's promotion to partner in his law firm.

I was on the e Amazing, amazing, amazing book!! I was on the edge of my seat throughout reading it. Dec 07, Kim Bailey rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Walking Dead This entire story was so much like the television show and comics. I really felt like it could be a side story or an extension of that series. With a side of Zombie Yummmm Was my stomach knotted with anxiety throughout this story Did my heart break over and over again for the characters Was the sobbing and gut wrenching, bittersweet sorrow worthwhile This book is going straight to my 6 star shelf.

And I'm very anxious to get E's story I'm thinking this will be one of my faves of the year. Nov 17, Paula marked it as did-not-finish Shelves: I'm struggling with one of the main characters. She's weak and whiny. I get what the authors are doing with her character, but I can't stand her right now.

It makes it difficult for me to enjoy the story when it switches to her POV. I do LIKE the storyline though. But it's important for me to be able to like or at least tolerate the MC's in order for me to enjoy a story. I t This book I think I need to put this down for a bit. I read the last couple of chapters. Unfortunately, this book is just not for me. View all 3 comments. Riley who wrote Limerence, my all time favourite vampire romance. If I'd known about Ms Riley, I would've been prepared for a shocker but both authors writing and style blended so seamlessly I didn't notice any changes or discrepancies.

Clearly these two are a dream team. This story is about pain and loss and the strength, self-knowledge and confidence gained from suffering and coming ou Update This story is about pain and loss and the strength, self-knowledge and confidence gained from suffering and coming out of it stronger than ever. It's also about love, courage and loyalty that is Thicker Than Blood.

It's the celebration of Leisel and Evelyn's awe inspiring friendship. It's an ode to BFFs. To having more than a friend, more than a sister, but a soul mate. To the hope they give us, the strength they provide us, and the unconditional love they empower us with. The infected now roam everywhere and sanctuaries are few and far in-between and people you can trust are rarer still.

It's a new world ruled by sadistic men while women are seen as currency, coveted property to be captured, traded, used or abused at will. The new world is paradise for the opportunistic, social outcasts, religious zealots and psychopaths. The new world brings out the animal in them lurking just beyond the surface. The only difference is that we're no longer cages.

Leisel and Evelyn are best friends just like their husbands were best friend, but in the last four years they've lost everything they loved; their loving husbands, family, friends and the comfortable and familiar world they took for granted. One thing they still have is each other and their friendship is stronger than ever. These girls will do anything for each other; this is especially true for Eve.

Whereas Eve is brave, brash and a 'live for the moment' kind of girl. Lei is timid, thoughtful and cautious. She wears her heart on her sleeve but this world is not forgiving of the softer emotions and that's why Eve is very protective of Lei. This new world brings out the fighter in her, they all end up doing unthinkable things to survive and evolving into something new, something stronger.

But there is always a cost. The way Lei, Eve and Alex deal with the changes to their personality and their struggle not to lose their humanity was a perfect blend of angst, humour, action, anger and love. It was well balanced and believable at all times. It was beautiful, romantic and emotionally powerful. Individually they were amazing but when they got together, Lei and Alex were truly unforgeable. There was never a boring moment in Thicker Than Blood , It started with a bang and I was hooked from page one.

I got so deeply attached and invested in the characters survival and that's never a good thing in a horror book. I went into this book not knowing much except that there are two best friends stuck in a zombie apocalypse. I should've read the blurb, it would've saved my poor heart from the shock of unexpected deaths and sudden plot twists. I even took a long break from this book because I was afraid of where it was going.

Ms Sheehan and Ms Riley are a dream team and amazing writers because Thicker Than Blood was a fantastic hard to forget book. The four star rating is in no way a reflection of their writing , it's just that personally, I didn't like how things turned out in the end. Honestly, I'm still processing it. That particular ending left unresolved issues, view spoiler [ what is that eagle? Was that scene with Eve an afterlife even?

See a Problem?

Where is Alex in this afterlife? Eve made a cake for Lei and is waiting for her arrival, does that mean Lei is about to die? What about Lei and that guy in the end and do they get together and become a couple or what? So many questions left unanswered. You are a writing genius, but woman, you have some crazy things going on up in that head of yours! Read this at your own risk Umm, Not even 10 minutes!! In this world where science and medicine have failed and a virus has spread rampant Post zombie apocalypse is not pretty, it is not pleasant, and it is a complete struggle to survive not just a day, but minute by minute.

