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And how exactly does a person wear an entire dress, with pockets! If you're extremely drunk you might love this book. View all 9 comments. Nov 28, Amber rated it it was amazing Shelves: Princesses, Witches, Dragons, and Knights, oh my! A young girl who has no recollection of who she is rescues a young boy named Remington who wants to become a knight from a wicked witch before they travel to a school called Pennyroyal Academy who train young girls to become Princesses of the Shield who fight Witches. Upon meeting some new friends who don her "Evie" Eh-vie after the staff calls her Cadet Eleven after she doesn't know her own name due to a memory curse, Evie tries her best to sur Princesses, Witches, Dragons, and Knights, oh my!

Upon meeting some new friends who don her "Evie" Eh-vie after the staff calls her Cadet Eleven after she doesn't know her own name due to a memory curse, Evie tries her best to survive at Pennyroyal Academy while fighting a bully and more. Read on and find out for yourself. This was a pretty good read.

When I first discovered the book, it had a really beautiful cover on it. Friendship is Magic" and "My Gym Partner's a Monkey" which was pretty cool as well and found out from an interview he did that he sent this to actress Reese Witherspoon to read. She loved it so much that she wanted to make it a film before this book was even published so there is a film in the works for this book which she is producing and that Lionsgate is doing. If you enjoy stories about princesses, fairy tales, dragons, and more then definitely give Pennyroyal Academy a check out.

It's available wherever books are sold and at your local library. Sep 27, Jacobe D. Pennyroyal Academy is the story of a young girl that bravely ventures out into the woods. She is in search of one thing, and one thing only--Pennyroyal Academy; the magical school that has provided the most successful Princesses and Knights since the time of Princess Pennyroyal herself.

Since the blood administration had been lifted, meaning that anyone, even those who are not royal, could now go, the girl thought that this could be somewhere she actually belongs. Wearing only a small layer of s Pennyroyal Academy is the story of a young girl that bravely ventures out into the woods. Wearing only a small layer of spiderwebs, the girl has left her home and everything normal, and without realizing it has dedicated her life to one thing, fighting Withches. Along the way she meets Remington, the handsome boy that will supposedly someday become a Knight.

He is kind and mischievous, with a smile that could turn heads from forever away, and trust me, it does. When the girl has finally arrived at Pennyroyal Academy, she meets Maggie, Demetra, Ainessete, and the boy, Basil, who are all in her Princess "tribe"; Ironebone Company. While there, the girl is told she has been memory cursed, for that is the reason that she can't remember anything Even her own name. She goes by the name Evie, and although she knows she has not been cursed, she goes along with the silly idea.

Evie trains hard, and she realizes that the battle between Princessses and Witches is so much more real then she could ever have imagined. For it is now just as real as the dragon scale necklace draped around her neck, or as the tip of her pinky finger. While in Ironebone Company, Evie meets Malora, the stunning girl with the longest, silkiest black hair, and the coldest black eyes.

Her pale skin is beautiful, her everything glows with confidence Always out to get Evie, making jokes, insulting her, it is hard to believe that she is even a Princess. Malora is not kind, like a princess should be. Through her time at Pennyroyal Academy, Evie feels less like the Third Class Cadet she is, and more like the princess she wants to be. The Witches are striking; killing people, destroying villages and kingdoms. Evie and her friends have realized what is at risk. The battle has become much more personal than Evie could have imagined, and she finds out the scariest and shocking family secrets.

Her past, present, and future has changed. In this story you wonder right along side Evie if she will find the truth about Pennyroyal Academy, and herself. Will Evie see what now matters the most in life, with everything at risk? Is there a chance that things aren't always as they seem? This book was incredible But at times I had to stop reading it because it got too sad. I did make it through though, and I'm glad that I did.

Pennyroyal Academy is a fantastic book, I really recommend it to anyone that loves a fantasy with a romance twist. I enjoyed Pennyroyal Academy so much, I just know that you will as well! View all 6 comments. Actual rating is 4. This was so much better than School for Good and Evil. Whereas TSFGAE was all about cattiness, fat shaming, and being downright hostile, this had such a positive feel to being a princess. Being a princess is all about kindness and courage and fighting the evil witches to protect the innocent people.

