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They see God's judgment as seeds of hope. A Cry for Mercy The poet prays on behalf of all the survivors of Israel, pleading for God's mercy and fearing Him in reverence. Will Jerusalem be restored again? Illustrated Poster of the Respective Book.

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Watch our Read Scripture video on the book of Jeremiah, which breaks down the literary design of the For followers of Jesus, the story of his life, death, and resurrection is the absolute center of our Previous Ruth Next Ecclesiastes. Chapter 5 is a prayer that Zion's reproach may be taken away in the repentance and recovery of the people.

Lamentations has traditionally been ascribed to Jeremiah , probably on the grounds of the reference in 2 Chronicles Lamentations combines elements of the qinah , a funeral dirge for the loss of the city, and the "communal lament" pleading for the restoration of its people. Beginning with the reality of disaster, Lamentations concludes with the bitter possibility that God may have finally rejected Israel chapter 5: Sufferers in the face of grief are not urged to a confidence in the goodness of God; in fact God is accountable for the disaster.

The poet acknowledges that this suffering is a just punishment, still God is held to have had choice over whether to act in this way and at this time.

Book of Lamentations

Hope arises from a recollection of God's past goodness, but although this justifies a cry to God to act in deliverance, there is no guarantee that he will. Repentance will not persuade God to be gracious, since he is free to give or withhold grace as he chooses.

In the end, the possibility is that God has finally rejected his people and may not again deliver them: Nevertheless, it also affirms confidence that the mercies of Yahweh the God of Israel never end, but are new every morning 3: In Western Christianity , readings, chantings, and choral settings of the book are used in the Lenten religious service known as the Tenebrae Latin for darkness.

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In the Coptic Orthodox Church , the book's third chapter is chanted on the twelfth hour of the Good Friday service, that commemorates the burial of Jesus. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Lamentations disambiguation.

Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers Deuteronomy. While the author of Lamentations remains nameless within the book, strong evidence from both inside and outside the text points to the prophet Jeremiah as the author. Both Jewish and Christian tradition ascribe authorship to Jeremiah, and the Septuagint—the Greek translation of the Old Testament—even adds a note asserting Jeremiah as the writer of the book.

In addition, when the early Christian church father Jerome translated the Bible into Latin, he added a note claiming Jeremiah as the author of Lamentations.

Who wrote the book?

Not only does the author of the book witness the results of the recent destruction of Jerusalem, he seems to have witnessed the invasion itself Lamentations 1: Jeremiah was present for both events. The city in question was none other than Jerusalem. Jeremiah walked through the streets and alleys of the Holy City and saw nothing but pain, suffering, and destruction in the wake of the Babylonian invasion of BC.

It also makes sense to date the book as close to the invasion as possible, meaning late BC or early BC, due to the raw emotion Jeremiah expresses throughout its pages.

About Lamentations

Like the book of Job, Lamentations pictures a man of God puzzling over the results of evil and suffering in the world. The people of this once great city experienced the judgment of the holy God, and the results were devastating. But at the heart of this book, at the center of this lament over the effects of sin in the world, sit a few verses devoted to hope in the Lord Lamentations 3: This statement of faith standing strong in the midst of the surrounding darkness shines as a beacon to all those suffering under the consequences of their own sin and disobedience.