This story is inherently a l Oh Madeline Sheehan This story is inherently a love story This is the terribly depressing tale of Leisel and Evelyn, BFF's on the run from the terrible life they lived in a "safe" community. With the help from commune guards Jami and Alex they head off together in hopes of finding something better. Oh, but civilization is lost. Hell, the 4 don't even make it far before they are faced with the complete pits of humanity, despair and pure evil. You find NO light at the end of the tunnel.

Sheehan will not give you an easy trip and the promise of better. Instead you will read a completely raw, gritty, and horrific tale of survival. In the midst of death and violence a friendship is fortified.

Thicker Than Blood

Vowed to stay strong and to "take care of one another" Lei and Eve do what they must to make it everyday. While there are important players in this tale, the ever strong Alex, and the mysteriously bad "E", their roles while prominent are just means to an end View all 8 comments. It was compelling, exciting, gripping and so damn intense! I suffered a terrible book hangover which resulted in me stalking Claire C. Riley and purchasing several of her books. This is one writing team that I will read again and again.

It was like there was a film of filth over everything. I was afraid of the beautiful landscapes as much as the ugly ones. I questioned everything they saw. When they entered a room, I was right there with them. And this begins with the blood on the first page. The Main focus of the story was Leisle and Evelyn's friendship; the ability to draw strength from each other and love each other through the worst of all scenarios. I was truly impressed with the complexity of the characters. They came right off the pages! I have rarely felt completely connected to a group of characters like I did with this book.

I felt everything they felt and my heart never stopped racing. I ached for them as they struggled, mentally, physically and emotionally. As I read I could was sucked into their world and found myself questioning everything this new world had to offer right alongside of them. I felt bonded to them all. I couldn't stop wondering how I would handle each and every situation they faced.

Alex was a strong man. He was honorable and clung to that with everything he had. Lei was soft and sweet in a world where that wouldn't survive. Eve and Lei had a friendship that was founded on happiness and fused through adversity. I loved the way they loved each other. They had a true sisterhood. And I left a lot.

I was terrified, sad, happy, concerned and anxious as all hell. I was overwhelmed by the emotions this book elicited. It took me forever to read this book. To feel so attached to these people and then witness their journey was hell. But I couldn't look away. I had to know. I needed them to survive. I needed each of them to feel some sense of peace. There were a few characters I should have disliked or even hated that I wanted to know more about.

I wanted their backstories.

I wanted to know who they were before the infection. Before the world ended. The alternating POV was completely necessary with this story. With Eve and Lei being so different, I needed to know not only how each woman was feeling, but what they were each seeing. The writing in his book was phenomenal. I found the POVs most fascinating when the women were each in a similar situation but had very different experiences.

It was pure genius. What was most fun about this book for me was being sucked in by the very first page and any questions that arose throughout the story were answered later. I never found myself confused or lost. I was just there. Among the filth and infected. Waiting for the next moment. I was shocked and then thrilled all at once. Part of what happened I was hoping for all along, but it was all a surprise. I was oddly at peace with how it ended.

I loved this book from start to finish. I loved it and was scarred by it at the same time. A Social Distortion enthusiast, lover of mud and anything deemed socially inappropriate, Madeline was homegrown in Buffalo, New York, where she can be found engaging in food fights and video game marathons with her husband and son. She lives in the United Kingdom with her three young daughters, husband and one scruffy dog! Facebook Claire's Website Claire Books: Got this, can't wait Nov 17, NightRider rated it did not like it Shelves: The writing in this book was great.

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But the one thing that I didn't want to happen did in fact happen. It became a DNF. There was no way I could finish this book nor could it be salvaged in my opinion. Ruined it for me. What was that one thing you may ask? Now don't get me wrong. I know The writing in this book was great. I know this is a zombie book, an apocalypse. I know people are going to die.

In fact, I would have been fine if every single person had died, except him. However, if the main and only reason you are reading the story dies or is gone? What is the point in continuing on with the story? The world created in this story, all the different societies and people were great, however, that one thing With it being gone there was nothing in this story left. I hated the main characters Leisel and Evelyn.

They couldn't hold my attention at all. I found their relationship odd and awkward, it was just down-right creepy , the type that rubs you the wrong way. It would've been better if they had been bisexual, cause then it would have made sense. Instead it came off as forced. I mean if there are two friends who are really close then great. I didn't understand it, nor was it explained. Their personalities in relation to one another for them to be friends? Well it just didn't fit. Now, their personalities in themselves were Selfish, aggravating, stupid, and slutty nothing wrong with that.

