Kimya Khatun (Rumis Daughter)

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This insular world brought a great deal of melancholy to His Holiness although it is unclear whether it was the tradition of the harem that brought this about or whether it was connected to the obligations he felt towards the wider community of the city itself. This is a manifold tale oflove and adolescence which embraces the age of innocence and shows us the ultimate personal sacrifice.

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The author immerses herself in the character of her heroine, Kimya and begins to experience all that she felt growing up in the harem of one of the most notable men of the time in that region. We are introduced to all her thoughts as she succumbs to the restrictions in a house where trips to the hammam become the highlight of her life; a life where occasional, covert trips to the rooftop fan excitement because they are the only times when she can glimpse the world outside her home full of women.

For Rumi, religion was mostly a personal experience, but the members of his harem as well as his family and school of clerics could not escape the beliefs of the time which dictated a certain way of life for religious, scholarly men and the women who inhabited their harems. Conversely his step-daughter, Kimya, suffered the cruelties of his mentor. The author insists that her work is not about promoting the case for women but is more a thorough search through the life of a man and how his choices impacted on the members of his family. He does not offend anyone; he includes everyone.

It has so far sold in excess of 80, copies in Iran. Saeedeh Qods divides her time between US and Iran and is substantially involved in Mahak, a charitable organisation helping cancer-afflicted children in Iran. Share on Facebook Share.

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Share on Twitter Tweet. Share on Google Plus Share. Share on Pinterest Share. Bononno New York and London: Penguin weaves the story of a Jewish woman in Massachussetts who reads a book about Shams and corresponds with the author; on this, see the review by Marcia Hermansen in the pages of Mawlana Rumi Review V , pp. More recently, Holly Payne has also tried to capitalize on this theme, with a iction about Rumi and a diferent girl an orphan who makes rosewater in her Damascena: She became a cancer-care activist when her own two-year-old daughter was diagnosed with cancer.

A Memoir in Books21 as being trans.

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For a sociological analysis of this gender gap, see Steven J. A Dangerous Recreation Cambridge: Cambridge University Press Yale University Press A Memoir in Books New York: Not only do Iranian women read iction, perhaps in greater pro- portions than men, but several novels written by women stand out among the acknowledged bestsellers of Iranian publishing history: A Novel of Modern Iran, trans.

Mohammad Ghanoonparvar Washington, DC: Mage ; and again as Persian Requiem, trans. It should be noted that a large number of modern Persian iction works written by men, beginning in the s, have focused on female protagonists as representatives of the body politic of Iran. University Press of Florida , pp.

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He is oten seen and represented as an exponent of an expansive and ecumenical Iranian form of Islamic mysticism and personal relation to the divine, as opposed to a more narrow, doctrinal, and restrictive set of clerical concerns identiied with the theological state. Uitgeverij Quist , pp. I have described the problematics in reading these sources for histor- ical detail elsewhere. Past and Present, East and West Oxford: Shams is most probably buried in Khuy. Gender operates on a continuum that must be contextualized by establishing normative roles or constructs of ideal masculinity and ideal femininity, and what lies between these poles.

Koninklijke Brill , pp. Past and Present, East and West, pp. Available on CJO doi: Oxford University Press , esp. It leaves her screaming for three days, until she dies. Real saints are real men and have a healthy appetite here heterosexual and virile jealousy ghayrat. He seems to be living in a garden. For an English translation, see Me and Rumi: William Chittick Louisville, KY: Fons Vitae , pp. Brill , p. Relect whether or not the incitement will lead to punishment and degradation and sufering; in which case pray to God that He not incite you so.

And if it is the cause of grandeur and fortune, praise God so that He may always keep you in that state. It was not likely to be intended for publication or for a wider audience, which is perhaps why there are such intimate and personal details by which I mean primarily the names of his wives, and not necessarily the fact of feeling lust. Clearly, however, the father adhered to the social norms of Islamic Persia about decorum and female modesty.

He even permitted his own wife in my company! Do you not see how much power this is? She has to lee up on to the roof of the madrasa in order to catch her breath.

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May the blessings that low in all weddings Be gathered, God, together in our wedding! Translated in Franklin Lewis, Rumi: Swallowing the Sun Oxford: Oneworld , pp. Still, even though training of disciples in the Sui orders was accomplished in a primarily homosocial environment, numerous Sui authors did consider that women could attain the station of sainthood. For the English translation of this work, see Rkia Cornell trans. Lives and Sayings of Suis, trans. Paul Losensky New York: