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We divvied up the chapters and began writing them. Bonini always works in the field, as his previous books prove: ACAB which stands for All Cops Are Bastards and was adapted for the cinema by Stefano Sollima , which looks at the history of a section of the Italian police force that grew up with the myth of the reactionary and violent right; Il Fiore del male , on Renato Vallanzasca, the re-release of which was presented at Courmayeur in ; Guantanamo, a journey into the horrors of the US prison; and La toga rossa , the biography of Judge Francesco Misiano.

A writer, translator, playwright and screenwriter for cinema and television, he also contributes to La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno and Il Messaggero. He is author of the best-selling novel Romanzo criminale , which spawned a film, directed by Michele Placido, and a TV series directed by Stefano Sollima. All cops are bastard , Einaudi, Torino, Il mercato della paura. Viaggio nella prigione del terrore , Einaudi, Torino, Il fiore del male , Tropea, Milano, Io sono il Libanese , Einaudi, Torino, Il maestro il terrorista il terrone , Laterza, Bari, She holds creative writing workshops in schools on the search for a singular identity.

Ghermandi, as a Scheherazade of our time, tells us one thousand and one stories on different languages and ethnic groups, nations and continents, military occupations and civil wars. She successfully combines the pride in her Ethiopian and Eritrean roots with an intense and precise writing in Italian. Many were dead, some ratted to the police, some served their time in jail in silence dreaming of a brand new start, maybe with some casual work.

The Samurai was still there. His old battle name now evoked only abandoned dreams. Dandi had assigned it to him and he had tried to be worthy of it. Power was tangible, alive, real. The Samurai was the number one. He reached an even wider audience with his duets with singers and songwriters Claudio Baglioni, Mina and Gino Paoli. Writer, translator, playwright and screenwriter, he has published several books: Storie di carcerati e carcerieri , The Father and the Foreigner , Teneri assassini , Nelle mani giuste , Trilogia criminale , I traditori He wrote some theatre plays and co-wrote the script of the TV movie Paolo Borsellino and the film Noi credevamo directed by Mario Martone.

In he published Giudici in collaboration with Andrea Camilleri and Carlo Lucarelli, in Io sono il libanese prequel to Romanzo criminale and in Cocaina , co-written with Gianrico Carofiglio and Massimo Carlotto, all dealing with the role of drugs in modern society. His latest work Suburra , written with Carlo Bonini, is a noir novel set in Rome. Carlo Bonini Carlo Bonini was born in Rome in Fabrizio Gifuni One of the new faces of Italian cinema, Gifuni came to the fore for his intense and vivid interpretations in theatre plays staged with actress Carla Signoris.

He then ventured into cinema, appearing in several films different in style and genre.

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Johnny the Partisan directed by Guido Chiesa, revealed his talent. Between and he appeared in Kryptonite! Anthony Joseph is a poet, novelist, academic and musician, and among the major writers of his generation. He was in born in Trinidad and moved to the United Kingdom in where he has been living ever since. He is the author of three collections of poems, one spoken word album and a cult afrofuturist novel The African Origins of UFOs published by Salt Publishing in In he was selected by the Arts Council as one of the 50 black and Asian writers who most contributed to British contemporary literature.

Music allows him to express his talent at its best. Anthony Joseph is a genius who writes poetry as if it were music and vice versa. He is the inventor of a new musical formula mixing Caribbean voodoo, pure funk and jazz improvisational agility. A new star in the sky of African diaspora.

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A hot funk and jazz fusion for a project that reminds us of jazz poetry readings. Roy Paci has invited musicians with a heterodox style to join the project in order to create a musical product impossible to be labelled. The use of improvisation techniques derived from genres different from jazz confers to CorLeone a universal dimension.

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Carlo Lucarelli His debut novel Carta bianca published in is the first of a series of detective-noir novels that earned him success in Italy and abroad. Lucarelli writes on newspapers and magazines and has been awarded several literary prizes.

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  • A multi-faceted talent, he wrote a television programme hosted by Adriano Celentano, has been the host of the programme Blu notte since and has also written the story of a comic book Dylan Dog n. Carlo Lucarelli is without doubts one of the major exponents of Italian investigative journalism. Avishai Cohen , one of the best bassists on the international scene, started his career playing with Chick Corea and creating several musical projects. His compositions include passages in Hebrew, Spanish and Ladin and fuse his jazz background with his Israeli roots.

    The protagonist is a peculiar string quartet: Cohen replaced one of the violins with a viola in order to benefit from a darker and deeper timbre. The result is a moving and sublime music dynamically performed by an incredibly talented ensemble. The Favorite Game , first published in , portrays the youth of Lawrence Breavman, only son of a rich Jewish family in Montreal and alter ego of the author.

    Structured in chapters resembling virtuosically directed short films, the book can be described as an exuberant coming-of-age novel. He appeared in several television movies as R. He has been in the TV programme Le iene on Italia 1 since Amiri Baraka has been on the American cultural scene since the Fifties and is considered as one of the major African-American poets and intellectuals of the second half of the XX century.

    In his youth he lived in the Greenwich Village where he came into contact with the Beat Generation. His book Blues People was published in under the name of LeRoi Jones and became a major success; in it was translated into Italian and published in Italy by Einaudi with the title Il Popolo del Blues. As a performer, he has worked with American jazz masters. Moreover, he has been awarded prestigious prizes. Purely aesthetic in his early works, his poetry later acquired a political tone calling the role of art and the artist into question.

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    • The rich used to eat meat and the poor the entails. Lean meat for the former and bones for the latter. The fairy tale of food tells us a never ending story of oppression and revolution. How many people starved to death without knowing that one must eat to survive? A fantastic dinner that will feed your spirit. Antonello Salis For the last thirty years Antonello Salis has been as an earthquake producing beneficial effects on the world of Italian jazz.

      Born in in Villamar, Sardinia, he has combined since his early years as a pianist and accordionist the spirit of African-American music and the dynamic and joyous dissonance of Sardinian music. Today he is a phenomenal performer who explores on stage the potential of his instruments as if it were the first time. Like the north-west wind, this musical and vocal narration enshrouds audiences. Alonso Chisciano, aka Don Quixote, is the character who enlightens human experience: Even if time has now obscured heroic deeds and wandering cavalry, the will not to give up — or its illusion — in the face of blatant defeats, or when time has run out, is ever-present.

      Dreams or thoughts are made possible even with open eyes, if ears are lent to the clarinet-blower. After receiving a musical degree with honours, in his early years he focused on contemporary performing techniques. At the same time he started working as a professional jazz musician, which grew to be his main interest — starting with the album Colariage , recorded as a duo together with the accordionist Richard Galliano.

      Gianmaria Testa He was born in and lives in Piedmont in the area of the Langhe.

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      Fabrizio Bosso Fabrizio Bosso is technically perfect and gifted with a very personal touch. The colour and dynamics of his music are unpredictable, his sense of swing taken to the limit and the creative tension constant even when playing standards. In the readers of Musica Jazz magazine chose him as Best New Talent of Italian Jazz and in the last few years he has been acclaimed as one of the greatest Italian musicians. He grew up in a nourishing musical environment and won as a kid a prestigious national festival for promising musicians. He later worked with Lucio Dalla on his next to last studio album and tour, gaining national success.

      As Though I Had Wings: This invaluable memoir, discovered ten years after his mysterious death, provides childhood memories, accounts of lively and troubled love affairs, jail, drugs and, of course, his music. Indeed it is music, the wings of his soothing trumpet and his unmistakable voice, to give him a shelter over his whole life.

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      Massimo Popolizio Theatre actor. The band grouped in autumn and is one of the most innovative and important improvisational groups on the contemporary musical scene. Their career began in Cincinnati and they have ever since been appreciated for their theatrical qualities, which combine vocal improvisation and narration with instrumental impromptus.