Shes Never Coming Back

Worried me to the point where I got my partner to sit down and read it as well, so that we were then able to discuss the concerns that, in the end, we both shared.

I don't think it's giving too much away to suggest there's something profoundly "film script" about this book. From the initial kidnapping, the perfect family and picturesque location that Ylva lives in, through to the use of a camera to allow her to see snippets of her family life, the book is clearly telegraphing the look, and the feel of a film. Whilst that's not necessarily always a bad thing, in this case there were a number of elements of the plot that just seemed too strongly geared towards the "film", with so many things left unexplained when there was plenty of space for explanation.

The characterisation of the victim was, not to put too fine a point on it, decidedly dodgy. An adult woman, known to have been unfaithful to her husband in the past, there was some subtle undercurrent throughout the book that seemed to be drawing the reader's attention constantly to her sexual past, veering dangerously close to victim blaming.

This Is Why She Isn’t Coming Back To You

Having said that, there were a lot of extremely disconcerting female characterisations going on. The women in this book all seemed to be either morally ambiguous, sainted angels or barking mad. Not that many of the male characters fared a lot better - they were sooks, ineffectual, complicit and in one very notable case, complicit in the face of professional expertise that should have had him running for the straight-jackets, the hills or both.

Nothing in the motivation for the kidnapping, or in the manipulation and cruelty once Ylva was captive made much sense. The motivation was unconvincing, the supposed execution of the plan for her fate flew in the face of the "blueprint" being followed, and there were simply too many daft or missed opportunities, over the top or flat out unbelievable actions and way too many convenient lapses to allow even a smidgen of willing suspension of disbelief. Instead, there were so many glaring holes in the plot and inconsistencies in the characterisations that these readers became increasingly incredulous and profoundly frustrated and annoyed.

Annoyed to the point where the evening after finishing the book we found ourselves carefully working through the "blueprint" and how you would go about addressing the requirements properly.

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Thankfully we don't have any neighbours to freak out and there's no chance we'd ever be able to dig a cellar through the quartz layer around these parts, as I doubt it would have been an easy conversation or stack of notes to explain to the local constabulary. Perhaps it's more a book for somebody looking for a film-styled thriller, with some carefully choreographed graphic cruelty and sexual violence, a blatantly manipulative happy ever after ending, built around a very current day scenario.

It was a undoubtedly a very quick read. She wants to try breaking up and see where that takes the two of you.

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I can see it now. Now what the heck is that suppose to mean, you ask yourself. Coming to believe such a thing can be a pretty difficult hurdle for a guy. Here you have before you a beautiful girl who was once all yours. She is a woman who you have made love to and has whispered in your ear how much she loves you. You never saw it coming. You never saw the signs of your ex girlfriend wanting to just end things. If you are like a lot of guys, you probably never saw any of the signs that your ex gf was going to say adios, I am off to new adventures.


But the bottom line is she wants to move on, without you. Getting Back on the Horse. Then again, perhaps this whole thing with your ex gf went down really bad. Maybe she told you she met someone else. Prince Charming has caught her eye and apparently has gotten her all worked up. So you probably may never know what is really going on. Guys are not so good at reading the signs that women give off when trouble with the relationship is brewing.

Sure, sometimes it is obvious if you both are fighting all of the time are have had a lot of ups and downs. Your ex gf may have been really good at hiding her true feelings, only letting them out in little spurts here and there. Meanwhile, you are busy with other things going on and comfortable in the conviction that she is madly in love with you.

See a Problem?

That is why breakups hurt so much. And if you are feeling bad about it all, you will most certainly have these negative thoughts flashing through your mind during and after the whole breakup scene. It is kinda like an unbelievable scene from a movie, you think to yourself. This is when you are overcome with sad and almost desperate thoughts about her and the times before the breakup. You wonder what will happen now that she has issued you your waking papers.

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These are thoughts where you might beat yourself up. Thoughts were you might lash out at your ex gf because after all, resentment is brewing.

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My ex girlfirend says she is happier for it to be over so I guess I must have really screwed this up. When you hear her tell you things about how happy she is or you deduce it from seeing her Facebook Page or talking with her friends, it just sends a shiver down your spine. For a moment, you become convinced your ex girlfriend must be some kind of cold hearted species from another world. Maybe deep down she really hates guys, you think to yourself.

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You are living proof of it, right? In most cases you will eventually come to realize your ex girlfriend is suffering just like you. You had no control.