I enjoyed this perspecti Actual rating is 4. I enjoyed this perspective of how a princess should be. Plus there were so many twist and turns I did not see coming! I hardly get surprised so that was great for me. I will definitely be continuing the series to see what happens next for Evie and her friends. Dec 25, Hazel West rated it really liked it. Thoughts on the Overall Book: I had expected to like this book before I read it, but it's also one of those you end up liking more and more as you get into it. Overall, i thought it was a very nice story, and I liked it a lot!

I do like the cover, and it's not even so pink that I feel embarrassed to carry it around haha. It has a very fairytale feel to it, and, hey, I love dragons. Evie is a wonderful character. She's just the kind of girl I like to read about in th Thoughts on the Overall Book: She's just the kind of girl I like to read about in these sorts of stories. She was attitude free, she conquered her fears and did what she had to do, she stood up for her friends, and overcame obstacles that came into her life. I also really liked Remington, he was a sweet guy, funny, and an enjoyable character.

Evie's friends were nice too, I liked Maggie and Demetra, and felt particularly sorry for poor Basil. The only complaint I had was that I would have liked to see more of their interactions, it always seemed that Evie was apart from them, and partly that was her character, but I would have liked to see more of them doing things together. Malora was pretty horrible to Evie to, although I did end up feeling sorry for her once you find out what is really going on.

The witches were actually more frightening than I expected, and I was not disappointed in that. Overall, a great cast, and characters I liked well enough to return to. There is a little romance between Evie and Remington, which at first I wasn't sure about because I originally thought the characters were younger than they seem to be in actuality.

I wasn't against it, and I do like them together, there were just a couple parts where Remington was jealous and acting like a little girl that I didn't particularly care for, but otherwise, I didn't have any complaints. The style of writing is actually very good, though it did take me a few chapters to get into it for whatever reason.

Once I got used to it, I really enjoyed it. It had a very fairy tale quality, especially in the first few chapters, and was quite fast paced, and descriptive and made for easy reading. The world building was really cool, and I loved that there are all kinds of mentions of the old stories, and a lot of the places' names come from Grimm stories and it was really cool, but gave a different take on things.

It did sort of have a Harry Potter feel to it with the boarding school and all, but I think that can be forgiven. I didn't have any real complaints at all. I enjoyed the story a lot. I just liked this book more and more as I continued to read it, and I really look forward to continuing the series and seeing very Evie's story goes. Girl read ages 12 and up.

I actually kept thinking of Princess Academy by Shannon Hale when I was reading this, and I think if you liked that one, you would enjoy this as well. Nov 30, Cindy rated it it was ok Shelves: So, here are some of my random thoughts and musing throughout the book. Basil — This young boy is forced into an all-girl princess group because his mother wanted a princess and didn't have a girl.

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Now, I'm not upset at this entire thing, but it was so glossed over and used for comedic effect that it bothered me. The entire training — It appeared the author wanted to make these like warrior princesses that are big, strong, and brave. So, what I got out of this whole book is the girls had to fight off witches who are invading the whole land , look pretty while doing it, and still do all the feminine stuff that is stereotypical of females princesses make dresses, learn to sew, etc. The author — This author had a bad habit of revealing something huge and pretending it had been brought up earlier in the book.

This made me so confused like I missed something. For example, Evie thinks that King Callhoun or whatever is her stepfather. I reread the scene and even went back to the family reveal and nowhere did it say he wasn't her 'father of blood' or he was her stepfather. So obviously, this happened in a scene that I was not allowed to read or was not a part of my book. The Grand Ball — Pointless. Made to fill up space in my book. And I didn't understand while all this huge stuff and witch war is going on that they took the time to host such a trivial ball in the first place.

I am sure this is a first book of a series, but I was extremely disappointed in the book. Other points that irked me — how does a girl really think she's a dragon? I can't grasp it. The knight guy with his random turning into a frog can we say random That is all. Well, I have more, but I don't want to ruin it for people. Feb 13, Nafiza rated it it was ok Shelves: I feel like this book was written specifically for me. It's like everything I love and then it was a book.

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It seems like a year, or at least a school year should have passed. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that was the plot suggested, a school year. Also, I can't find it in myself to like Evie and Remington. But as the story went I, you can literally feel the author struggling to find reasons to put them in the same room together and converse, and then he went and just gave up on finding legitimate reasons and just had Remington continually say "It's so hard to have a conversation in this place.

