The character of Blanche gasps in horror as Sophia slaps Blanche's ungrateful and undisciplined grandson after he talks back to her.

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I've used this line more than once. Sophia is so much like many members of my family; loving, strict, goofey,and full of the most wonderful sense of humor I don't think too many TV shows bring this out anymore. The only one I can think of recently would be Ray Romano's show. Yet, "Golden Girls" could have done more with Italians and the family humor within them. I wish there could be a great TV show that would bring out the love and humor again. I miss comedies such as "Golden Girls".

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This story is a great tribute to those who withstood the horror of being a prisoner of war not only during the Vietnam War, but any conflict. I knew of Senator McCain's story at the time for I was 21 years old when he was released, but did not know the whole story until now. The young man who portrays McCain, Shawn Hatosy, is riveting, he catches every emotion the senator must have gone through during those five years.

You can see the touching relationship he had with his career-navy father was the strength he drew from in the years he was imprisoned. It makes you think I know the recent photos of our own military inflicting horrible torture upon others makes me see that any human can be inhuman, that it doesn't matter who you are or what country you were brought up in.

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But that is no excuse and you can see that in this story of how one man stood high and above his captors and never lost his respect for himself or the other prisoners there with him. God bless John McCain. If you've never seen, or even heard of this movie before you must give it a chance. I saw this movie when it was new and I have never forgotten how it touched me. It is a little dated now, but you forget when you get into the characters and the plot of the story. Without spoiling anything I must say that there is one scene where Mr. Voight absolutely rivets you to your seat with emotion and it is very memorable.

Gets me every time. Richard Crenna has a most difficult role as the husband of Jon Voight's ex-wife. You want to keep your sympathy with Voight, but you understand Crenna's point of view as well.. I am not aware if Mr. Voight was ever nominated for any award from his performance this picture, but if not he surly should have been.

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This is my favorite Jon Voight movie! This was a very believable and very well done biographical movie.

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Bogdanovich, the movie's director, personally knew many of the real-life characters I assume the actors chosen for "The Mystery of Natalie Wood" must have been hand picked. Each portrayal was like watching and hearing the real person, I've never come across that before. To me this is what brought the story powerfully to life. Using the technique of having a family member or friend tell part of the story of the life of the celebrity, that the cable show "Biography" uses, was a very nice touch indeed.


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