Don't read the next spoiler, unless you want a chunk spoiled. Now, there is a problem with being a slut when view spoiler [it gets two people killed. The beginning of the story Eve's man Jami gets killed over her whenever she was married to another guy and he was the side piece. Her just being a slut gets my favorite character killed off. It was from the simple fact she slept with this guy E and he wanted her so he killed my favorite Alex because she led E to believe her and Alex were together when they weren't. She kept singing Alex's praises to E and told E what he lacked threw it in his face basically , and so on.

Her jealousy over Alex and Leisel being happy killed Alex in the end. It led to her sleeping with E a couple times. She knew what she was doing. I mean, the world doesn't revolve around Eve. Another thing, Eve knew exactly what would happen when she went after E, she knew how he was, she knew And yet once it gets to the point of getting down and dirty with him, right in the middle of the act, what does she do? Cry rape, without actually saying it. When he in fact made sure she was willing before it happened.

Then she went back I loved E in this book. Evelyn made him out to be the big bad guy when he wasn't in my perspective. I actually felt that Eve was more the bad one But that is me. Her character was beyond ridiculous. After Alex died Leisel was all it wasn't your fault, bla bla bla. Me on the other hand? I am over here saying, yes it is your damn fault.

There is also the fact that the first guy Jami died for her but she had no problem sleeping with this random guy E. Which brings me to another problem I had with this story When it came to random characters, people outside their little group, the deaths were fine. The deaths inside their group was an entirely different story.

Oh, that's okay let me go screw this random guy. Eve got Alex killed? Oh, that's okay it isn't her fault. Doesn't matter I loved him and was happy Sure go ahead and screw around to get him killed. Let me brush that shit off. Then the way Jami died?

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Let's run for our lives. Lets stop right in the middle of running from guys with guns in our escape, to stop and stare at each other for an interminable amount of time. We will just stand here staring at each other making kissy faces. Let Eve stand around like a dumbass while Jami gets shot multiple times. That just seems like they were trying too hard.

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My third biggest problem in this story the first was what caused me to rate this a DNF, the second was the main characters was the internal monologue. It ran on and on and on and on. Round and round and round. In my head I felt like this It reminded me of those girls that talk incessantly. You know the ones? That is what it was like. There was only that one daggone thing that kept me reading this story.

If that one thing hadn't been in this book, I doubt I would have went as far as I did. Well the gifs in this review will tell you how I felt about it. View all 11 comments. Jan 07, Gail - Slitty rated it it was amazing. Authors Madeline Sheehan and Claire C. This thrill ride focuses on two best friends, Leisel and Evelyn, and their struggle to exist in world where the danger of mindless cannibals is second only to the danger of people whose souls have been destroyed by corruption and wickedness.

In this midst of this horror lies a beautiful tale of love and friendship that reach far beyond the old world, it overcomes the difficulties of the new order and takes Leisel and Evelyn to places they could never reach alone. What if Dorothy had awaken to a world with no soap, clean clothes, Starbucks, cold beer, and where a plague has turned the majority of the world population into soulless cannibals.

Welcome to the nightmare of Evelyn and Leisel, two best friends who are as different as day and night, but need each other as much as the air that they breathe in order to survive. In the old world just four years ago, before the Vaal Fever had attacked and killed most of the population, Evelyn and Leisel are the wives of two best friends, husbands who treasure and adore both women. Both women are left widowed without their soulmates, but time proves that these two women who are as different as the sun is to the moon, are as much a constant, rock, and heart to each other as their deceased spouses.

Leisel and Evelyn take up residence in a small protected town of Fredericksville, but they soon find out that protection comes with a price, a very large price…. In the end they leave Hell, but end up residing in Purgatory. Evelyn is struggling not to become the poor can of creamed corn that nobody wants or loves, but is passed along to someone else. Leisel strives to overcome her self-doubts stemming from three years of physical and mental abuse from Lawrence, and learns that she possesses more inner strength than anyone had credited the mousey, skittish housewife.

Leisel also comes to terms that she has been given a second chance at not only life, but also love by an unlikely source, Alex, a man who served under command to Lawrence. One thing is for sure, survivors who hold on to hope and dream of a better life are as out of place in the new world, and as doomed as the infected. Jan 13, warhawke rated it it was amazing Shelves: First Person — Dual Females Rating: Evelyn and Leisel were friends before the world came crumbling down.