Jan 04, Abbie rated it liked it Shelves: If it wasn't for a GR reading challenge I wouldn't have read this book. Sure, I love fairytale retellings but this one just didn't appeal to me. And I think I know why. First, the author is a dude. I didn't know that when I read this book so I just thought that Evie had a really flat personality.

Now it makes more sense. Yes, Evie was having an identity crisis but the way her personality was portrayed just didn't seem relatable. Then there was the romance. It was predictable and meh. The dude wa If it wasn't for a GR reading challenge I wouldn't have read this book. The dude was such a cookie-cutter prince charming wannabe that it made me choke.

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I liked the Pig Prince instead. Then the twists and turns were so overwhelming that I actually had to stop and recount the direction of the story because I forgot what the main point of it all was. It just needed a little work but it was still pretty okay. Nov 01, Sarah rated it did not like it. I wanted to like it, I really did. But the story was disjointed Bits seemed left out, while other bits seemed like useless filler. There were a number of times where I had to pause and think wait, how'd we get here? And on top of that, some of the biggest "surprises" were surprisingly predictable. I wanted to like it, but Pennyroyal Academy falls drastically short of all the promise and hype.

Oct 06, Steve Streza rated it really liked it. This review contains a couple minor world spoilers, and is based on a prerelease galley which may have been edited by the final release. Pennyroyal Academy is unlike any book about princesses, witches, and dragons that I have ever read. It paints a tale of princesses not being the dainty damsels in distress that have long been the trope of fantasy, but of strong and empowered warriors who protect the land. Much in the way stories like Artemis Fowl have redefined classical fantasy ideas in a more This review contains a couple minor world spoilers, and is based on a prerelease galley which may have been edited by the final release.

Much in the way stories like Artemis Fowl have redefined classical fantasy ideas in a more contemporary mindset, Pennyroyal puts women front-and-center, a fantastic choice for a novel released during a modern revival of feminism. The lead character, Evie, reminded me quite a bit of the titular character from Ender's Game; she is strong but not arrogant, often doesn't realize her own potential, and feels isolated from her upbringing.

And as with any coming-of-age tale, she is a flawed character who will be developed as she learns what it takes to become a princess. The novel itself suffers from a few minor structural problems. At times, the writing goes into great detail, and at others glosses over long periods of time; inconsistencies in pacing were a cause of "wait, how much time just passed? I found myself on several occasions backtracking in the book to remind myself of certain key elements of the plot, such as the big reveal of Evie's backstory. Side characters didn't quite get as complete a development I would've hoped.

And it wasn't always the easiest to understand the scale of everything in this world. But the world and the story themselves are beautifully crafted. Chapters are rich with detail, characters speak with clear and consistent voice, and scenes are vividly depicted. I found myself getting absorbed into the world with remarkable ease, missing train stops on two separate occasions while reading. If you're someone with an active imagination, this book is for you. The story is fantastic, the action is fast-paced and captivating, and the ending is a great payoff. All in all, this is a great novel and a super fun read.

It had a few technical issues that were apparent while reading, but at worst these were annoyances, and didn't impede my desire to finish the novel. I'm looking forward to the second book taking place in this world. I'd highly recommend this book for grades of all genders, and for adults who want a reminder of the fun of reading with your imagination. Mar 10, Barb Middleton rated it it was ok Shelves: This book was hard for me to get through. I almost abandoned it several times, but a student recommended it so I kept plugging away.

Actually I started speed reading. The plot is all over the place, information is given in either large doses or not enough, and the characters are stereotyped along with the whole princessie thingamajig. He's a boy that is with the princesses instead of the knights. He says it is because his mother had 22 boys and he's being the girl she always wa This book was hard for me to get through.

He says it is because his mother had 22 boys and he's being the girl she always wanted. He stays pretty flat as a character and never becomes interesting. The setting is vague at the start along with the world building and I couldn't figure out why Evie was in the enchanted woods. It seemed that she had amnesia but then later she mentions some things about her parents, so I wasn't sure what the heck she was doing in the forest. I thought there was more to it but she's just lost and has been for three days.