They were living in a community that offered protection from the harsh world outside, but things only looks good POV: They were living in a community that offered protection from the harsh world outside, but things only looks good on the surface. They decided the best way to survive is to leave the safety of the community and out in the open. Thus, I am so glad I picked this one up because I love it! Some rose to the occasion while others fell spectacularly, but every single one of them was just trying to survive. Yet the most dangerous thing was actually within yourself when you start questioning and doubting yourself.

I love how they complement each other. Evelyn was confident and physically strong, while Leisel might be fragile on the outside, but her strength came from her heart. There was nowhere to go, nothing we could depend on but each other. My favorite character is hands down Evelyn because I can totally see myself in her. I also love Jami and Alex. But as much as I love Evelyn, best supporting character definitely goes to the can of creamed corn.

If I have one in my pantry right now, I would hug it close to my body and never let go haha! Overall Thicker Than Blood was an fascinating passage through a harsh landscape where hope was loss and humanity barely hanging by a thread. It punched me right in the mind and the heart yet I love every moment of it. Jan 13, Aestas Book Blog marked it as to-read Shelves: Traveling across a broken and infection-ridden country; the road-weary group are pitted against endless violence, improbable circumstances, and the ultimate loss… But in such a savage world, is there room for love?

First standalone in a series. Feb 11, Amber Rose rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was hard but I finished it. This book is amazing. Buddy read with the bestie. Jan 12, Angela rated it did not like it Shelves: Thought this was gonna be a book about two girls and a love triangle idky so ya girl was excited Turns out it's definitely not about that and is about zombies or something. Think this is a case of mistaken identity. Going to put this down for now. While reading this book I felt: It was super easy to become attached to the characters, to love them, to hate the ones that wronged them.

If you want a very well written story that doesn't pull any punches, this is the one for you. It has happened, the zombie apocalypse that everyone has feared. The disease spreads rapidly covering the suff. The disease spreads rapidly covering the sufferers in blisters while blood seeps from their bodies until they die only to rise as a rotting monster with the sole purpose of devouring human flesh. Two best friends, Leisel and Evelyn, have seen so many die this way.

They are just two decent girls trying to find a place to survive in this new world, a world where the cruel prey on the weak and women are property. There were only so many times a person could be beat down, again and again and again, before they broke entirely. Thicker Than Blood has a full action-packed storyline with an 'out of the frying pan and into the fire' mentality.

Through it all, we see Evelyn and Leisel constantly supporting each other. When she stumbled, I stumbled; when she fell, I fell. We were in this together; she was all I had left. They do happen upon good people occasionally. Two great men are Alex and Jami. I instantly fell in love with them both. In a time when a woman's fate is determine by the whim of the man possessing her, finding honorable men becomes a rarity. Both Alex and Jami are gems. The plot is realistic to how the story would evolve if true. The reader is not babied. At the same time, the story does resonate with the readers humanity.

It isn't straight up horror, but it isn't a fairytale either.

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The pain, the suffering, the struggle, it was never ending, much like the barrage of bullets I'd put into that man the night before, like the number of times I'd driven that blade into Lawrence's body, like the amount of tears I'd shed. But through it all there is love and promise which can give a person strength like nothing else can.

If you want something with a bit blood and gore that pulls your heartstrings, Thicker Than Blood is a must read. FangirlMoments and My Two Cents. What happens when you mix the Queen of Biker and the Duchess of Horror together and they have a baby albeit a damned gory and bloody baby Evelyn and Leisel are those girls Eve is the strong "protector" who copes with her miserable "after" lif What happens when you mix the Queen of Biker and the Duchess of Horror together and they have a baby albeit a damned gory and bloody baby Eve is the strong "protector" who copes with her miserable "after" life by having a lover Jami to take the pain away while she is unhappily stuck in her loveless marriage, while her sweet and gentle friend Leisel is stuck in a horribly abusive and vicious relationship with the evil leader of their post-apocalyptic town, but has been the object of affection of her husband's right hand man Alex.

What happens when Leisel finally snaps and decides she can no longer go on living this way and the dangerous aftermath, is what makes up this exciting, devastating and non-stop action-packed story I promise to always give as spoiler-free as possible reviews so I am going to do my best by NOT giving you a scene by scene breakdown or telling you whether or not these girls get an HEA because that would be unfair to ruin all the fun for others YOU will feel smelly, sweaty, dirty, hungry