The reader is plopped in the middle of the action with not much explanation. That's fine if the author unfolds the plot in a logical way. That doesn't happen in this novel. Evie rescues a prince from an evil witch accidentally. Evie stumbles into a witch's cottage who is gone. When the witch arrives towing a captured prince that she cages before planning to kill him, Evie is hiding under a table in terror. She frees the prince with some encouragement and carries him on his horse because his hands are tied behind his back and there is no time to stop.

The prince directs Evie toward water knowing it will protect them from the witch. Evie's in the woods trying to find the Pennyroyal Academy, a school where girls are trained to become princesses and boys trained to be knights. For the first time in its history, the academy is open to commoners which Evie is. The prince is on his way there to become a knight. Few can survive the academy and Evie struggles to fit in before discovering her true parentage and courage.

The obstacles in the plot and the solutions are odd most of the time. Enchanted trees hit people and witches are trying to rise to power. The woods are dangerous and the head mistress is not fair to students. Evie faces a witch and then acts like she hasn't at the academy that left me scratching my head.

Her fierceness doesn't come out until the end when she roars like a dragon. The girls tend to see their worth through the eyes of the boys and fight over one boy. Evie cries and runs off too much for my liking and her reactions to obstacles in the plot are often contradictory. I couldn't figure out why the boy, Forbes, that was cursed as a pig kissed Evie. She's mean to him because she reminds him of the picture that cursed him.

Rather than find out and ask Forbes questions, she refuses to talk to him. He in turn, is mean back. I really started skimming then. The injured dragon sister is a loose end that is not tied up. The characters don't have much voice. Evie is timid and fearful most of the time. She doesn't trust people and tells the girls her parents were dragons. But when the girls see a dragon by the school no one puts it together.

Instead, they shoot it. I thought the characters acted foolish most of the time. The subplot of romance follows the princess and princess fantasy trope that is dull and predictable. And what was the deal with the spiderweb dress? I really had problems envisioning that I know I'm more picky than student readers about books.

I also read this so fast that I probably had more questions than if I had slowed down, but I would have felt like a fly in a spider's web. This one missed the mark for me. Sep 13, Elisa B rated it it was amazing Shelves: When a girl with no name, finds herself lost in an abandon forest with no one to trust, the story begins.

In the forest, is a home for witches and dragons. She travels far and wide to search for a mysterious place called, Pennyroyal Academy. While she is hiding under a tree from a thunderous day, a flyer slaps against the tree from the wind.

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It says that anyone that wants to can enter the competition at Pennyroyal Academy and be one of the princesses there. She finally gets to her destination bu When a girl with no name, finds herself lost in an abandon forest with no one to trust, the story begins. She finally gets to her destination but is questioning her thinking. There are girls all prepped up with there hair in curlers and precious jewels around their necks. Many think she will be one of the first to leave the competition because of her hair and outfit.

But she still walks with her chin held high around the crowd and goes to the reception desk. They ask what her name is but she doesn't respond. They ask her again and she finally says, "I have no name". They give her the name Cadet Eleven although she isn't all for it.

A friendly girl walks up to her as she walks to get to her spot in line. The girl asks her what her name is. Cadet Eleven responds by saying, "I am Cadet Eleven". A frown spreads over the other girl's face. The girl gives Cadet Eleven the name Evie. They soon become friends and spend lots of time together.

Then, they go to the competition and discover that if they want to be the Princess of Shield, they will need to know how to concquer witches. The Princess of Shield is the main princess that conquers witches. Evie learns new things and goes through hard times. In this book you'll find, love, hatred, suspense, and humor. You will see what it takes to be strong and get through tough times with the help of friends.

At certain times I wanted to jump into the story and stand up for Evie because of the mean girls in the book. This story is a very exciting and a bone chilling book. Every word you read will make you want to treasure it. I hope you enjoy! View all 10 comments. Sep 18, Holly Holly Hearts Books rated it it was ok. Its towers, keeps, and battlemented wall gave it the look of a jeweled crown. Well, I was fooled to..

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It's so so soooo slow and it really feels like it has no direction except trying really hard to be Harry Potter. Yes, I understand that could have been a good thing. Ehhh, no but I'll give you some similarities. The Pennyroyal Academy has a coat of arms just like the Hogwarts house crest. There's a head teacher for each house. There is a great hall where the cadets that's right, cadets, not students eat at with long tables and a staff table in the front.

The head mistress has white hair..